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I’ve hung out with dogs, cats, and even sheep. The next thing to...

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I’ve hung out with dogs, cats, and even sheep. The next thing to hit Korea is raccoons. Yup. You’ll find Raccoonamatata (라쿠나마타타) around Kyungsung University in Busan. There are two areas: a comfortable cafe area with seating and fun raccoon themed artwork, and a separate raccoon room you can enter to play with the raccoons.

What surprised me was the quality of the drinks (grapefruit-ades at 6,500₩ and a nice Americano for 5,000₩) and strong wifi. A surprisingly great place to hang out and get some work done. You can enter and exit the “raccoon room” as often as you’d like and have a nice long stay at the cafe.

There are three raccoons:

1: Very adorable blonde type, Yulmu (율무).
2: Dark-colored raccoon, Kooni (쿠니). She’s the only female and her name is a play-on-words (정신없군 = hectic, 정신없 쿤 = 쿠니).
3: Mild and meek cutie, Choco (초코) is a big eater and especially likes bananas.

They’re really fun and reminded me a lot of cats. Be careful not to bring anything in with you as they’ll be quick to snatch it and eat anything (even paper). I made the mistake of leaving my phone down and had to wrestle it away from a raccoon. They have a strong grip! Don’t pick them up and don’t wake them if they are sleeping. 

Directions: Come out Exit 5 of Kyungsung Univ. subway station, do a U-turn, and walk back towards the main street. Turn right down the main street, walk straight, and take the second right. Walk straight past a couple of buildings and Raccoonamatata will be on your right.

Address: 부산광역시 남구 용소로14번길 10 2층

Hours: Every day from 12:00 - 10:00pm


Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm from Portland, Oregon, USA, and am currently living in Busan, South Korea. Check me out on: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Lastfm, and Flickr.


US Aircraft Carrier Finally En Route To Korea, College Grad Unemployment Rate All Time High [Korean News Update]

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China warns there will be “no winner” in an armed North Korean conflict that could start “at any moment”, Vice President Mike Pence will arrive in Seoul on Sunday, & despite an economic boycott over THAAD, South Korean exports to China have risen. All that & more on the latest Korean News Update podcast episode from Korea FM.

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9 Student Travel Tips I Wish I’d Known Earlier

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Heading overseas to study? Congratulations on being one out of more than 10 million others like you who are travelling abroad to study! Chances are that you’re super hyped up for all the adventure and fun travels you’ll have. But before you get on that airplane for your overseas study program, here are 9 travel tips that will definitely help make life easier for you!

Always PLAN before you land

As the age-old saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Before you start packing for your semester-long studies abroad, read up on the country and city that you’re heading to. Tons of information can be found both online and off, ranging from travel guides, forums, blogs or even films. A good starting point to find carefully curated information for your exchange university would be the Flying Chalks University Guides, which covers essential information from the student life you can expect to even good food on and around campus! They have guides for universities in Korea, USA, Europe and more!

Learn more about the culture and social norms so that you wouldn’t stick out like an alien with your new foreign friends. Now, some may think that planning in detail can kill the spontaneity and adventurous nature of studying abroad. However, the truth is that planning can help keep you safe by knowing when and where you need to be, while also helping you to save time and money so that you can explore more places and experience the escapade of your life!Flying Chalks 1

Discover a whole new COMMUNITY at home and abroad

Going abroad to study is probably the first time that you’ve lived independently away from home for such a long time. While travelling alone offers you flexibility and independence, there are benefits of travelling in a group.

Firstly, it’s safer to travel in a group where everyone can help look out for one another. It is also cheaper when it comes to accommodations, or taking a taxi. If your school does not offer opportunities to meet others heading to the same university, check out the Flying Chalks Community! You’ll be able to connect with like-minded peers travelling to the same university or region, potentially finding yourself a travel buddy. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find seniors who have been to the same university and seek advice from them!Flying Chalks 2

STRETCH every dollar and make your wallet flexible

It is paramount that you keep track of your spending so that you won’t have to break the piggy bank when you’re going to be alone for the next 6 months! Before you embark on your journey abroad to study, check the exchange rates! Especially with the current economic climate, foreign currencies are particularly volatile, which can help you save or spend more for each dollar you have.

While travelling, look out for bargains, student benefits, and promotions to help you save that extra bit of cash. Promotions like the ISIC card or railway passes help students studying abroad by offering discounts off daily expenses such as transport and entertainment.

