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Booby Blog #4: What Happens After Breast Augmentation Surgery in Seoul, Korea?

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Motiva Breast Implants Fat Grafting Liposuction Boob Job in Seoul Korea Before and After Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

What Happens After Getting a Boob Job?

I had a pretty unusual breast augmentation surgery experience in Korea.  Seoul is the Plastic Surgery capital of the world.  Leaving Korea without fixing my wonky-ass breasts would have been a mistake.  Even though I always prided myself on changing my body for the better naturally, this was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

Why Was My Breast Augmentation Surgery Different?

My breast augmentation surgery was unique for a few reasons.  Apparently I had something called “tuberous breasts” or “constricted breasts”.  As you can see in the above images, I was as flat as a board, but I didn’t realize that the surgery would be any more challenging than normal.  My surgeon essentially had to pop my breast tissue out before inserting my 300 cc (left) and 320 cc (right) Motiva teardrop implants.  Since I had my appendix removed in 2013, I also had some liposuction and my fat was grafted underneath the breast.  I’ve seen other posts about fat grafting in Korea.  One woman who was about 5’1″ had 1,600 cc extracted via liposuction.  I only had 100 cc removed.  The liposuction definitely helped with the area where my appendix had been removed through laparoscopic surgery, but the grafting didn’t really stick.  I was back to the gym pretty quickly after surgery, so I worked it off fast.  As you can see in the image up top, I was left with some serious bruising!

What Happens After Breast Augmentation Surgery in Seoul, Korea?

Click the play button above to check out my experience coming out of anesthesia at TL Plastic Surgery in Seoul, Korea.  Mona and Dean from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery  (a medical tourism service designed for foreigners) were there to help me every step of the way.  Mona even came with me to stay in my hotel overnight.  The first night is definitely the toughest, so it’s awesome to have someone around to help you in and out of bed and with any errands or even bag carrying.  Once we got to the hotel things were pretty easy and I was maneuvering pretty well.  Once it was time to sleep, however, breathing became tougher, getting comfortable was impossible, and getting up to go to the bathroom was a scene and a half.  It definitely didn’t help that I had my period, either!  For questions to ask your doctor before surgery, click here.

The Worst Part of Boob Job Recovery

Before surgery I made a promise to myself that I was going to get through the whole process easily and without complaining.  I had my surgery Friday October 20th at 12:30 PM, and by Monday October 23rd I was back at work at 9 AM.  What was the worst part of my breast implants recovery?  The pressure was the worst part of the whole experience!  I had a giant soft cast situation around my abdomen I had to keep on for several days after the itty bitty liposuction.  I had several balls of rolled up cotton and gauze shoved around my new breasts and a band wrapped around several times to keep it all in place.  I also had to wear my compression garment (a bra-like situation which looked like a costume out of some 1970’s bondage porn) for the first 2 months.  The first night it was just a bit too much to handle.  I couldn’t move properly in the bathroom.  I couldn’t naturally pull myself out of bed.  Even just breathing was absolutely exhausting.  Let’s not talk about how bloated I was after anesthesia…

How Long After a Boob Job Can I…

  • Boob Job Recovery Day 2: Went to my first follow up appointment at TL Plastic Surgery.  Slept by myself in my own bed.  Had a friend over.
  • Boob Job Recovery Day 3: Back to work!
  • Boob Job Recovery Day 4: Flipped my head over and washed my hair by myself.  I removed all the gauze and bandages and actually felt like a human again!
  • Boob Job Recovery Day 5: Rocked the compression garment and a loose top.  Showered normally.  Two very grateful thumbs up!
  • Boob Job Recovery Day 11: Went to the gym and walked at 6 km/ hr for 30 minutes.  Took it nice and easy and built back up to 5 km in 28 minutes over the next few months.

Are you considering plastic surgery in Korea?  Make sure to reach out to the team at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery ( for the most transparent Q&A and easiest consultation experience.  For more information about getting my breast implants in Seoul, check out the Booby Blog Archives!

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An Open Letter to Newbie Myeonuris on Seollal

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Dear Newbie Myeonuri,

               You must be feeling nervous, uncertain of what tomorrow is going to be like. You’ve probably heard from other myeonuris what a pain in the arse Chuseok and Seollal are for us married women in Korea. I’ve been a myeonuri for eight years now, and let me confirm what you’ve heard from the others… sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to have a ball tomorrow. You’re going to wish you had the ability to teleport, so you could be somewhere else… not in the kitchen, enslaved by incessant housework a.k.a. myeonuri duties. I’ve been there, and I survived it.

