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  • Eating Raw Beef with Jinyoung | Trying 육회 (YUKHOE)

    Have you ever tried eating raw beef? I wouldn't recommend slicing a raw steak into noodles, then eating it - normally - but Korean 육회 (YUK-HOE) can give you that opportunity, if you're so inclined. It's made with fresh (very fresh), cold beef, so it's safe to eat. But if you have a weak stomach, or don't like beef, then you should probably avoid it. The flavor was similar to eating a really, really rare steak, but it was also cold. As someone who often cooks and enjoys steak, I really liked it and it was better than I thought. Now I can say that I've tried raw beef.

    Another feature of this dish is the sesame seed oil mixed into the beef. It gives the beef a deep, nutty flavor and smell that many first-time visitors to Korea can find off-putting - but only at first. Once you're familiar with it, it won't seem so strange anymore, and I quite like the smell and taste.

  • How to Say ‘Flower’ in Korean

    Flowers are some of nature’s most gorgeous inventions, not only the kind you can see in bloom everywhere in springtime, but also the kind you can create right in your backyard. In this lesson you will learn how to say flower in Korean so that you can start creating that flower garden in Korea as well – or at least tell your Korean friends about the one you have back at home!


    *Ready to learn Korean yet? Click here to learn about our 90 Day Korean learning program!


    ‘Flower’ in Korean

    Flower In Garden

  • Play and Stay in KK: SPLURGE at Gaya Island Resort Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

  • Korean Cosplay Convention (with Abby P) | 코스프레 체험

    I've wanted to try cosplaying since I was a teenager, but didn't have an opportunity. I wasn't a big fan of anime, but I did watch some, and I thought it'd be fun to visit a convention. Well this year in Korea I found out that there are several conventions going on, and one of them was a cosplay convention in Seoul. So I contacted my friend Abby P (another YouTuber) and we went together in cosplay as characters from the movie "Spirited Away."

    Have you ever tried cosplay before? What are your experiences?

    Abby P also made a video about our cosplay experience on her channel here: https://youtu.be/u4Y342EyAFc

  • Détente Divergence: the US-South Korean split on this Year’s Engagement with North Korea

    This is a local re-post of my monthly op-ed for the Lowy Institute: here.

  • This Week: June 30-July 6

    In an effort to get back to regular blogging, we’re going to try this one more time. Here is a collection of links from around the web that have caught my attention this week.

  • River North Baking Studio & What’s to Come

    It has been quite a year for me, and, as usual, when I get busy, I tend to let blogging slip. And boy has it slipped. To be honest, ever since the old blog died its slow and anticlimactic death, I’ve struggled to figure out exactly what I want to do going forward. I’m sure that struggle has been tangible for those of you who have made the transition with me. It’s coincided with a series of crises about picking a lane in life, which feels more and more urgent with every passing year. But things have been pretty tumultuous, and I’ve had some trouble taking hold of the reins.

    I’ve always been able to see the vague outline of a future I might someday want to arrive at, but I’ve never been very good at plotting a course to get there. At least that’s how it feels. I’m impatient and afraid to commit to anything that might not work out. But I’m getting just a little bit too old to keep hopping on every semi-enticing vessel that drifts past, just to see where it will take me.

  • La Luna

  • North Korean vs South Korean Dialects

    Have you ever wondered why North Korean news announcers seem to talk so differently than South Koreans?

    Do you want to know how North Korean and South Korean dialects are different?

    Ever since my last dialect video I made in 2016, I've wanted to tackle the topic of North Korean dialects. But it's just such a large topic, and it's difficult to find information besides vocabulary words and a plethora of North Korean TV dramas.

    So over the past year or so I've been collecting North Korean language resources (textbooks, grammar explanations, vocabulary, phrases, intonation samples, and more) to compile a long list of differences and unique points about North Korean dialect to create a video. Finally this January I started putting those items together and shortening the list into what might be an easy-to-digest and watchable video... and here it is!

  • Seoul vs Countryside [Kor. & Eng. Subtitles] | 서울 vs 지방

    My Korean friend Summer originally is from an area close to Seoul, but moved south to the Korean countryside for work. She's been living in the countryside for awhile but often tells me how much she misses being close to Seoul, so I wanted to chat with her about what the pros and cons are of the countryside.

    For a traveler, I wanted to know which she thought was better - visiting Seoul, or visiting the countryside.

    And also as a Korean person, I wanted to know which one a person might prefer, and why.

    What are your opinions? Have you ever lived in the countryside before? What did you like or dislike?

  • LTW: - S.Korea clashes against Germany in World Cup and in automotive quality battle

    South Koreans were exhilarating at 1:00am on June 28 when South Korean soccer team beat defending champion and world #1 Germany in World Cup match in Russia. It was the first time Asian country ever defeated Germany in World Cup history, and the first time Germany got eliminated in the World Cup preliminary league since 1938. Another news with South Korea over Germany came as Hyundai Genesis ranked highest in the recent influential J.D Power 2018 U.S. Initial Quality Survey(IQS) which measures the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles during the fist 90 days of ownership.The lower the score, the better. Its sister Kia took the 2nd with 72, followed by Hyundai with 74. Impressed with Korean Hyundai and Kia in top 3, Forbes magazine compared it "man biting dog." Premium German car maker Porsche ranked 4th with 79 while BMW and Mercedes-Benz found themselves at 11th and 15th, respectively. My German friends won't call me for a while..

  • Updated: Gwaneumsa Temple – 관음사 (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

  • Cycling the northern Han River

    A friend asked about cycling from Seoul to Busan and although I haven’t done that, I’ve been to the starting point. The Bukhangang (northern Han River) cycling track is an incredibly scenic getaway east of the congested Gangnam/Jamsil area. It’s the first leg of the 700km Seoul-Busan route, but it’s also a perfectly good destination in itself, suitable for those of us who can only peddle for an hour before our butt hurts too much.

  • Research Suggests Better Memory & Retention W/ These Online TEFL Courses

    You may have read some negative things about online TEFL courses, but do you know why people are saying these things and what the actual research is?

    First you should know that all online TEFL courses are not created equally. Yes there are apparently many low quality courses out there, but that's not all.

    Let's look at the problems.

    Problems and opinions w/ online TEFL

    First I'll let you know about some of the common opinions and problems w/ online courses then we'll go over these in more detail and finally you'll see what the actual research is.

  • Korean Phrases Ep. 60: 낫 놓고 기역자도 모른다

    This is a semi-humorous Korean idiom that I remember learning before I could actually hold a full conversation. When the Korean who taught it to me explained it, I still didn't really know what it meant. This is because I didn't know the word 기역 yet - the word for the Korean letter "ㄱ." I hope that after explaining it to me, the Korean wasn't thinking I was someone who it should be used to... but who knows.

    I know 2 weeks ago we also had a new Korean Phrases episode, but this will be the last one for awhile. Starting next week, I'll be uploading some new videos I filmed in Korea that I'm excited to share with you. In the meantime, here's another useful idiom. Check out the video here~!

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