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Cheesy Mini Chicken Fry

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When you want something of chicken and cheese and you want them very quick, this recipe is a relief for you! So, last friday I came to home from lab after 7, and I was tired as hell. But I was craving for chicken and even better, if it’s with cheese. Like I said before, I can’t have chicken or any kind of meat from everywhere, because I am a halal eater. So, I usually cook anything meat by myself in home. Anyways, that day, I made a really quick one. And I’ll share the recipe with you today:


  1. 1 cup cube shaped boneless chicken
  2. Pinch of garlic powder
  3. Half tsp from each of three (chili powder + coriander powder+ black pepper)
  4. Salt as your taste
  5. half cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  6. little bit of flour
  7. Beaten egg
  8. Breadcrumb

Mix everything except egg and breadcrumb. If you fill like mixture is too dry, add little water. At the end it should be kind of sticky. Now, dip in the beaten egg and roll over in breadcrumb and deep fry them in oil. As you can see it’s so cheesy in the inside in the picture. Make some fries and enjoy!!!


Why is the chatting app, LINE, from Korea, but not very popular...

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Why is the chatting app, LINE, from Korea, but not very popular in Korea? Kakao is king in South Korea. Even though people aren’t using the chat application, the characters of Line Friends are popular, so they have three huge flagship stores in Seoul where you can take pictures with the characters and go to the theme cafe to have coffee + snacks. 

I went to the one in Itaewon to take turns taking pictures. Funny to note that there were no children around. It was just a bunch of adults running around taking pictures. I didn’t really see anyone buy anything either, ha!

Directions: Walk from Itaewon station, exit 3

Address: 서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 200

Hours: Monday - Wednesday + Sunday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm, Thursday - Saturday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm


Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm from Portland, Oregon, USA, and am currently living in Busan, South Korea. Check me out on: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Lastfm, and Flickr.


Steak Jobs (스테이크잡스) is a chain restaurant in Korea that serves...

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Steak Jobs (스테이크잡스) is a chain restaurant in Korea that serves steak and has Steve Jobs’ quotes + pictures all over the wall. It’s super bizarre when you consider the fact that Jobs was a vegetarian (borderline fruitarian). This place is violating copyright laws, right?

The steak is alright here, but stay away from the pork as it’s drenched in sauce. And, like most places in Korea, do not order the salad (iceberg lettuce with sweet dressing). 

If you want fast, cheap steak, go to Momo Steak. If you wanna see some pictures of young Jobs and Wozniak on the wall, go to Steak Jobs.

The Best Beaches in Korea

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It’s summer, the weather outside is hot, sunny and beautiful, and it’s time to plan your vacation. However, you may still be wondering where are the best beaches in Korea.

We’ve put together this list to get you started on ideas on where to go to get your tan and water fun at. Mind you that during the peak time of the year, these beaches tend to get very crowded. Therefore, the earlier in the day you get there the better the available spots will be.

Pack your sunscreen and your coolers, because it’s beach time in Korea!

Korean Beach #1: Haeundae, Busan

Korean Beach 1 Haeundae, Busan


The first one on the list is naturally the most famous one in all of Korea: Haeundae. It’s located in the southeastern side of Busan, and packed with lots of other activities to do besides tanning and swimming. Some of the famous spots include great places to eat, comfortable guesthouses, Busan Aquarium, and even a spa! It’s perhaps also the busiest beach on the peninsula. It gets quieter towards the end of August, and the water still remains warm enough to swim in. Sometimes the tide gets too strong for swimming, so keep that in mind when planning your summer fun!


Korean Beach #2: Jungmun, Jeju

Korean Beach 2 Jungmun, Jeju


This southernmost beach is located on the grounds of Jungmun Resort in the southern part of Jeju Island. It’s a bit of a walk to get there, especially if you’re not staying right at Jungmun Resort, but it’s worth the effort! It’s a nice beach with beautiful water.

While it’s quite a popular beach, due to its lack of accessibility compared to other beaches on the island, it doesn’t get excessively crowded. Be prepared for some additional cardio once you leave the beach as it’s all uphill to get back and out of the resort.


Korean Beach #3: Daecheon, Boryeong

Korean Beach 3 Daecheon, Boryeong


Easily accessible from the city of Boryeong, and famous for its yearly mud festival, this beach is especially popular among families and groups of friends. If you get there early enough in the morning, the beach will be practically all yours. However, as the tide gets higher and lunch time passes, it will suddenly get packed with people ready for summer beach fun. Even though it can get crowded, it’s still an excellent spot for an afternoon of swimming, tanning, and people watching!


