F3 Visa with hopes to work

This is partly question and partly venting.

I'm with F3 visa i.e spousal visa. I understand that with this visa, one CANNOT work at all (now I know). Its quite frustrating because job posts that mention looking for F visa make it as if though ALL F visas are ok. Its pointless that we have that code at all. Then, employers rather people with no visa to begin with or already with the right ones.  If I need to change visa, I need to have an appointment letter first. Its a mad cycle for us F3 visas.

Immigration Sweeps- announced for upcoming year

According to what I saw in the newspapers this and last week, immigration are going to be looking for illegal workers here.  Honestly, teachers aren't usually targetted as a rule, but are not immune from these kind of checks. We'll see.

Please be careful, if you are posting ads here, earning outside of your legal contracts, or even in a nearby City  that's not your own. You never know. Perhaps just a telling off and a fine. Deportation can be a choice. The manager himself will tell you that this site is monitorred, and the odd ad placed to catch out the odd Waykook.

Be aware of your rights!


Many people think they know their rights here, eg whether you can teach privately, whether your boss can tax you, make weird deductions , punish, penalize, fire you, etc, etc.


The site below has the laws, try to get aquainted with laws.




Try to know your rights and STATUS here a teachers. 

Try to find out your job title, pay, tax,Codes of conduct, ect,etc- it's important to know if the Korean version of your contract is the same.

Non-ESL Jobs

Hey all,

I'm getting sick of teaching English for those understandable reasons. I want to keep working here though and I find something else to do. I've found my first job off Dave's ESL Cafeand then just used my recruiter  for new gigs. Dave's doesn't post anything but ESL stuff.  What else is out there? Is it even possible to get something non-ESL related? Do I need to get married to a Korean?



Moving and working in Korea, a few questions

So my girlfriend is living in Korea, and I recently visited. I would love to be closer to her while she's teaching and let her feel flexible on when she comes home. I don't have many ties in the states, a little bit of debt I can take care of easily but other than that, nothing serious. In fact, I'd love the opportunity to be there for a while, be it a couple of months or a year.


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