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Cosmic Justice in Sochi?



My 1st date in Korea

Hello everyone! and welcome to Blog day #13

Today has been quite a day, I still don't know how I feel about it...

Remember how yesterday I said I had a lunch with my dealer?, well, I thought we were just meeting for lunch, as...friends if you will, turns out this WAS supposed to be a REAL DATE... I don't even know how to explain it -lol-

Memories of Korea Photo Exhibit


In a digital world a rare treat is to see great photos in print and on display. Right now 30 photographers from all over the world are displaying their favourite images of Korea in a 2-part exhibition in Busan. The first session is taking place right now in the underground shopping area, directly in front of the Lotte Department Store in Nampo-dong. The second session will take place at Cafe Gallery Salve near KyungSung University Station.

My Wife is in Australia, so Who is Cooking my Breakfast?

Not exactly what Koreans have in mind when they think of a cooked breakfast.

14 Date Ideas with Seoul

14 Valentine's Day Seoul Date Ideas 
                                             at a glance

          In no particular order....

1) Fall in Love at Namsan Tower

Mother Found.

If you read my LAST blog post,  you'll know that I've finally began searching for my biological parents. I'm starting the search with looking for my mother.

I just can't believe all the supportive messages, comments and phone calls that I have received during this process!! I am really stunned! I've had fellow adoptees messaging me, and [unexpectedly] BIRTH PARENTS, sharing their stories and their hearts. What a beautiful time this is.

So on Monday, it was exactly one month since the Adoption Reunion Registry received the forms.

I get an email from my case worker on Monday night (Korean time).

"I have an update on your case" she says. "Call me in the office."

I call right away- only a few minutes after her email was sent....

She tells me that the agency found HER!

Bukchon Village Traditional Hanok Stay

Looking for a way to experience Korean traditional culture at it’s finest?  Participate in a Homestay or spend the night at a guesthouse. 

In the Absence of my Wife, my Heart Grows Fonder for my In-Laws

Anyone that has been following my blogs for a while (you never know, there might be some), will know that I have not always had the smoothest of relationships with my in-laws.  I think I have always mentioned what nice people they are, but it has been our cultural differences that have often caused some problems and frustrations.

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