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Recently Featured Content

Getting your drivers license in Busan, Korea

I recently went through the stressful experience of obtaining a drivers license in Busan, without trading in my US driver’s license. If you want to trade in your driver’s license, that process is explained on another blog.

If the DMV is one of the most hated places in the US, the Nambu driving center (남부운전면허시험장) near Kyungsung University is one of the most hated places in Korea. No one spoke English and hardly anyone was kind or patient with me. I’m going to provide you with as much information as possible, in hopes that it helps someone, because it definitely would have helped me.

Dalmaji Hill

A couple weeks ago, Ric and I took a much-needed break from work and planning our triumphant return to America and spent the day hanging out at Dalmaji Hill.  We mostly just walked around, taking the train road up and kinda/sorta following the boardwalk path back down with a brief stop by Cheongsapo fishing village.  Here are some photos from our little outing.

An old military lookout post, viewed from the train road

An old military lookout post, viewed from the train road


Firstly, I know the title of this piece is crap, but I guess that is part of the point.  Perhaps there is actually a real word for this, but I don't know it, so I made one up.


"The propensity for people to jump to the conclusion that prejudice is the motivation behind other people's thoughts, words, and actions." 

How to Make Gimbap (Kimbap): 6 Authentic Variations + 4 Crazy Fusion Variations

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We will show you how to make 6 different variations of beautiful and delicious Gimbap, Korean Seaweed Rice Roll. Plus, enjoy our crazy Gimbap battle at the end. Perfect for any meals, parties and picnics!
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For Detailed Recipes and Helpful Tips, visit the following links.
Nude Gimbap: will be updated shortly
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The Perfect Other Job for a Photographer in Korea


As I briefly mentioned before, I teach English at a university here in Korea. This job is well suited for creatives and photographer who are working abroad and need to balance work life with their photo life. I say this because many of us are not quite pro yet and need a visa in order to work in Korea. After spending 10 years here in Korea and working up from hogwans to public school, and now at a university I feel that I can finally take advantage of my days. However, the question that I get a lot is “how did I get this job?”

Hungry Ghosts – Agwi (아귀)


A couple of monstrous-looking Agwi.

Hello Again Everyone!!

Korean Flower Arrangement~ An inspiring artform

Korean Traditional flower arrangement is called KothKoji 꽃꽂이 is fast gaining popularity around the world along with the K-Pop, K- Dramas, Samsung, and well, Korea itself. Worlds apart from the Western flower arrangement- wherein the lush greens intermingle with the flowers, Kothkoji has less greens and more cleaner and well-defined lines using branches, stalks and flowers. K-Flower arrangement, I find, is kind of a midway between its neighboring cousin of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and the Western arrangements. While Ikebana is simplicity itself, with a minimalistic use of flowers, leaves and branches, K-Flower arrangement uses much more greenery and flowers but not to the extent of the Western arrangements.

A Unique Bus Stop Flea Market in Korea

I’m fortunate to have been in Korea going on three years now. I’ve seen a lot of things, eaten a lot of things, and learned a lot of things. Sometimes I just go through my daily routines forgetting that I’m on the other side of the planet from “home”. I guess that’s because this is home now. For now.

So for me to see something new that catches my eye and really makes me stop to look is uncommon. However, when I moved into my new neighborhood in Busan, I found myself walking past this bus stop on many occasions that has an incredibly cool flea market nestled around it. I often wait at this very bus stop as well. Each time I walk through the market, I see something that amazes me or makes me laugh.

This a true Korean flea market. Many vendors come to set up shop and peddle their goods each and every week, and those goods vary greatly.

Beomosa Temple


As you probably know, I now work at Busan University of Foreign Studies which sits right next to Beomosa Temple. I visited there a few weeks ago when the cherry blossoms were blooming. I returned there last night to check on the lanterns for Buddha’s birthday and was really impressed.




If you’re in Busan in the weeks leading up to Buddha’s birthday, Samgwangsa is a must see. The Seomyeon temple, while beautiful in its own right, becomes amazing during this time of year, when it is decorated with over 10,000 lanterns to celebrate.  Not only did Ric and I have an awesome time wandering through the temple and taking photos, we also got to climb out a window (!) onto the temple’s roof to photograph the vista with like 50 other folks who were visiting on the day we were there.  As we climbed out onto the narrow roofway and began to take in the sight that lay before us, a photographer looked over and said, “Welcome to the Temple.”

Welcome, indeed. 

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