Halloween Party Planner wanted

Hello!! This is Brian Wu from "1 percent" institute, located in near 민락 station.

On the coming Halloween day, Oct. 30th, we are planning to have a happy, exciting, and not-forgettable event for our students.

To make it more exciting, we want to hire a native English speaker who will have a really scary face make-up and costume at the day and have fun games with our students.

You have to be:

1. A native English speaker

2. Experienced in a Halloween party

3. Experienced in dealing with 8-17 aged students

Looking for a job! Russian Teacher!

I have the higher education. Journalist, photographer.

I have individual programs for training, I developed themself. If it is necessary, I can teach in addition courses of creative development, or literary circle
If my candidate can be useful, I will send you the detailed summary. In Russian and English
Thank you!

email: mail12345@bk.ru

KakaoTalk: IrenTerekhova13

Spouse visa

I am American and my wife is Brasilian.  I have been working here for a while (F1).  We just got married.  What kind of visa will she need to get and what are the required docs?


Thanks for your time and help.

Private Tutoring

Hello! I just wanted to ask about the rate for teaching kids under 10 years old on a one-on-one English study session? Someone asked me if I could teach English to her 10-year-old son. She offers to pay me 20,000won per hour. Is that reasonable enough? I need your advice. Thank you!

Does a person need a College Diploma to teach English in South Korea?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if it's necessary to obtain a College Diploma in order to get a teaching job in South Korea? I took up a 4-year course in college and graduated in 2007 but I wasn't able to get my diploma because I didn't take the pre-licensure exams. My university only gave me the following documents: Transcript of Records, Certificate of Units Earned and Certificate of Enrollment (all documents are authenticated). Are these documents enough to get a teaching job in South Korea? By the way, I am an F6 visa holder.

Thanks in advance!

I want to post job opportunities for Koreans. Any advice? Help!

Hi everyone!

I currently work as an executive recruiter for a small search firm in Greenville, SC. I also lived in Seoul for about 3 and a half years (2010-2013). My company is pursuing a new client in Germany with needs for Korean candidates for a Sales Manager/Account Manager type position.

Mainly, I need help finding the best places to post this job opportunity to native Koreans. I can speak Korean a bit and I can read it (although that doesn't mean I understand everything), so I need something that has at least some options for English use as well.

Why is it so difficult to find a teaching job for Filipinos like me?

I hope that South Korea would open its doors to Filipino English tutors/teachers in the future. I am a Filipino citizen, an F6 visa holder who moved to SK last April, 2015. I've been trying my luck to find a teaching job in Busan but I get frustrated everytime I see the "native English speakers only" sign. I've sent a couple of resumes to different schools but got no response from any of them. I feel so hopeless.


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