Now, what’s even better than promotions? Free stuff! With a bit of digging online, you’ll be able to find some free walking tours of some of Seoul’s best tourist attractions. Many European cities such as London, Berlin, and Paris also have their fair share of free walking and museum tours! Most of these tours have tours held in various languages so you do remember to find out about the tours beforehand! Studying abroad can be expensive, but with these tips, you’ll be able to do it on a budget.Flying Chalks 3.jpg

Book your FLIGHT without a fright

The cost of flying abroad is one of the highest (if not the most expensive) when embarking on your study exchange. Check for price fluctuations often (or use a price alert feature), and a significant drop could signal the best time to book.

An important thing to note is the various additional baggage fees that apply. Travelling abroad for studies will require large luggage, thus it is important to check the existing limits and additional surcharges that each airline charges when choosing an airline. Look out for certain airlines which offer student or youth promotions which will help you save a fair bit.

Lastly, you should also consider other factors such as the accessibility of the airport which you’ll be landing at, or the number of transfers you’ll take before you reach your destination.Flying Chalks 4

Where you STAY will change your day

When choosing your accommodation, think about the kind of experience that you’ll want to have for the next 6 months. Would you want to live with other students in a residential hall or campus dormitory, join a fraternity and do crazy wild stuff? Or are you interested in living like a local, finding a host family via your local university and living with them, immersing yourself in the culture and language.

Perhaps you are travelling with a group of friends, renting out an apartment on AirBnB. Consider also the costs of travelling to school from your/your host family’s apartment, the distance to the city center and major attractions that you’ll want to visit, and the general safety of the area which you want to live in. One thing that could be helpful would be finding out more about the norms of the country. In cities such as Warsaw, AirBnBs are a good option, but in other cities, short term renting of apartments could be more cost efficient and reliable. One pro-tip would be to get a bicycle, such that if public transport fails, you’ll always have your two wheels to rely on in any situationFlying Chalks 5

Get INSURED today and be assured tomorrow

When you’re studying abroad, you may encounter several mishaps such as losing your phone, wallet or even your luggage. Having insurance coverage provides you with medical, logistical and financial support when you need it most! Often, schools will have group/student policies for students studying abroad.

These policies are often subsidized and are targeted specifically to the needs of exchange students. If your school does not provide such services, fret not because Flying Chalks has partnered with companies to offer you exclusive travel gifts and discounts!

When looking for travel insurance, the two main categories to consider are: Medical Coverage, which covers you for any medical expenses or hospitalization charges incurred both during and after your trip; and Travel Inconvenience, which covers trip delays or cancellations, loss or damage of personal baggage and replacement of travel documents.

Besides insurance, you should also check if the country you’ll be studying in requires an international visa to enter, as well as the time limit that your student visa will allow you to stay for. Check out this website to see if you’ll be affected!Flying Chalks 6

PACK like a pro

What do you pack into your luggage? The task of squeezing 6 months worth of living essentials into 1 (or 2 if you’re lucky) luggage and a carry-on bag seems impossible, but it can be done. As a rule of thumb, the first question you should ask yourself is if the item is useful. For example, would you really need that thick and bulky woolly jacket if you’ll be heading to Australia for the summer? Ensure that you have your bare necessities covered. Thermal clothing is a must if you’re heading to a winter country, while swimwear will be essential when heading to the coast!

Comfortable, not branded clothing should be favoured. Think twice about that pair of 7-inch heels and go for a comfortable pair of walking shoes that will help you go the distance on your travel adventures. YouTube offers plenty of tutorials on how to maximize your luggage space so that you’ll leave enough room for all the shopping and souvenirs that you’ll be bringing home in a semester later. Always remember, you’ll most likely be able to find and buy anything that you’ve forgotten to pack in the city that you’ll be going to!Flying Chalks 7

Take nothing away but MEMORIES

While some of us may be able to memorize and recite 67,280 digits of Pi, most are not gifted with such powerful memories. The simplest way to keep the memories of your “YOLO” adventures intact would be to keep a blog. An online record of your adventures that is weather-proof can neither be stolen nor lost on a train ride is a great way to relive your memories when you grow old.

While you’re at it, you may also wish to do something special, like having a signature pose for each photo you take at the many different places you explore. Upload them to your blog, and over time it’ll become memorable to both you and your friends as that unique thing you did on your overseas exchange.

Need some inspiration? Or simply want to know more about life studying overseas? Find out about the experiences of other students on Flying Chalks’ TravelogueFlying Chalks 8

Be OPEN to the adventure of your lifetime

We’re often caught up in the rush of time, especially with the time limit hanging over our heads during the study abroad semester. With just 6 months to eat, see, play and enjoy all the various wonderful things planned out, we forget to stop and experience the moment.

