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Top 10 Korean dishes to eat in the summer

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Summer in Korea always brings hot temperature and many days of rain. Bein …

How to say "should" and "should not" in Korean

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Do you know how to say "should" and "should not" in Korean? Like most things, there are more than one way to do it.

Find out in this week's new episode in the "Learn Korean" series.

And remember to check out the free PDF version of this lesson, with extra information and examples, on the YouTube PDFs page (link at top).

Learn Korean Ep. 58: Should and Should Not

Are you just starting to learn Korean, or want a solid review of the basics? My new book "Korean Made Simple: A beginner's guide to learning the Korean language" is the book for you!

You can check the book out here, or find it directly through Amazon and most online retailers.


 Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean





(Ulsan) An Afternoon in the Bamboo Forest

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Exploring the Bamboo Forest is one of the must-dos in Ulsan City. I've been in Ulsan for almost a month and in my opinion, Ulsan is nothing but mountains & lakes.

Today, I spent the whole afternoon with Kimchi boy in the Bamboo Forest. Bad choice because it was scorching hot (~33degrees) today. I would have enjoyed this place much better if the weather was cooler.

We are both very tan now because of playing too much under the sun. This is my first time actually enjoying summer. I've been fair almost all my life.

We had lunch in a Japanese ramen shop near Ulsan University. Kimchi boy stays near the university right now so that it is cheaper and faster to get to where I live (in UNIST's dorms). A KTX ticket from Daejeon to Ulsan costs about ₩28,000.. while bus fare is probably ₩1,200 from his place to mine.

He is waiting patiently while I take a picture. LOL

Shopping streets nearby Ulsan University.


Editors Note:
More about Ulsan's Bamboo Grove at Taehwa Park  from
Ulsan Online    VisitKorea  



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I have neglected this blog for some weeks now, mostly because I have some projects that require a lot of my attention and energy.

I am in the process of selling/letting go of my school.

I have received another opportunity into my lap a few months ago, I thought I could combine my school with the new opportunity, but I was dreaming.  So I had to make a choice, keep my school or go for the other project.

Since I am someone who loves challenges and risk, the choice was quickly made, I will go for the new opportunity.

Currently, I have an interested party in taking over my school.  Nothing is set in stone, but steps are being made.

It took me some time and effort, but I got an incubation office from the Seoul Global Center, and that is a big push in the right direction.

This blog is based on my experience in running a school, so this change has a direct effect on it.  The concept of this blog will change too.  It will become a blog about doing business in Korea from the ground.  I will share my experiences in hitting the pavement and trying to develop the market.

Lately, a lot of hits have come from searchers about the LOR.  I might write one more article debating the LOR, but I am sure the details on the LOR will change coming January, mostly because the principals of the LOR are a disgrace.

I am still open for people to ask me questions related to my business experience in running a school in South Korea.

Trod on!

Toolbox (툴박스) 2nd is absolutely best burger place in Korea. I...

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Toolbox (툴박스) 2nd is absolutely best burger place in Korea. I even fantasize about traveling to Ulsan just to experience one more bun and patty combination. I feel like it’s worth the trip. The chef seems to put a lot of effort into his food, and only cooks an item if he has all the ingredients available.

Toolbox offers burgers, sandwiches, and salads. I love the interior. With black walls and wood tables, it feels open and welcoming. Lots of cute touches like record coasters and animal salt and pepper shakers.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10:30 pm in Seongnam-dong (Shinae/Old Downtown). From the Shinae Clock Tower (Shigae-tap), with your back to the river/walking street, walk against the traffic flow for one block, and then turn right. At the next intersection, turn left. Just past the alley to JJ’s, Toolbox is on the right-hand side of the street.

About the girl

Hi, I'm Stacy. I am from Portland, Oregon, USA, and am currently living and teaching ESL in Busan, South Korea. Busy getting into lots of adventures, challenging myself, and loving people. Something more than an ethereal will-o-wisp.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading.

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Frozen Friday: Korean Ice Cream Tasting! #2

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This time we taste a famous Korean ice cream bar – the 돼지 바 Dwegi Bar! Is it good?! Why would they call it a pig bar? We have no idea!

The post Frozen Friday: Korean Ice Cream Tasting! #2 appeared first on Evan and Rachel.



Exam season

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Exam season
Wanderings and Ramblings of an ESL teacher currently based in a tiny mountain town near the North Korean border.

A Day in Damyang – Bamboo Haven

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The town of Damyang is located near Gwangju in Jeollanam-do.  This to …

Stories of Seoul: Mason

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