I don’t loathe Chuseok and Seollal as much as I used to. You’ll survive it, too. Just think of it as another gloomy day of your life that shall soon pass. You might feel like you’re wasting a decade of your existence every time piles of dishes are being brought to the sink, but there will be an end to it. Your hands might go numb from cooking jeon and preheating food from breakfast until dinnertime, but don’t you worry, the numbness will fade away with some mentholatum lotion that you can purchase from any drugstore. You’d better buy it now, and remind your husband not to get too drunk on Seollal, so he can give you a well-deserved massage when all the work is over. You might sulk over the bogus machismo you’ll witness and question why men get to enjoy the day while women do all the work, but remember… every country has its own culture. You married into this culture when you married your man.

You might not like tomorrow’s experience at all, but believe me, you’ll get used to it. As time goes by, your workload will be lessened. Just pray that a new myeonuri will come and that she won’t be your senior. No matter how overworked (and annoyed) you are tomorrow, keep smiling. You’re not alone in this battle. If you can, be nice… be polite to everyone… even to your husband’s most annoying family member.

Don’t throw your wrath at your husband for letting you toil the whole day. Talk to him today, and urge him to help you when work seems too much. When Seollal is over, do something for yourself. Take a rest, go shopping, treat yourself to the spa… make it your day! ^^

Good luck! Myeonuri, fighting!

Lots of hugs,

From a fellow myeonuri


Note from the author:

Before this letter gets negative reactions from myeonuris who claim that they have an awesome life and are not subjected to any distressing housework on Chuseok and Seollal, let me reiterate what I have mentioned in my previous posts (one in particular that was shared in an expat group without my permission and wasn’t received well by other readers: Things You Should Never ever Say or Do When Your Korean Parents-in-law Are Around)… not all myeonuris go through the experiences I have described in this letter. Not all families in Korea follow the antediluvian tradition of enslaving women to housework during family gatherings. Nowadays, more and more families practice equality in their households. Many younger Korean men help around the house. My husband and my brothers-in-law are some of them… but my husband’s older family members and a number of families I know still have a long way to go.


From Korea with Love




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Valentine’s day 2018 in Korea: outfit and makeup idea

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Hello everyone! Although my today’s post is for ladies, but I wish you boys a wonderful valentine’s day with your loved one’s! So, in this post I have two makeup tutorials and one outfit suggestion for you. The outfit suggestion is even more suitable if you live in Korea.

The first makeup tutorial is a peach makeup, which is a halo eye makeup using the color combination of the fruit(peach).

For this makeup I used the following products-

-MAC Cosmetics #prepplusprime
-maccosmetics #studiofixfluid foundation #nc42
-maccosmetics #studiofixpowder #mediumtan
-MISSHA 미샤 pro touch face powder no 23
-missha.official under eye brightening concealer in natural biege
-missha.official perfect concealer in natural
-missha.official colorbeam shader in crystal
-missha.official the style liquid sharp eyeliner
-missha.official salon de lash

-eBay eyelash
-Makeup Revolution ultra contour palette
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-itsskin.socialog babyface creamy lip liner 01
-itsskin.socialog life color lip crush matte 04, 03
-토니모리 – Tonymoly cheektone powder p05
-tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow pencil
-BH Cosmetics #takemetobrazilpalette
-CATRICE cosmetics ultra black luxury lashes volume mascara

You can find the tutorial here-

For this makeup I chose a different outfit, modern hanbok or modern version of traditional Korean clothes.

I bought this dress from Gmarket. Actually it was a surprise gift from my husband, not sure about the price but should be around 40,000KW.