Korean Beach #4: Jumunjin, Gangneung

Korean Beach 4 Jumunjin, Gangneung


When the topic of beaches in Gangneung is being discussed, usually you’ll be recommended to go to Gyeongpo Beach. Jumunjin definitely is smaller and further from the center in comparison. However, it’s an excellent location for those who would rather go to a quieter and less crowded beach, while still enjoying nice sand and clean water. Right in the vicinity of the beach there are also rooms available for rent if one wants to stay overnight.


Korean Beach #5: Myeongsashimni, Shinji

Korean Beach 5 Myeongsashimni, Shinji


The trip to Myeongsashimnie may be long and perhaps even gruesome, but simply the arrival to the beach will be reward enough! This four kilometer long beach not only allows great spots for tanning, but also an awesome space for swimming all the way until early October. This is rare, as it can’t be said for many of the other beaches Korea houses. To get to the island for this beach, first head to Wando, and then take a ferry from there.


Korean Beach #6: Seonyudo, Gunsan

Korean Beach 6 Seonyudo, Gunsan


From Gunsan, you can take a ferry to this archipelago housing some twenty islands, of which four are connected with foot and bike bridges. This area is especially popular for its biking and walking routes. The beach is top quality, making Seonyudo a fantastic spot for a weekend trip.


Korean Beach #7: Hyeopjae, Jeju

Korean Beach 7 Hyeopjae, Jeju


Although it’s a bit of a way from Jeju City, the clear and shallow water is particularly appealing for families. It’s a great place to stay late into the evening, and perhaps even until the next morning, as the sunset here is incredibly stunning. The nearby Hallim Park is also good for an afternoon stroll when staying under the sun gets to be too much.


Korean Beach #8: Deokjeokdo, Incheon

Korean Beach 8 Deokjeokdo, Incheon

Source: https://longladylong.blogspot.comh

To reach the ultimate levels of remoteness among beaches you visit, Deokjokdo is the place to go to. During low tide, one can walk far from the shoreline before reaching waters that are beyond ankle deep. However, just staying on the beach for some tanning is a fun activity all the same.

To get to the beach, you’ll likely want to rent a bike, although walking is also an option. And for those wanting to get the most out of their visit to the beach, on the same island lies a 300-meter high Bijong Peak that will provide great views of the whole island for those who are willing to hike it up.


Korean Beach #9: Hanagae, Muuido

Korean Beach 9 Hanagae, Muuido


This is another incredibly hard to reach but fun beach to visit off the coast of Incheon. In the mornings the tide is so low you can walk at least a kilometer into where you’d just seen water the previous day and not even get wet. Because of how tough it is to get there, it’s recommended to stay there overnight. The good thing is that it’s actually half the fun as there are pensions and lodges right by the beach. There are also several restaurants, one of which is right on the sand with a nice view of the sunset.


Korean Beach #10: Woljeongri, Jeju

Korean Beach 10 Woljeongri, Jeju


If you’re looking for a quiet beach with clean sand and crystal clear water while on Jeju, Woljeongri Beach is the place to go! The scenery of the beach and its surroundings is stunning, with a street of cafes nearby. As it’s not officially registered as a beach, not many people know of it or go there. That means that you get lots of space for yourself to enjoy and cool down during the sunny summer days.


Those are some of the best beaches in Korea. Which one’s the first on your bucket list to visit?

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July 21 - 24, 2016Schedcation 5.0 was in San Diego and since we...

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July 21 - 24, 2016

Schedcation 5.0 was in San Diego and since we help power Comic Con, my coworkers and I were comped tickets. It was a beautiful trip and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to bond with such good, hardworking folks. 

It was my first time at such an event and I was taken aback by all the cool, nerdy things everywhere (e.g. for sale and also incredible cosplay). Also, by the amount of people. So many people. Maybe too many people, but majority are sincere loving-all-things-nerdy fans. Queuing in lines was mostly painless because the company kept was so good. 

I’d recommend picking one thing a day you absolutely gotta do and leave EARLY to get to it. Planning ahead is your friend. That means sleep well, wear comfortable walking shoes, and pack snacks + water.

For some fantastic tips, read these guides: Speed Force, Collider, Nerdy Girlie, and Buzzfeed.

Dear Korea #147

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Dear Korea #147

This is actually a little late, as half of my friends are already on vacation at the moment. It should also be noted that since I don’t work as a teacher, I don’t really get the usual stretches of vacation. Considering how hot it is outside, I honestly don’t mind. As long as I’m near […]

Jen Lee's Dear Korea

This is Jen Lee. She likes to draw.
She also likes green tea.

Got any questions, comments, or maybe even some delicious cookies you want to send through the internet? Feel free to contact us at dearkoreacomic at gmail dot com.

You can also leave comments on the comic’s Facebook Page!


