How can I find work in Gwangju?

When I lived in Busan, websites like this one were a great resource for finding English teaching work. However, after moving to Gwangju, the natives don't seem to use any that I could find. The only job offers I find for Gwangju on this or similar websites are vague messages from recruiters with every city in the country listed.

How do Korean managers of English schools find foreign teachers if not using websites like Koreabridge or ESLdave? Do they find western people exclusively through recruiters?

Visa Requirements for English Teachers and Cambodians


I worked in Busan several years ago and at the time had to take a trip over to Japan to get a working Visa. Can anyone tell me what documents I need now to work in Busan? I would also like to know what the visa requirements are for Cambodians as I plan to travel with my daughter who was born in Cambodia and my Cambodian wife. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank You in advance..

Julian Dalton

Certified, Experienced, Tutor of English.

Please See Resume


Help needed getting my documents notarized while here in Korea!

Does anyone know how I can get my documents (FBI background check & Diploma) notarized while here in Korea? From what I understand, the embassy says that it doesn't notarize publically issued academic records from the U.S. (http://seoul.usembassy.gov/acs_notarial_services.html) However, the U.S.

Comparison of schools (&locations) in Busan....

Anyone have any opinions on the following (about the school or location)? I'm just reviewing contracts for these schools:
1. Francis Parker Academy (formerly called Worwick, had a bad rep, under new management now) in Gwangan
2. Rise/Time (new location opening in March) in Centum, Haeundae
3. Centum ILS in Centum, Haeundae
4. Berkeley Language School in Il-Dong, Haeundae
5. Namgu Kids Club in Namgu (supposedly near the University and Gawngali beach)
6. Gaegum COREM in Gaegum

Private Tutoring and Business Plans

Hi everyone,

I am an English teacher with several years experience in Korea. I am now teaching in Australia and am planning to get a language school up and running in Korea in the near future. I am looking for some key business partners to get involved with this over the next 12-18 months. Basically, I am planning to establish an independent language school in Bundang or possibly Mokdong.

welder or welding inspector

Hi there..I am curently a internationally certified welder and welding inspector and i am trying to find work...so far i found out that i can apply for a e7visa but getting a company to hire me is a problem as my korean ability is second to none...i am curently learning korean but soon i have to find work........iv contacted labour agencies but explaining my situation can be quiet hard if you cant speak korean...can anybody help with assistence ...PLEASE......PLEASE........REALY PLEASE

University breach of contract - what recourse is there?

Hello all, I would love some advice on behalf of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. He is a Professor on an E1 and it is illegal for him to teach minors, but his Uni made him teach a summer camp with minors. He has also been dic*ed around with scheduling and his uni is double counting national holidays with his vacation days. Can anyone point him in the right direction as to how to resolve this? thanks!


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