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Recently Featured Content

Busan Foreign School students interviewing people at BIFF 2013

Students at Busan Foreign School go out to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) each year. They interviewed fans, film makers, and other journalists. They are high school students taking a media & journalism course. This is the first time they have ever tried anything like this. They did an awesome job!


On Hangul Supremacy and Exclusivity – Hangul Under the Dictators

Park Chunghee and Kim Ilsung

South Korean military dictator and president Park Chung-hee (朴正熙, 박정희, 1917-1979) on the left and North Korean leader Kim Ilsung (金日成, 김일성, 1912-1994) on the right. Both men were instrumental in bringing Hangul exclusivity in South and North Korea respectively.

The Baby Box – Disabled Orphan Drop Off in South Korea



It’s not all exotic food, beautiful temples, and glitzy K-Pop in the ROK. South Korea is no different than any other nation in the world in this way. It’s made up of people. The broad spectrum of personalities, desires, views on life, and morality is as wide as you’ll find anywhere else.

Why are there more Asian Women with White Guys than Asian Guys with White Women?

I took issue with yet another of Ask a Korean's posts this week (he seems to be good ammunition for the Korea blogosphere at the moment), not so much because I disagreed totally with him but because of what he left out, which was important to say.

Busan Trippin’ Part I


Well it’s a Monday and after this past weekend I really have to stop making “staying out all night, coming back at dawn” a thing. What was supposed to be a Saturday daytrip to Busan ended up being an all night meander through Haeundae, soju sippin’ at seaside, spicy seafood stew-eating shore side. What is sleep even, right?CAM00050

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