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  • (Ep 58) Sam Hazelton

    Sam Hazelton and I talk about grown men crying, walruses falling to their death, Keanu Reeves, and absurd sex acts. We talk about getting choked out, huffing gas and overdosing on motion sickness pills. I tell a story about getting punched out while blacked out drunk, and how Melissa Etheridge improved my childhood. We talk about Game of Thrones and Sam explains to me who has died and how in the last two seasons. So, spoiler alert. If you enjoy the show, please recommend it to a friend, leave a review on iTunes or whatever app you listen to podcasts on – and remember I love ya.

  • Re-pat Dating Diaries: “LOL – It’s Complicated”

  • Two days, two ways to enjoy Thomas Family Winery (Madison, IN)

    On May 15, our cross-country trip took us to Madison, Indiana, the place Jen called home until she was nine.

    For a “coaster” like me, it’s country out here. Not necessarily as country as I remember Alfred, New York (which, last I remember, still celebrates the anniversary of the first and only traffic light in the village), home to my alma mater, the accents and some of the attitudes are definitely of a different timbre than what I accustomed myself to in New Jersey. Then again, I haven’t lived in New Jersey since 2013, so everything is requiring a bit of adjustment.

  • Buddha’s Birthday 2019

    So I have been a little preachy in these last few posts, so I thought that I would get back to basics and just talk about one of the best times of the year here in South Korea and one that few travels really know about. I am talking about Buddha’s Birthday.

    I was shocked that when I started posting my images, that there were a lot of people that were living in Korea that had limited knowledge about the event. With so many temples around Korea, I was a little put back by the messages that I received. I think many people just thought that the lanterns and elaborate decorations were limited to Jogyesa Temple in Seoul. Fortunately, they are not and many of the temples outside of Seoul have far better events and celebrations.

  • People are (still) people

    “People are people so why should it be
    you and I should get along so awfully?”
    – Depeche Mode

    To borrow a line from folks older than me, the world today is lacking in civility. This is especially evident when various sacred cows enter the conversation. Even now, I am thinking about how to carefully present myself as to not offend “all sides” enough to either stop reading or proceed to flame comment me to Mars. But, as a cynical left-leaning centrist from New Jersey, I must admit to a few of my own pre-conceived notions about how things are.

    Dispelling a few of these notions, or at least learning to better separate someone’s politics from the person is another benefit of this road trip around the United States.

  • How To Say ‘Wait’ In Korean

    How to Say ‘Wait’ in Korean – 80/20*


         Wait – 기다리다 (gidarida)


    How to remember (association):

         Wait for my niece, this kid is a reader. (기다리다/gidarida)

    *80/20 Pareto Principle – The 20% you should learn that will give you 80% of the results.


    Today we will go over how to say ‘wait’ in Korean. Read on for meaning, explanation, and examples of this Korean vocabulary. ‘Wait’ no longer, let’s get right into learning!


  • Can you believe it's 2019?

    2019 has been a challenging year so far.

    We are now living in Singapore, we've both left our jobs and trying to figure out what to do/where to be next. I've finally taken a career break after many sleepless nights wondering what would be the best choice - I left my career when it was at it's peak; I was working as a recruiter for a multinational company and drawing a salary that was much higher than most my peers. I never regretted this decision, although there are days I feel anxious thinking about the money I could earned if I had continued. 

    My husband left the Korean company he was working for after a difficult 2 years. We learned that Koreans will always be Koreans even if the KR firm is based in another country. He's taking a short break to prepare for his AICPA exams and I really hope he completes it this time.

  • Stuck on you: Stuffed at the Iron Fork food festival (St. Louis, MO)

    Before we begin our actual road trip tomorrow, there is plenty to share from the past three weeks Jen and I have spent in her home state of Missouri. I will try to cover it all over the next several days if I can.

  • Sushi Roll – Shrimp Tempura (Fried Shrimp)

    In this sushi making video, we show you how to make breaded fried shrimp tempura for use in sushi rolls. Tempura shrimp sushi is a bit more involved than the California Roll. This involves stretching the shrimp, breading and frying it. Then we show you how to roll the sushi and also, optionally, how to add a layer of avocado to the top (avocado sushi roll).

    Please take a look at our shrimp tempura sushi roll video here. Below is a shopping list and more details.

    Shopping List

    You’ll need to get some equipment for making sushi if you don’t have it already. You can find most everything at your local Asian supermarket or online.

  • How to get started teaching English in a country w/ no job lined up and only $250

    First off I am not advising that you do this. I previously wrote about how much money you need to move to Asia with to get started working as an English teacher.

    And that was based on an ideal.


    Sometimes you can't get the money together or things just aren't ideal. So let's say you get there, but you only have a little money to your name and all of your documents ready.

    How can you make it work?

    Well, I know you can because I have been close to broke many times in a foreign land and I still made it work.

    First off..

    Don't go to Reddit and r/tefl and ask this question. That forum and many of the other Reddit forums are full of pragmaticists and naysayers.

    My experience...

  • Trump’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with China: Huntington’s Model doesn’t even work in East Asia

    Image result for clash of civilizations map

    This is a re-post of an essay I wrote for The National Interest a week ago.

    Basically my argument is that even if you are a hawk on China and see it as an emerging competitor or even threat to the US, the clash of civilizations framework is a weak analytical model by which to understand Sino-US tension.

  • How to Make a Korean Study Notebook

    Everyone who's studying Korean has some sort of notebook or system that they use for writing down what they're learning - most of the time it's a notebook or several notebooks. When studying grammar or writing down notes and example sentences, there's no substitute for a good study notebook.

    And everyone has their own method for making a study notebook and keeping it organized. This is to be expected, because everyone learns in their own ways. And if you have something that already works, keep using it. However, I wanted to make a video that could give some general tips for making a study notebook, for those of you who might not have one or who want some advice.

    These are my own personal tips for how to make and organize a Korean study notebook. This video includes all of the methods that I have used before, and which ones worked well for me.

    If you do things differently, do let me know in a comment here or below the video. Thanks for watching!

  • Don’t Be So Desperate! For Every Photo You Post, Do This

    I know that the squirt of dopamine that you get from posting photos to every site is a rush. I do it too. I get high from a night out of great photography and all I want to do is show the world my images. I want EVERYONE to see them. I will hammer every. single. site. with my images. Then sit back and wonder why nobody is interacting.

  • Geumyongam Hermitage – 금용암 (Dongnae, Busan)

  • July 22 - 31, 2018Schedcation 8.0 started by flying into Mexico...

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