The second tutorial is about easy and classy smoky eyes. So, long I’ve been busy with creating halo eyes or cut crease, I forgot my first love, which is smoky eyes! ♥

This tutorial is only about eye makeup and here’s the list of the products I used-

-Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow collection
-MISSHA 미샤 color beam shader incrystal
-Missha salon de lash glue
-더페이스샵 (THEFACESHOP) pencil eyeliner in newyork black
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-eyelash form eBay

And here’s the link of the tutorial-

This palette that I used here, is also a gift from my husband, Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow palette which is the dupe for the palette with same name by Glamierre. I was literally speechless by these gifts from him, I had no idea my husband can choose makeup palette or dress (specially when it is a hanbok) for me, all by himself. This man keeps making me falling on love with him more! ♥ Although the palette is a dupe, and a lot cheaper than the real one, but it’s quite pigmented and easy to work with. You may notice some fall out but you can easily swipe them off with a brush!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 14/02/2018

5 Essential Seoul Restaurants You Must Visit

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If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, the list of things to be excited about is a long one. Whether you’re most excited about meeting new people, learning more about Korean art and culture, or getting your groove on in a Seoul karaoke bar, you have the trip of a lifetime ahead of you!

Arguably one of the best parts of visiting Seoul is the restaurant scene. During your trip, you are going to experience some dishes that are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, even if you’re a fan of Korean food. Don’t worry — with all the walking around the city you’ll be doing, you can enjoy ordering all the amazing food that Seoul restaurants have to offer with minimal guilt! Ordering at Korean restaurants gets much easier the more familiar you are with Hangul, the Korean alphabet — check out our 90 Minute Challenge and see for yourself how easy it is to start learning!

Sit down, buckle up, and get ready for our top five restaurant picks that are essential to getting the most out of your time in Seoul. You should probably pack a couple of pairs of pants with an elastic waist, just to be safe!

*Ready to learn Korean yet? Click here to learn about our 90 Day Korean learning program!

Bukchon Son Mandu

Seoul restaurants

Photo credit:

How do you feel about dumplings? We’re assuming your answer was positive, because dumplings seem to be a universal favorite no matter who you are! Dumpling lovers, rejoice — Bukchon Son Mandu will be at the top of your list of favorite Seoul restaurants by the time your trip is complete.

Whether you’re a sucker for the steamed or fried variety, Bukchon Son Mandu has a reputation around Seoul for bringing a dumpling game to the table that’s hard to beat. From the perfectly seasoned filling to the sauces that come on the side for your dipping pleasure, a meal at Bukchon Son Mandu will leave you satisfied and craving more delicious dumplings both at the same time.

Make sure you round out your lunch order with a bowl of buckwheat noodles — the flavor contrast is amazing!


Seoul restaurants

Photo credit:

While fried chicken may not immediately come to mind when you think of Seoul, you should venture down to Hanchu if you need a quick meal during your trip for an otherworldly fried chicken experience.

Wildly popular, Hanchu has minimal decor as you walk in, which helps convey that they’re serious about their fried chicken craft — they get down to business right away. Their fried chicken recipe calls for grated chili in the batter itself, so there is a slight inherent spiciness that will keep you coming back for more. The chicken itself is perfectly cooked with an every-so-slightly greasy but very crunchy exterior.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a fried chicken meal to go so you can get on enjoying your exploration of Seoul or you want to chat with new friends over a chilled beer and some fried chicken, Hanku should definitely be on your list of Seoul restaurants to check out!


Seoul restaurants

Photo credit:

If you’re on the adventurous side and you’re a fan of Korean barbecue, consider visiting Doramu during your stay in Seoul. Doramu has a very interesting approach to barbecue — it’s definitely Korean barbecue, but there is also a Mexican influence that makes their menu a unique one in Seoul currently.

At Doramu you’ll find all of the usual suspects at a Korean barbecue restaurant — namely, variations of deliciously seasoned and prepared meats, especially pork  — but the presentation and flavor combinations are fun and inspired.

Rather than the presentation you’d find at any run of the mill Korean barbecue restaurant, your pork will be served atop a tortilla for you to wrap it in, or if you’d prefer, a bit of seaweed. The name of their game is to surprise and delight, and they do just that!

Doramu doesn’t stop with barbecued beef and pork. No meal there is complete without complementing your meat selections with doenjang jjigae or a cold bowl of noodles to provide you some relief from the heat of the barbecue — the intense flavor is not for the faint of heart!


Seoul restaurants

Photo credit:

Although you’ll surely want to venture out to try different types of exciting and cutting edge street food and restaurants while you’re in Seoul, you should make an effort to stop by Hadongkwan for an unbeatable and authentic Korean meal while you’re in Seoul.

Speaking to Seoul residents, there are plenty of opinions as far as which restaurant serves the best Korean food in Seoul. While there are plenty of good Korean restaurants, Hadongkwan is loved by so many because the restaurant is a tradition that celebrates the best parts of Korean cuisine (and does an amazing job doing so).

