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  • Korean Conjunctions: Basic Sentence Connectors

    Today we’re going to connect you with Korean conjunctions! These useful tools will help you express your ideas when talking, writing, or texting in Korean.

    We’ll show you the common Korean conjunctions and sentence connectors that Koreans use on a daily basis.

    Let’s get to it!

    Two hands putting together two different puzzle pieces

  • Photography Resources For The COVID-19 Outbreak

    Over the past few months, the reality of the fact that the COVID-19 virus is not going anywhere and is only getting worse has settled in for many of us. For many, including myself, it also means that we have lost jobs, lost money and are forced to stay home.

    It is a difficult time for pretty much everybody. Many photographers are struggling to figure out what to do when the bulk of their work comes from actually going outside. While I am sort of lucky that South Korea is not on full lockdown, many places around the world are. This effectively means that we have to get creative with out time at home to avoid going crazy.

    With that being said, how exactly does one “get creative” with this situation and what can a photographer do when they can’t really go outside all that much. It is a time to study and recalibrate your passion.

  • BGN Eye Hospital 20th anniversary

    BGN Eye Hospital 20th anniversary

    2020 is a special year for BGN Eye Care Group, we celebrate our 20th anniversary and are proud to provide reliable and affordable eye service for local patients, expats and Korea guests.

    To introduce BGN in more details we would like to answer some common questions about BGN Eye Hospital, our vision, services provided and why BGN Eye Hospital should be your best choice for Eye Care provider in Busan.


    What is special about BGN Eye Hospital?

  • How to learn konglish words


    Konglish words

     If the meaning of a word or phrase differs from its original (English)meaning then they are called Konglish words. Though most of them are English words few of them are borrowed from another language also.

  • 입니까 meaning

    In a formal setting like a job interview, and when you talk with someone formally we have to use 입니다, 입니까?

    In a statement, you can use ‘입니다

  • 은/는 이/가 grammar

    은 는 – Topic markers or topic marking particles

    이 가 – Subject markers or subject marking particles

  • Nothing's Really Real Podcast: (Ep 73) Open Mic

  • The cat, kitten and the dog

    Its been an interesting few weeks at home, lockdown and all, but more so due to the pets at home. So, first of all, a fawn labrador retriever has become an important member of our family. He'll be 4 on April 10th. He's awesome- he understands every word we say or don't say. More about this sweet guy in a later post. But the hullabaloo a few days back was because we had an interesting guest at home. The stray cat who thinks she owns us and our home brought her little kitten who hadn't even opened her eyes! After an exciting photo session, she disappeared. Yet again.

  • My takeaway from The Book Thief

    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

    Death is a great equalizer.

    And when Death decides to narrate a story, not about a jewel thief (which is exciting and which would feed Him well) or a bread thief (which is heartbreaking but which will undoubtedly satiate Him) but a Book Thief, you kind of wonder why.

  • Covid conversations

    Talking to a workaholic dad about the MOAB virus!
    The italicized words are the keywords that we've been hearing day in and day out ever since we've encountered the novel corona virus- covid 19.
  • How to learn Korean Numbers?

  • (Ep 72) COVID-19 and Friends PT. 2

    We’re back folks! Plans have changed and I’m sticking around in Korea for the undetermined future. I’ve decided to turn Covid-19 and Friends into a series. Chris Tharp, Sam Hazelton and I get together two weeks later to continue talking about the coronavirus and politics. Sam and Tharp tell me about Tiger King, and we review the new Bob Dylan song. We talk about the hilarity of male nudity, and discuss the stupidest things each one of us said in the last episode. We’re having fun. As always, if you enjoy the show, tell a friend about it, and please leave a review on iTunes or whatever app you listen to podcasts on. I’d really appreciate it!

  • FilmLog: Developing Film in Korea

    If you remember a little while ago, I wrote about how to buy a film camera in Korea. If you haven’t read that, please take the time to read that now, if you want. In that post I talked about a wonderful shop near the Dongdaemun Design Plaza called FilmLog.

  • Seascapes: Shooting and Workflow

    When you live in a place like Korea, you are surrounded by beautiful coastlines. Where I live, I can almost see the ocean from my apartment. So, shooting seascapes is something that is quite easy to do. However, it is not as simple as heading out and pressing a button. Here is how I shoot my seascapes.

    Planning and Prep

    Before I head out for any photo shoot I always have some sort of a plan of what I want to shoot. It is a little more involved than “shooting a pretty sunrise” or something like that. The first step is to check on the weather.

    This is one of the more important factors here as the weather will dictate what kind of image you are going to get and especially with seascapes. Keep in mind, that you don’t have to have perfect weather for a good seascape shot. Clear skies also don’t make for a very interesting seascape either.

  • Changes in the World.

    Some people lap on the daily routines, take sanctuary in regular habits, fall prey to the usual conventions. Not me, I thought. I like adventure. I crave change. I want different. Every day, every moment, no routine for me, no siree! Or so, I thought. 

    The change the world has brought to us isn't the change I wanted or craved or thirsted for, I guess.  But then, can you have changes that you approve of? Can you set standards or levels for the change you approve of? Changes just barge into our lives. Sometimes as a sweet surprise of a welcome guest or sometimes just as a shocking discovery of an unexpected infestation. Sometimes we let the change in and let it reshape us, our attitudes and ourselves. Sometimes we bang the door on it, resist it and try to alter it. Either way, it gets in. 

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