F4 Visa and DWI on background check

I'm an American Korean adoptee that would like to move to Seoul or the surrounding area for 1-2 years to experince the culture and travel. I initally planned to teach English for work but have learned that a clean background check is required and I have a DWI on my record. I can get a F4 visa but my understanding is that the schools will request the background check. Will any schools hire without a background check or is it possible to tutor or find a non-teaching job without a background check?

Questions regarding non teaching jobs (specifically engineering)


I have a few questions regarding finding non-teaching jobs in Korea.  I know getting a job as an english teacher is in very high demand, but I'd prefer to find a job that will make use of my degree.  I am interested in finding an engineering job in Korea, but I realize there are some difficulties I have to overcome.  First some background information about myself:

-I'm halfway done with my Mechanical Engineering degree.  

-I can speak Chinese and English (Born in China, raised in the US).  

-I have been learning Korean and am at an intermediate level.

Koreaherald in Busan...anybody worked there? comments?....

Hello to all fellow teachers,


I am  looking into the Koreaherald English academy in Busan. There are two branches to my knowledge. Is or has anybody worked for them? If so, can you comment on your experience (i.e.: relationship between you and the director/other Korean staff, did they fulfill the obligations of the contract: pay on time or pay at all? vacation, etc. ).  Would you recommend Koreaherald?


Any comments or help at all would be appreciated.



3 (Months) is the magic number (of getting out of your contract)

Hi! I need some advice. I'm pretty thoroughly unhappy with my current job and think they might be thinking the same about me and am looking to get out the contract and get another hagwon job here. I met a foreigner in a similar situation a bit ago and she mentioned she was in the same boat, had done some research, and had learned that one must work for one's hagwon for 3 months before attempting to get one's hagwon to agree to terminate the contract WITHOUT starting the visa process from scratch. Tha'ts my biggest concern.

Looking to work for a reputable school/academy in Busan Nov/2013...



I am a current English Teacher in Andong, Gyeongbuk. I want to work in Busan (Haeundae, Gwengali, Kyungsun) in Nov. / 2013.


Is anybody done their contract around that time and leaving their current school/academy? If it is an enjoyable place to work, could you recommend me to your boss?


Also, if you know of any reputable schools/academies in Busan , please refer them to me! Looking forward to becomming part of the Busan community!


Thanks in advance,



Recuriting Scam

This is to warn people of a recuriting scam. The recuriter went under the name of Phil Chi. I responded to a teaching position here in Korea. An email by Phil Chi was sent to me saying the position was taken, but there is a teaching job in Japan. At first I wasn't interested, but then emailed back and asked for more details. A return email listed the details as teaching in a high school in Toyko, free apartment, no monthly bills, paid air fare, and $3,600US per month. With no luck here, I went ahead and applied.

Failed Medical Check?

So I just finished my medical check up at the hospital but I failed my urine test because I had higher levels of occult blood. That means that I have blood in my urine that cant be seen by the naked eye. I am well aware of this and have been cleared by my doctor in America. However, I was alone at the hospital and had no one to speak English to. Now I have to turn in my sealed enveloped results to immigration so I can get my ARC card. My question is, is this going to cause me to have to leave the country or is this not a big deal, like having bad hearing or eyesight?

What are my rights when it comes to the date of my final pay

So, my contract ends on the 6th of September - But my work is saying they will not pay me my final pay until the "regular" pay day - which is the 17th...  Is this right?  Is there anything I can do to get paid earlier?  I don't want to wait around for 2 extra weeks not working, and I don't trust to leave without being paid first.  

I would be happy to hear any advice - Anyone know the laws?  Or had this happen?



Advice please! Busan employment, F6 visa holder

Hi everyone, I am recently married to my wife and i'm now an F6 visa holder with 4 years of teaching experience. We both love Busan and think it's a beautiful place to live, so we are planning to make our home there. However, im having trouble finding suitable employment. Most agencies who contact me regarding jobs say there aren't many positions in Busan, or those that do are offering jobs at 2.1-2.2m plus single housing for long hours - something which isnt really suitable as, aside from being a big salary drop from now, we intend to get our own place.


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