Hadongkwan originally opened over seventy years ago, and while much of the restaurant’s menu and decor has changed (as well as the location itself), it remains a place where you can go to experience consistently wonderful Korean food.

Make sure you try the dish they are best known for, a beef and rice soup called gomtang — it will be the perfect meal to round out a day full of adventure when you’re feeling a bit low on energy, because it’s meant to be eaten during periods of tiredness. Visit Hadongkwan and you’ll quickly realize why the restaurant has remained open for seven decades!

Hansik Olbaan

Seoul restaurants

Photo credit:

With traveling comes long days exploring new cities and meeting new people, and on especially tired days you’re bound to be starving at the end of the day. Fear not — Hansik Olbaan has got you covered.

Hansik Olbaan is a buffet restaurant that features classic Korean dishes that can be found in most restaurants in Seoul. That being said, it’s so popular due to its use of fresh seasonal ingredients that transform each home-style dish into something elevated.

Whether you’re looking for barbecue, noodles, or Korean ice cream sandwiches, Hansik Olbaan is a mecca that will make sure you leave satisfied — perhaps too satisfied. It’s easy to go overboard at a buffet with a spread like this one, so make sure you pace yourself. You should also probably break out the pants with the elastic waistband you were smart enough to pack for your trip!


Do you have a favorite Seoul restaurant that you think is essential to visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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Staying in Sabah – Deal: Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu

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Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport

Where to Stay in Kota Kinabalu: Dock In Hostel near KK Airport

When arriving in Kota Kinabalu on a red-eye fight from Seoul, the last thing I wanted to do was take an eternity finding my bearings.  At 2 AM I got a GrabCar from the Kota Kinabalu Airport to Dock In Hostel in under 10 minutes and for only 8 Malaysian Ringgit.  Deal # 1, down!

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Cafe

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Lobby

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu – First Impressions

After booking my flight through Jeju Air, I linked up with the Sabah Tourism Board for their top picks.  My first 2 nights they recommended the Dock In Hostel as Kota Kinabalu was a-buzz with tourists from China and Korea in advance of the Chinese and Lunar New Years.  I knew Dock In Hostel would be clean and upscale.  When I arrived, I saw it was both and had sophisticated and comfortable modern decor.  I loved the lighting displays and the comfy couches.  The long tables in the bar area encouraged communal dining and making new friends.  Above all, I noticed everything was immaculately tidy, thank goodness!

Lockers Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport

My Experience at Dock In Hostel

Shoes are not allowed upstairs, so I popped my sneaks into my shoe locker and wore my assigned slippers upstairs.  At reception you’re given a key-card for your room and 2 physical keys: one for you shoe locker and one for your luggage locker.  I was staying alone in a 4 Bed Room so I didn’t use the locker, but it looked pretty big!  I was glad I didn’t have to bring my own lock, too.

Female Only 4 Bed Room at Dock In Hostel

“Dock In provides a safe haven for your downtime, so we also totally get that you need some luxuries of home when in a new town.  Our minimalist-chic rooms are fitted with cushy beds and fresh sheets with your personal space in mind, while shared spaces at the lobby are packed with all the good stuff to fulfill your travel needs.”

Prices vary by room type and start at:

  • MIXED BED 8: From RM 58.00 per bed
  • MIXED BED 4 or 6 (Female Only Available): From RM 68.00 per bed
  • En-suite Bathroom MIXED BED 4 (Female Only Available): From RM 72.00 per bed
  • Large bed MIXED BED 6 : From RM 78.00 per bed (2 people max)
  • Queen bed MIXED BED 6: From RM 78.00 per bed
  • PRIVATE BUNK (2 Beds): From RM 90.00 per room
  • PRIVATE QUEEN (BATHROOM): From RM 100.00 per room
Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport

My room was exactly as described!  I needed the key-card to supply power to the room.  The air conditioner is pre-set so all you have to do is flick a switch to turn it on.  My bunk was pretty roomy, the mattress was cushy and plush, and the sheets were fresh – just as described.  Even my pillow offered great neck support.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a comfortable bed at a hostel!  This room would be perfect for 4 gals who know one-another already.  While the bunks are pretty large, the room itself is pretty small.  The 8 bed mixed dorm looks like it has a lot more floor space.