After taking the photograph of your signature pose, put the camera down, take in the scenery and bask in the atmosphere. Whether it’s standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, diving down to the Great Barrier Reef, or walking along the Christmas Market in Zagreb, or climbing a volcano in Seoul, detach yourself from technology and make memories that will last you forever.

Be open to new experiences, even if you’ve never tasted Colcannon in Ireland, Bresaola in Italy or Durians in Singapore, try it! The unforgettable experiences you embark during your semester-long exchange will stay with you forever.Flying Chalks 9

Although these 9 student travel tips may apply in general to most students studying abroad, ultimately, it is you who will determine how your journey will turn out! By planning ahead, you’ll be able to stretch every dollar of your budget by finding the right flight and accommodation, while also ensuring that you stay covered from any problems that may arise. Once you’ve done all the necessary preparations, open up your heart and let the World lead you on!

Photo Credits
By Joe Lodge 33/365 Atlas
a service for travelers to easily share and discover the latest hip & hot travel spots from all over the world. 
We are currently focusing on Korea as our destination and plan to expand to other countries gradually. 

March 25, 2017I performed at a sold-out show for Vagina...

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March 25, 2017

I performed at a sold-out show for Vagina Monologues in Busan at Vinyl Underground in KSU. All in the name of raising money for charity and raising awareness of the anti-violence against women global movement of One Billion Rising! Busan has come together once again to put on the award-winning The Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler, and it’s NOT to be missed!

More information here.

Expat Dating Diaries: The Eternal Expat

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Expat Dating - That Girl Cartier

Photographer: Frank McKenna

The Eternal Expat

The Eternal Expat is one of the most likely men you’ll meet from my list of the 7 Worst Guys an Expat Can Date.  Flitting from city to city and country to country “sampling the local fare”, this guy has found a good life.  Probably considered to be generically attractive from a North American perspective, he’s got an even more charming personality.  Somewhere down the line he was likely a varsity athlete, fraternity brother, or both.  He’s got natural game and women everywhere seem to swoon.  He’s never settling down in one place, and for him you’ll never been enough.  He might make a grand gesture.  He might make it seem like he’d have you join his nomadic lifestyle and travel the world together (#travelcouple, #instaromance, the whole nine yards).  When it comes down to the actual plan, he’s a lone wolf and you’re just dead weight.

Expat Dating Diaries The Eternal Expat That Girl Cartier feet legs couple people girl guy tattoo bed sheet blanket black and white bedroom bed pillow
Photographer: Denis Gavrilenco

New Notches

The main goal of the Eternal Expat is to carve as many notches on his bedpost as is humanly possible.  He loves to have the girlfriend experience.  He loves it so much that he’s collecting as many as he can manage and in as many countries as his passport will allow.  Let’s be clear: this guy does not want a girlfriend.  He wants adventure between the sheets and on the open road.  He has 1 priority, and darling as lovely as you are, it’s never going to be you alone.  Tucked between expensive dinners out, museum trips, and spa experiences, the eternal expat must be a master scheduler.  He can juggle multiple languages and even more women.  Remember marinated cherries? He was juggling THREE of my friends all at once and one more he brought on vacation!  I wonder just how many other rolodex members he had on rotation…

Expat Dating Diaries The Eternal Expat That Girl Cartier matador bullfighter torero red cape ring stadium crowd madrid spain flag circle spectators
Photographer: Leeroy

Red Flags

The Eternal Expat won’t ever let you see his phone because he’s sending the same messages to you and half a dozen other girls.  He will make it seem like he wants to date you exclusively right off the bat.  He will tell you how amazing and beautiful you are.  Far too early for heartwarming discussion, he’ll tell you straight up how much he likes you.  He’ll tell you exactly what he thinks you want to hear in an effort to avoid having “the talk.  Try to see through the bullshit.  He probably does like you a lot.  I bet you are beautiful and amazing, too.  Just take it all with a grain of salt since all these lovely things roll off his tongue easily.

Expat Dating Diaries The Eternal Expat That Girl Cartier wood plank water ocean sea
Photographer: Samuel Zeller

Long Gone Silver: Emotional Pirate and Booty Chaser

If you encounter someone you think might be an “eternal expat” communicate your expectations and desires immediately.  Don’t let yourself get surprised or hurt down the line thinking you’re in an exclusive relationship when he’s on a completely different page.  If he’s not where you are, move on.  You won’t change him.  Why would you want to waste your time trying?  It’s unlikely he’ll wake up one morning and realize what an idiot he’s been and what a loss you are.  If he does, it won’t happen until he’s Long Gone Silver and you’ve moved the eff on.  If all you want is a good time then that’s totally fine, too.  Be adults and talk about the kind of relationship you want to have.  He’s got plenty of experience and you’ll hopefully be more than satisfied.  If you want emotional satisfaction, however, don’t walk that plank.