Korean Traditional Alcohol Tours

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We here at MMPK have been operating Korean traditional alcohol tours for the past year or so through our network of makgeolli lovers and personal recommendations.  After thorough beta testing and development, we are now ready to launch our services to the world at large, and therefore have designed a brand new website to better showcase all the services we offer.  From tasting tours, brewery & museum tours, private brewing classes, brewing certificate courses and our international client consulting, we have developed services for all your makgeolli and Korean alcohol needs!

So if you are looking for something special and unique to do while in Korea, or simply want to broaden your alcohol knowledge horizons, check out our new service website and get in touch:)

Korean Traditional Alcohol Tours Website

Makgeolli Mamas & Papas

Made my way up to Samgwang Temple (Samgwangsa, 삼광사) on a hot...

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Made my way up to Samgwang Temple (Samgwangsa, 삼광사) on a hot summer’s day. The view from the top is beautiful on any day, but this temple is particularly busy before Buddha’s birthday for the colorful paper lanterns.

I think this temple is usually overshadowed in Busan by Haedong Yonggungsa and Beomeosa, because it’s much newer (established in 1983), but it’s worth a visit. It’s built on the side of Mt. Baekyang, which you can hike from this temple. 

Take minibus number 15 across from Lotte Hotel all the way to the top. Or take the (much easier to find) bus number 133 directly outside of Lotte Hotel to stop 성곡시장 and then take minibus number 15 or walk up the hill to the temple.

Essential Travel Tips & Guide | Korea Autumn Travel in 2016

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If you have been to South Korea several times but never in the fall, you are missing out BIG time.

Every season is a reason to visit Korea, but autumn is indeed the best season to travel and fully take in the beauty of the country. autumn travel (8)When fall foliage begins, the gardens of royal palaces in the city of Seoul and the mountain ranges in the countryside are dyed with beautifully colored leaves. It’s a season where you can witness some of the unbelievable sights across the country. So go, if you haven’t! If you are planning to, read this guide before you go.

1. Weather

South Korea’s autumn season usually lasts from September until November. The sky is clear and the weather is cool. It’s still a bit hot during the daytime in September, but it’s cool in the morning and evening.

Refer to this year’s weather forecast for Seoul in September:9월9월 2In October, it’s less humid than in September and the weather is cool. For this reason, many go out for outdoor activities and plenty of festivals take place during this month.2016 10월2016 10월 2Around the late Oct and early Nov, the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celcius and autumn gradually turns into an early winter season. 2016 11월11월 2Since the weather and temperature change every year, we advise you to check the weather forecast regularly for the updates.

2. What to Pack & Wear

girls-1107329_1920It’s easy to catch a cold easily during the change of seasons, especially in autumn, because the temperature difference between the daytime and morning and evening is quite big.

We advise you to bring thin and light outerwear such as a cardigan, a jacket, and thin coat. Bringing a scarf or wearing a thick knitwear are strongly recommended as well.

3. What to Do & Where to Go

autumn travel (1)During the 3-month period, travelers will be able to enjoy the rich colors of scarlet, crimson red and yellow leaves and nature.

For this reason, you should go hiking in the mountains and catch autumn leaves at some of the best fall foliage paths in the country.

If you’re figuring out when to catch peak foliage, here’s the autumn foliage forecast from last year. This will help you plan your autumn travel itinerary.2030817_1_1.gifautumn travel (6)In the autumn season, beautiful yellow gingko trees and vast fields of cosmos, sunflowers, Eulalia and reeds are some of the things that South Korea has to offer.

You should try hiking at the country’s best hiking destinations such as Mt.Bukhansan and Seoraksan National Park, or just enjoy taking a walk at parks like Namsan Park.

Since the weather’s pleasant, experiencing a temple stay in Korea can be a great activity to add your itinerary.

Read our previous blog post on Top 3 Fall Foliage Trails in Korea or see Best Autumn/Fall Foliage Paths in Seoul.

miscanthus-grass-1518417_1920You can enjoy Eulalia and reeds within the city at the annual Eulalia Festival, which is one of the most popular autumn festivals in South Korea. It takes place at the World Cup Park Stadium in Seoul every October. For directions, click here.allowto_landscape_662.jpgSuncheonman Bay, located in Jeolla Province, the southern part of Korea, is also a famous travel destination where you can enjoy a scenic panorama of wetlands covered by reeds. For details and directions, click here.autumn travel (9)Jeju Island is also another must-visit travel destination that you shouldn’t miss in autumn. In autumn, many people go for the famous Olle trail, which are the most scenic routes of Jeju Island. If you want to experience the Jeju Olle trails, there’s a guided tour. For more info, click here.

For more places to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Jeju Island, check out our travel guide to how to Enjoy Korea’s real autumn in Jeju Island.allowto_freedownload_snap_1323Here are other recommended activities you can try with Trazy for your 2016 Autumn in South Korea:

Find this blog helpful? Follow our blog and stay tuned for more updates on autumn travel in South Korea!

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