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President Moon

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Good morning,
Moon Jae-in of the liberal Democratic Party was elected as Korea’s 19th president with 41.1% of the votes in a snap election following President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment in March, beating a conservative runner-up with 24.0%.  Moon’s election is expected to make a dramatic shift from government polices formed in the past 9 year under conservative Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye leadership.  Born in 1953 to parents who had fled from North Korea to South Korea during the Korean War in 1950, Moon fought against dictatorship as a law student in the 70's, against Park’s own father, and worked as a human rights lawyer in Busan in the 80’s.   He served as a chief of staff under ex-president Roh Moo-hyun who killed himself in a scandal in retirement in 2009.  Moon ran for presidency in 2012, but was narrowly defeated by Park Geun-hye.  From his ideology and political path, it is likely Moon will show his warm heart to North Korea, and reveal sharp teeth towards the U.S. and Japan.
While many South Koreans are happy to see beaming Moon shine in dark nights, Korean business communities are not.  Moon is sympathetic to union, but hostile against conglomerates. Moon wants to lower unemployment rate by hiring more government workers, and  spend big money on social welfare programs, but plans to fund the money through raising corporate taxes and income tax.  Just hope Moon doesn't go too extreme, otherwise  South Koreans will be soon riding on Moon's bullet train to Venezuela. 

April 6 - 11, 2017After I flew from Tokyo to Bali one-way...

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April 6 - 11, 2017

After I flew from Tokyo to Bali one-way for $307.50 on Malaysia Airlines, my first thought was that the increase in temperature was a welcome change. Then, along with the warm weather, it was just days of good food and happy people. We started our trip in Canggu at Agung Homestay ($146 for five nights). They picked us up at the airport for 300K Indonesian Rupiah and the host, Mark (, was super helpful.

There were lots of festivities and the local kids were off of school. Galungan is when Balinese Hindus commemorate the legendary battle of good versus evil, or the triumph of the spread of Hinduism in Bali. Households decorate curved bamboo poles with elements of harvests and natural produce, such as rice, fruit, coconuts, and leaves. These ’penjor’ poles symbolize blessings by Mother Nature. These ornamental bamboo poles lined every road throughout Bali. We were in Bali for the full moon and Kuningan Day, which caused a lot of businesses to be closed as offerings and prayers are conducted at temples and shrines before noon.

I didn’t swim in the oceans here as the black sands are not my favorite, but I still loved being by the beach. Whether you want a homey homestay or luxurious resort, hidden rice-paddy location or an epic party on the beach, Canggu has it. I highly recommend renting a scooter (RP 50K a day is a good price) to get around, whether it’s just to the beach (where parking is RP 2K a scooter) or a bit further of a drive to Tanah Lot Temple.

In Canggu, I loved eating and drinking at Deus Ex Machina, Old Man’s, Monggo, Moana, Black Shores, and Captain Catch. Ride your scooter on the shortcut to Berawa to eat at Milk and Madu. Also, some great places to practice yoga in Canggu include Samadi, Serenity, and Desa Seni. If you want a professional massage, go to Therapy on Echo Beach, or if you want something cheaper, go to Amy’s Spa in Batu Bolong.

Jaya is the person to go to for private surf lessons. A 2-hour one-on-one lesson is RP 350K. He’s a genuinely kind person and excellent teacher.

My friend, Agung, drove us from Canggu to Ubud for RP 300K. If you can get Grab or Uber to work, it’ll be a third of the price but then you won’t have the great company of Agung for an hour.

We returned to Canggu for a night for the Pharcyde show on Saturday, April 15 (RP 150K a ticket) to see Bootie Brown and Imani rock the stage to Old Man’s. Probably one of the highlights of our trip! Also present were DJs Dubwill, Scratchy Conik, Michaelis + special guest Living Legends (Sunspot Jonz and the Grouch).


Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm from Portland, Oregon, USA, and am currently living in Busan, South Korea. Check me out on: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Lastfm, and Flickr.


North Korea Embraces Changing Economy: Choson Exchange in the DPRK

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Listen to "North Korea Embraces Changing Economy: Choson Exchange in the DPRK" on Spreaker.

Choson Exchange is bringing capitalism to the DPRK. 

Since 2009, the Singapore-based non-profit has facilitated training workshops for everyday North Koreans in Economics, Entrepreneurship and Urban Planning in metropolitan Pyongyang and elsewhere around the country.

In this conversation, Choson Exchange Associate Director of Research Dr. Andray Abrahamian discusses how the introduction of some aspects of a free market economy under the Kim Jong-eun regime is changing the way North Koreans look at capitalism. We’ll also talk about the prospects for further change in North Korean society and discuss how initiatives like Chosun Exchange could impact how the United States, South Korea and other countries approach North Korea policy. 

