Looking for a job in August in Busan

Hello lovely people :) Happy new year!

My names Carly, I'm a 30 year old female from the UK.

I am looking for a job in Busan in an elementary School to start in August 2013.

I have a BA Hons degree, a PG CERT in Childhood sSudies and I am currently completing my NQT year in Early Years teaching. I currently work in a Primary School in Year One.

I would be grateful for any advice on Schools, agencies that work with Schools in Busan and any other tips.

Thanks a lot :) x

P/T jobs

Hey folks,

I've noticed a couple of jobs ads on here lately with the same, but unusual e-mail provider.  It may be nothing, but I prefer to err on the side of caution.  The e-mail addresses all end with @ethne.co.kr.    Anyone know if this is legit?

F-6 and CBC question

Hello everyone.  It looks like the policies have changed recently regarding F-2 (now F-6) visa holders.  I am marrying a Korean woman later this year, so I will have an F-6.  I see that an F-6 does not require a CBC.  Do I still need a CBC to teach?  The reason why I ask is because I have an arrest on my FBI CBC.  A recruiter from talknlearn told me this was going to be a problem and that "no way" could I get a teaching job (yes, even with an F-6).  Any other job, "ok".  Is he badly mistaken?  Or is this the way things are now?

Does this sound like a shady situation?

I've finished my 1 year contract and thus due my bonus payment of one month's salary, 2,200,000.  My company added it on to my normal salary, increased the taxes to an ridiculous amount (usually 32,000 now 320,000).  They claimed that they had to do this because it put me into a new tax bracket, so to say.  Next, they deducted double amount for pension and double amount for insurance.  By may calculations, they deposited 1, 489,000 of the 2,200,000.

Has anyone come across this situation before? This seems rather odd to me.  What can I do?

F4 Visa Canadian-Korean looking for Part-time in Busan


I am Korean born with a Canadian citizenship. I currently hold an F-4 visa while residing at a temporary housing provided by my contract-employment school in Busan. 

My contract term ends on February 28th. I am looking for a part-time job near Suyeong. My visa is good until 2014 June. 

I have an undergraduate degree from a Canadian university as well as various work experiences, not to mention teaching at a public school which I'm doing now. 

I am fluent in both English and Korean.

Please message me if I am fit for an employment.

Youseok Kim

Info on Recruiters/apartments near and around Konkuk University Area

Looking for any information or help with apartments and jobs in and around the area of Konkuk University. Phone numbers, emails, contacts of any kind would be a huge help. I currently have an e-2 visa and am looking for a position to start at the end of february or early march if possible. Once again....hope someone out there has some helpful tips. Thanks. 

Couple with degrees, No TEFL or money for flights.

Hello everybody, i'm part of a British couple that's looking to teach English abroad. The only thing stopping us is our lack of money, which consequently means that we cannot take a TEFL course or book flights. I'd heard that it's possible for people to find employment without a TEFL (as degrees are viewed as more important) and i've also heard that it's possible for people to have their flights paid up front. Is it likely that we'll find both as a couple?

Apostille sevices

Hey guys!

It turns out I need another Apostille, this time for a copy of my degree. 

I don't have a lot of time, so I was going to use an Apostille service like USauthentication.com . I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them or a service similar to them!

I hear you can get something apostille within a week!

Is this true at all?

clothing wholesale suppliers


I was hoping someone could help me contact the wholesale contacts for the following childrens clothing companies. Amber, Amber Pure, Estelle, Annika.


After a great deal of hunting I am still unable to contact them I have tried various emails and no response.


Much help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards

Michelle Dods



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