Moving and working in Korea, a few questions

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Moving and working in Korea, a few questions

So my girlfriend is living in Korea, and I recently visited. I would love to be closer to her while she's teaching and let her feel flexible on when she comes home. I don't have many ties in the states, a little bit of debt I can take care of easily but other than that, nothing serious. In fact, I'd love the opportunity to be there for a while, be it a couple of months or a year.

I know this topic has been covered but I have a few important questions that hopefully can be cleared up. First, I have no degree and don't speak Korean. I am a pretty decent writer and have a LOT of automotive experience (detailing/selling cars). It sounds pretty hard to get a blue collar job unless a company ships you over there, but how hard would it be to find a job selling cars on a military base? What kind of process would I have to go through (visas, fees, locations, military checks, what company should I check out, etc) to make this work? Would I be able to find my own apartment ok and how much would I spend in rent for an average place wherever? Would it be possible that I could get a job at a dealer cleaning cars without speaking Korean? Should I just forget the whole thing and stick in the states, save cash and visit as much as possible (very hard as my job is very demanding and expensive with airfare and everything)?

Any advice and resources is welcomed and appreciated.