Also: how can political leadership in the United States and the Koreas move past saber-rattling and militaristic rhetoric? How will South Korean policy towards the North change in the post-Park Geun-hye era? And what's it like to fly Air Koryo?

Music on this episode is 'Great Comrade Kim Jong-eun, We Know Nobody But You' from KCTV State Television:

This episode was produced in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Nam Center for Korean Studies. 

To see Andray Abrahamian’s full Nam Center Undergraduate Fellows lecture, look for “Social Changes You See When Working in North Korea” on Youtube. Subscribe to Nam Center lecture series at 'umichncks'.

    The Korea File

President Trump “Seriously Undermining” South Korea-U.S. Alliance

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column recently appeared on that directly made light of how US President Donald Trump has influenced what’s going on here on the Korean Peninsula, & it didn’t paint the new president in a very good light. Under the title “How Donald Trump is seriously undermining the South Korea-U.S. alliance”, the article begins with a description of how things generally operate here regarding North Korea, noting that “As long as North Korea is able to make life a living hell for whoever attempts to engage in regime change or regime collapse… it will always have that assurance that they will not be pushed too hard,” & for that reasons, “the United States & South Korea (& Japan to a certain extent) have coordinated closely over the years to deter North Korea as much as possible.” However, the article is quick to note that things have now changed, & that after Donald Trump’s electoral victory, it has been “nothing but one bumbling fiasco after another.”

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Photography Learning Resources

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We live in a great age where we have access to millions of courses to help us learn just about everything. Courses are easy to produce and even easier to consume. Which is why I have a hard time when I hear photographers say that they can’t use photoshop or don’t know how to set something. At any rate, the world of photography education is growing and it is hard to narrow down the choices. So here are a few that I have chosen to help give you the best start or help you brush up on some skills.  Click the titles to check out the websites!

I know what you are thinking “that’s a shameless self plug” and to that I say “yup! It’s my blog” LOL With that being said, I have produced a few courses that help you learn the basics of lightroom and cinemagraph pro. I am not going to exotic locations and I am not riding around Europe in a tour bus. I am just like you but I have been studying photography for over a decade now. So with that in mind and coupled with the fact that I am a teacher with a masters in education, I have created courses that are designed to help you learn in the best way possible.

5 Day Deal

I love these guys and every year they put out one heck of a sale. Every year I also see some photographers doing the internet version of “tire-kicking” when it comes to this sale. Then when the 5 days are up and the sale is over and I am raving about how awesome the deals were, they kick themselves! Here is the thing, you have to invest in yourself. This sale not only gives you ebooks, presets, programs and more it pushes you to get interested into improving your photography. You get thousands of dollars worth of stuff designed to help you improve every aspect of your photography and not to mention make a huge donation to charity.

Creative Live 

This is one of my favourite places to pick up new skills from. The reason being that it is not just about photography but every aspect of the creative pursuit. There are courses on finance, marketing, photography (of course), and life. Not to mention that it is primarily free. There are no premium plans or limits. You just go to the site and check out whats on for the day. You can RSVP upcoming courses and watch them when they air live and not to mention get access to a lot of free resources. If you have their app you get a free course of your choosing everyday. So now you can see why I like these guys so much. There is a lot of content on a wide range of topics for free. Not to mention that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Kelby One

Kelby One is a great place for a real course-like class. Their courses are top-notch and designed to really teach you almost every aspect of photography. While a membership is not cheap the courses are extremely well put together and they offer a lot if you are into the photoshop world type stuff. That means there are discounts and coupons for equipment as well as a subscription to Photoshop User Magazine. While this is one of the more expensive options here, it is also one of the best produced sites. The video tutorials are visually stunning and very well organized. The instructors are amazing and have a clear plan for their lesson.

Shutter Evolve

Jimmy McIntyre is a good friend of mine and has a lot of resources on his site. His Raya Pro plugin is awesome and so are all of his tutorials. Not to mention that his down-to-earth approach is what you need when mastering a new skill. Jimmy offers a lot of great free content too. He is truly a master when it comes to editing amazing images.

YouTube Channels

As I said there are a lot of great courses out there and many are free resources on Youtube. Here are a few that are great channels that deserve a few moments of your time.

Peter McKinnon – A fellow Canadian, his videos are not only helpful but hilariously entertaining as well. He has gone full-time vlogger so he uploads videos regularly.

Serge Ramelli – I really like his videos and he puts together some great content. I became a fan after getting some of his material in a 5 Day Deal purchase.

Thomas Heaton – Another photographer that has a really great channel. He posts more of a vlogging style but is one of the few dedicated landscape photographers with a solid following.

The Art of Photography – A large channel with some solid tutorials on photography. There are also some great in depth reviews on cameras and gear as well.