That Girl Cartier Dating Blog

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Have you encountered any Eternal Expats throughout your travels?  Leave me your story in the comments!


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I was happy to be part of the art exhibit, The Future (미래), on...

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I was happy to be part of the art exhibit, The Future (미래), on March 18, 2017 in Gwangan, Busan. It was a Saturday full of original art, beer, and fun.

We had art from 14 artists from around the world. 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

March 8 - 11, 2017I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years...

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March 8 - 11, 2017

I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years since I’ve been to Jeju-do, a volcanic island an hour flight from Busan. I bought my mom, boyfriend, and myself three roundtrip tickets for 135,000₩ altogether on JejuAir. The trip was really affordable and the island pretty empty because we went in early March, as it’s still a bit chilly and it’s before Membership Training (MT).

Renting a car from AJ Rentacar on was really simple online. The smallest car cost 76,839₩ for all three days. There was an AJ shuttle bus from the airport (just outside Gate #5 - cross the street and turn right and the AJ shuttle bus was at parking number “3-1″). The bus runs every 10 minutes. You do need an international or Korean driver’s license + your passport.

We stayed at the Happy House Pension (해피 하우스 펜션), three nights for $161. The airport is on the northern coast and Happy House was a 1-2 hour drive south. 

Here are a few things we enjoyed on our trip:

  • The Starbucks drink special to Jeju Island, a honey peanut latte (제주꿀땅콩라떼) for 5,500₩.
  • Jusangjeolli (대포주상절리), impressive rock formations from cooling lava long ago. Worth the ticket of 2,000₩ a person. Easy to head to Jungmun Saekdal Beach (중문색달해변) afterward.
  • Kimbap made of all local ingredients at 오는정김밥 (Dongmundong-ro, Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo). Hours are 10 am - 8pm. Call beforehand +82 64-762-8927 - as you may have a 2-hour wait.
  • Watch the sunset at Hyeopjae Beach (협재해수욕장).
  • Admission to the museum, Hello Kitty Island (헬로키티아일랜드), is 12,000₩ a person. I also spent 20,000₩ at the cafe at the top (4,000₩ Americano, 5,000₩ caramel latte, and 11,000₩ chocolate cake).
  • We enjoyed spending some time at the Lotte Hotel Casino (롯데호텔 제주 카지노) and having lunch at Mugunghwa (무궁화), which was 138,000₩ for three people.
  • Of course we had to eat the regional dish of black pork (흑돼지 갈비), which was 41,000₩ for lunch or dinner.
  • We walked up Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉), a beautiful UNESCO heritage site. Admission is 500₩ a person. It means “sunrise peak” in Korean but we still enjoyed it well past this time.
  • Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (천지연폭포) at 2,000₩ a person was worth the visit, especially to eat the tangerine bread (귤하르방) just outside the gate.

For more ideas, read these blogs:

How Long Does It Take to Learn Korean? – A Glass with Billy Ep. 5

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Do you wonder how long it will take? Learning Korean can feel like a long journey, but sometimes you just want to know "how long will it take?" I've been learning Korean for 12 years, and I started back in 2005. If I look back on the trip, I can definitely see how long it took me to reach each level. But my personal experiences will differ from everyone else's, and it's important not to compare ourselves to other people. In the video, we both agree that it's a difficult question to answer, because the amount of time spend learning a language and the way a person studies is a lot more important than how many days have passed since someone's started learning.

I met up with SpongeMind TV to discuss this. Check it out here~!

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 Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean





Young Koreans Challenging Politicians & Their Role In South Korean Society

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Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s presidential career began & ended with firsts, & while countless pieces have been written on the protests that led to her removal from power, one recent writeup from the Canadian weekly current affairs magazine Maclean’s makes the case that that South Korean youth, & the forces they control, are perhaps behind it all. Maclean’s writer Dave Hazzan, formerly based in Seoul, joins Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland to discuss his article & what it reveals about the power of South Korean youth. Read Hazzan’s full article at

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This episode is brought to you by, an English speaking community for workers in Korea. Designers, developers and entrepreneurs share and discuss ideas, work, culture, startups, language and integration to the market and life in Korea. Networking in Korea when you don’t speak the local language fluently can be hard. Seoul Startups wants to bring the currently fragmented community into one place, where people can ask for help, advice, learn and make connections that will help them succeed in their career in Korea. Join today at

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