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Bathroom Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Bathroom

En-Suite Bathroom at Dock In Hostel

There’s a pretty big bathroom for the dorms, but my room at Dock In Hostel had an en-suite bathroom.  The en-suite bathroom has a lovely rainfall showerhead and, as far as a bathroom designed for a smaller room goes, it was pretty big!  For 4 girls getting ready for a night on the town I might suggest adding another mirror to the room as the one in the bathroom just won’t be enough.  There was also no electrical plug in the bathroom, so if you want to use a mirror while doing your hair, you’ll need a hand-held.  Considering the humidity in Malaysia, I opted to let loose and frizz out rather than fumble with my hair straightener and no mirror.

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Free Breakfast

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Coffe

Free Breakfast at Dock In Hostel

My idiot ex used to book hotels solely based on the reviews of the breakfast buffet included.  Were he to book at the Dock In Hostel I think he might be a little disappointed, however for me it was enough to get up and go.  Coffee, Tea, and Water were offered along with a Malaysian dish (there were noodles the first morning), cereal, and bread with butter and jam.  My coffee was so fresh and piping hot I couldn’t finish it before heading out to my first activity of the day!

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport



  • Free Breakfast
  • Linen Included
  • Free Parking
  • Free City Maps
  • Towels Included
  • Free WiFi
  • Key Card Access
  • Common Room
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot Showers
  • Dishwasher
  • Cable TV
  • Reading Light
  • Parking
  • Hair Dryers
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Steam Room
  • Internet Access
  • Bicycle Hire
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Housekeeping
Food & Drink
  • Meals Available
  • Vending Machines
  • Cafe
  • Tea & Coffee Making Facilities
  • Board Games
  • Wi-Fi


  • Credit Cards Accepted 
  • No Curfew
  • Non Smoking
  • Taxes Included
  • Check in from 14:00 to 23:00
  • Check out before 12:00 Noon

Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport Activities

Dock In Hostel – Last Looks

The Dock In Hostel is what I would definitely consider a luxury hostel.  I would always prefer to book a hostel like this as it’s a great way to meet people.  My first two days in Kota Kinabalu were full of meetings and events.  I was so happy to have a clean, comfortable, and stylish place to rest my head.  If you’re a light sleeper, bring along some ear plugs.  It’s an airport hostel and you can hear flights taking off and landing throughout the night.  My only other noise gripe is that the hallways tend to be quite noisy and the cleaners begin their work before 7 AM.  My head hit the pillow very hard both nights, but I did notice!  Dock In is a convenient location for the airport, the waterfront, and access to resorts.  I felt very safe and comfortable throughout my stay!

Contact Dock In Hostel in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Common Room Dock In Hostel Kota Kinabalu Where to Stay in Sabah Malaysia Borneo Near the Airport

Thanks to the team at Dock in Hostel in Kota Kinabalu for their hospitality.  While this article has been written in partnership, all reviews are honest and opinions are my own.  

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Why Do Koreans Laugh When I Speak Korean?

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When I was first learning Korean, occasionally people would laugh when I tried to speak. I wasn't sure if they were laughing at me ("Haha, that guy's Korean is terrible!") or if I said something wrong, or if my pronunciation was strange, or what the reason was. I've since figured out what the reason was, and wanted to talk about this with my friends Jeremy and Jonson to see what they thought.

I met up with SpongeMind TV and MotivateKorean to talk about this.

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 Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean





Do you need better teachers?

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How happy are you with your teachers? Are they effective English teachers? Are your students happy with their teachers? How about their parents? Would you like to increase student enrolment?

I can help train your teachers to become more competant teachers. A better teacher equals happier students and possibly more money.

I previously taught English in Korea, Taiwan and in China. I have created online courses and videos that were filmed in hagwon and public school classrooms in Korea.

Here's a video that I made that has received over 190,000 views on Youtube. it's callled...

Teaching English to kids in 5 fun steps


Your teachers can get ideas for their classes by watching these free videos.

Now if you want them to really become better teachers then I would recommend that they take this engaging advanced course that includes feedback. This course is especially focused on teaching English to kindergarten-middle school students.

It's an extensive course.

There are 4 lesson planning assignments where teachers have to submit lesson plans based on images of students books like this example...

lp2 assignment

However, if you like we can use your books instead. If that sounds appealing then send 4 images from your student books.

You can learn more about the course content here.

Instead of boring teachers with out of control students or others that make your students fall asleep imagine inspiring teachers that make your students smile. 