Flixel Photos – For all things related to cinemagraph pro and cinemagraphs. The have quite a few tutorials and inspiring examples of cinemagraphs made with their software.

Fstoppers – While their premium tutorials are insanely expensive, their channel is full of great tips and tricks.

Jason Teale – The most amazing YouTube Channel out there! Not really but please subscribe…. please… don’t make me beg….

So there you have it. You now have all the best places to get great material for basically nothing. The next step is to actually use it. I have made a goal recently to read all of the ebooks on that hard drive. Given the fact that I have been collecting a lot since finding out about 5 Day Deal, I have my work cut out for me. The key here is to read, write, use and review. If you fail, no worries! Just keep learning and experimenting. Eventually something will stick and you will (through the process) learn so much more than a dude who thinks that they just press a button and magically they get better.

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Jobs’s Terms And Conditions Of Interminable Tedium

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“THE CONTRACT everyone agrees to but no-one reads.”

That, apart from the gushing quotes from the likes of the Guardian, Washington Post, Time magazine and the Huffington Post, is all the promo blurb says on the back of Robert Sikoryak’s latest comic book Terms and Conditions.

There’s a very good reason no-one bothers to read the cryptic legalese of the iTunes terms and conditions. It’s insurmountably dull. Yet Sikoryak, for some reason, decided to take his artistic talents and turn Apple’s 20,000-word contract into a graphic novel.

Image skanked from here

Image skanked from here

On every page, Sikoryak draws the Apple co-founder/friendly face of capitalism Steve Jobs regurgitating the document at various passers-by in a parody of classic, modern and niche comic book characters.

And, while the artwork is undeniably brilliant and an affectionate homage to it source material, it turns out that the impenetrable gobbledygook found in Apple’s terms and conditions is just as confusing and lobotomising in comic book form as it appears on screen.


Image skanked from here

“This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Apple and governs your use of the iTunes Service, superseding any prior agreements between you and Apple.”

Whether it’s Steve Jobs shouting the above line as he flies through the sky as Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, whispers it from behind a tree as Otto Messmer’s Felix the Cat or spurts it out while downing a beer as Matt Groening’s Homer Simpson, such lines don’t make very interesting reading. And it goes on like that for a gruelling 96 pages.

The book might have amused if Jobs had some sort of purpose he was striving towards on the pages. Instead, he just jammers on and on.

And, had the drawings made some sort of cohesive story, then the words wouldn’t have mattered at all — rather like reading a comic in a foreign language and leaving the story up to interpretation. Instead we’re presented with a random assortment of images.

The book’s one saving grace is its pictures and finding out what each page was inspired by in the index is a nice touch. But even this begins to become annoying as, after losing all interest in the text, this became the sole purpose of the exercise.


Image skanked from here

A novel should never be called so when it lacks a story, textual, graphical or otherwise. Sikoryak’s efforts come across as a pointless lionisation of a philanthropic billionaire, feeding the discourse that our lives are a pointless individualistic grind, that neoliberalism is the only choice — and that the only thing that will save us is consumerism and the absurdly rich.

A note from the editor-in-chimp: This article originally appeared in the Morning Star, where I work as the deputy features editor.

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The Commodification of Dokdo Island: Nationalism in the Marketplace

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How do we consume nationalism in the marketplace? And what does it mean to treat nationalism as a commodity? 

In this conversation, Nam Center Postdoctoral Fellow Jiun Bang discusses the commodification surrounding the Dokdo/Takeshima dispute, and challenges some of the traditional assumptions behind our perceptions of nationalism. 

And- a conversation on the strange linguistic character of the name Ehwa Womans University. Bang shares some little known facts about her alma mater. All this and more on episode 67 of The Korea File. 

This episode was produced in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Nam Center for Korean Studies. 

Music on this episode:
John Lopker's 'My Dear Dokdo' also 
Kim Kyung-min's 'Dokdo, dokdo, dokdo'


+ Listen to "The Commodification of Dokdo Island: Nationalism in the Marketplace" on Spreaker.

Korean Phrases Ep. 49: 함흥차사

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Here's one more Korean idiom to write down - 함흥차사. This idiom has a pretty interesting story, and is useful to know. Even if you don't use it yourself when speaking, you might find it written in a book, or hear someone else use it when speaking.

Check it out here~.

I'm also open to suggestions for new videos, so leave your comments below if you have an idea you'd like me to make a video about. Thank you!

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 Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean





English Reading Tips for ESL/EFL Learners

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If you’re looking for some English reading tips, you’ve come to the right place! We have three of our favourite English reading tips, along with a link to where you can get even more of them. There are many reasons why you might want to improve your English reading skills. …

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Jackie Bolen: How to Get a University Job In Korea


My Life! Teaching in a Korean University

University Jobs



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