Alleged University jobs and After school at less than 30 per hour

Univeristy jobs- Please be aware that some of the alleged Uni jobs are not - check the hours and see if a Uni is listed. Most Universities do not use Recruiters.- Please be aware that some of the alleged Uni jobs are not - check the hours and see if a Uni is listed. Most Universities do not use Recruiters. Times of work like 9-6 will give the ad away.


Seeking suitable VISA from D2

Hello Friends,

I am an Indian and currently holding D2 Visa (expires Sep, 2014), going to graduate February 2014. I am planning to visit my country on February and back to Korea at April 1st week.

I have few doubts and need clarification from experts regarding my VISA for without employment.

1. I heard from my collages, they said once graduation finished (Feb) Visa will be canceled within one month of after graduation (Mar 3rd week).

2. That means before am back my visa will expires?

Need Pension info for private pensions: roll over, lump sum payout?

I'm leaving my college after 7 years.  I'm wondering whether I should get a lump sum pay out, or roll it over to the next college.

I understand that after 5 years, 8 years, etc. somehow I get more benefit.  If I rollover the pension does my enrollment time continue to accrue and bring benefit to me, or not?  If I get a lump sum payout do I start at zero at the next school?

I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks.

help finding a non-teaching job


My name is Meryem, i am 23 years old and i am from Morocco. I have a BA in English literature and i want to move to Korea but i couldn't find a teaching job since i'm not a native speaker. Please, could anyone help me out so that i find a non-teaching job. I would really appreciate anyone's help. I can also speak Arabic and French. I am really desperate.I will accept any job i am able to do any kind of work.

Thank you in advance.

Non whites been discriminated against as native speakers

Hi please I am trying to get a discussion and eventually changes here. Often when there are advertisement for native English speakers its restricted to 5 countries namely USA , UK, Australia New Zealand and these days South Africa. I often wondered why and only found out why when I started a teacher recruitment agency. What the difference between recruiting teachers from South Africa and Ghana white teachers can be fielded from S.Africa. What the difference between the English dialect spoken in New Zealand and Jamaica? Chances are the teacher from New Zealand is white!!!


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