2020 Expat Teachers Association Global Survey Results -Statistics

This  ETA 2020 Global Survey is far more than interesting. It provides post-COVID data of trending info that can help all of us make more money in Korea and elsewhere. More teachers will be coming to Korea and less to China. Have a look and see what you think. https://ruqqus.com/+ExpatTeachersAssociation 

Please list NGOs, foundations or charities in Busan

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Busan and I desire a non-english teaching job on a part time basis (mornings- mid afternoon). Does anyone know any human rights Non-government organizations, or foundations and charities working with either women, refugees,  children or vulnerable people. Please, kindly drop them below

I also studied International Law and have over 5 year research experience especially in International Human Rights Law. I will love to work with foreign companies or research centers in Busan.

I am open even for a 6months internship.

Thank you

Immigration pass allegedly

Right now, there is an "open exit" for people who are here on expired/illegal visas, but immigration is also doing major crackdowns.

If you or yours are not legally on the right visa, understand that for three weeks, Seoul subway line 1, line 4 and line 7 will be stationed with immigration officers from 9am-11am and again from 4pm-7pm. Carry your ARC or military ID, or passport if you are new to Korea and your ARC has not yet been processed, in order to avoid detainment.

Private classes to be legal- Petition to Government to consider that !

 I see no reason why they cannot be done with a good e-petition to the authorities via E people. Obviously, there would need to be some safeguards in place to make it a realistic position to argue. There is a clear and continuing demand for these. I think there should be some freedom to work and make money in your free time without being fined for it. It is currently illegal, but I think that could change with a good e-petition. At least make them think about this. 

The key issues seem to me be:


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