The advanced course emphasizes practicality and teachers will learn how to make teaching English both educational and fun. Simultaneously they will learn how to manage a classroom and deal with difficult students.

Teachers must maintain a grade of at least 80% to progress in the course and upon successful completion of the course they can get a digital certificate that they can show you.

If you have any questions about this or how I can help train your students then you can send an email to me here:

Have a great day ; - )

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Teaching English In Asia, But Should Know

How to Say ‘Hot’ in Korean

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Do you know how to order a hot americano at a cafe in Seoul yet? What about how to describe the temperature at the peak of summer? What about any other phrase for which you might need the word ‘hot’?

If your answer is ‘no’, or you find that you just don’t know, then this lesson on how to say ‘hot’ in Korean is perfect for you! Let’s get started, shall we?


*Ready to learn Korean yet? Click here to learn about our 90 Day Korean learning program!


‘Hot’ in Korean

chinese hot pot

There are two main words you can use to describe ‘hot’ in Korean, depending on which you are talking about. Note that with these words some exceptions exist as well.

You may wish to use the verb 뜨겁다 (ddeugeobda) when the temperature of something, such as your hair curler or meal or coffee, is hot or even burning. This word can be used to describe other events and popular phenomenons to mean they are “cool” or “popular now”. The other word, 덥다 (deobda) is used especially to describe hot weather. It can also be used in a similar context as 뜨겁다, for example to describe hot water.

Sometimes you may also hear the word 따뜻하다 (daddeuthada) used in similar instances, but its meaning is more ‘warm’ rather than ‘hot’. With that said, it is important to note that while you might describe the coffee you just burnt your tongue on as 뜨거워요 (ddeugeowoyo) – the standard form of the verb 뜨겁다 – you would actually order your hot coffee using the verb 따뜻하다 at the coffee shop.


A word of caution about Romanization

While it is possible for you to study the words in this article simply by reading their romanized versions, it will come in handy for you to be able to read Hangeul if you ever wish to come to Korea. Hangeul is the Korean alphabet, and not difficult to learn. In fact, you can learn it in just 90 minutes.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with Hangeul, life in Korea will suddenly seem so much easier and the country won’t appear so foreign for you. So, if you’re serious about learning Korean, why not learn Hangeul today?


Sample Sentences

hot water spring


커피가 뜨거워서 조심하세요 (kheophiga ddeugeoweoseo josimhaseyo)

Please be careful as the coffee is hot.


그 문제에 대한 논란이 뜨거워요 (geu munjee daehan nollani ddeugeowoyo)

That issue is being hotly debated.


왜 더운 물 안나와요? (wae deoun mul annawayo?)

Why is there no hot water?



그 남자의 몸은 완전 뜨겁지 않을까? (geu namjae momeun wanjeon ddeugeobji aneulgga?)

Isn’t his body so hot?


오늘 몸이 덥네… (oneul momi deobne…)

I have a fever today.


오늘 날씨가 매우 더워! (oneul nalssiga maeu deowo!)

Today’s weather is extremely hot!


So now that you know how to say “hot” in Korean why don’t you ask your Korean friends if they won’t share a “hot” cup of tea with you! ^^

Do you have a word or phrase you’d like to know how to say in Korean? Let us know in the comments below and maybe our next article will be just what you’re looking for!


*Want more Korean phrases? Go to our Korean Phrases Page for a complete list!


Photo Credit: BigStockPhoto


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Ilbe and the Alt-Right: Fascism and Conservative Politics in South Korea

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Listen to "Ilbe and the Alt-Right: Fascism and Conservative Politics in South Korea" on Spreaker.


On this episode of The Korea File podcast, host Andre Goulet and blogger Ask A Korean unpack the spy-ops and psy-ops that have informed more than a decade of alt-Right agitation in South Korea. Plus:

* a look into the anti-democratic overreach of the National Intelligence Service 
* a deep dive into the origins of Ilbe, Korea’s nihilistic proto-Reddit web forum and Breitbart predecessor
* an analysis of the diminished status of South Korea’s political right-wing today

And: three fundamental questions that establish first principles when talking about North Korea: 
1) May the North Korean state continue to exist? 
2) May the Kim Jong-un regime remain in power? 
3) Is war acceptable on the Korean peninsula?

Ask A Korean’s answer to all three questions is an emphatic ‘No’.

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