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L2W: Wrong Korea, Divorce Increase, & Kpop Econ Boost


1. National
1) Seoul express ‘regret’ at Abe’s lack of apology 
Korean Foreign Affairs Minister Yun Byung-Se expressed “regret” that PM Shinzo Abe lost golden opportunity to confirm the correct perception of history by failing to properly acknowledge Japan’s responsibility for WWII at Abe’s speech in the U.S. Congress last week. Yun’s comment was made to lawmakers who are concerned about Korea being left alone while Abe and Obama are having nice dinners in Washington last week, and Abe and Xi Jinping are taking smile photo in the Asian-African Conference in Jakarta last month.

Queer News: MoJ says no to the Rainbow Foundation, EBS' My Daughter is Transgender, and More

A blow for human rights with the decision of the Ministry of Justice to not allow the Beyond the Rainbow Foundation to be established as a legal entity in late April. The official reasoning (bullshit?) is as follows:

The Ministry of Justice administers legal establishment to groups that aim to establish, monitor, or modify policies related to human rights of the country and related human rights groups. This organization has the purpose to promote the rights of social minorities different than the type of organization which the Ministry of Justice can administer legal status to and so was not given permission to become a legal entity. 

Beyond the Rainbow Foundation will appeal this decision.

This Week Out There – Expat Spared, Taste of Home, & Repatriating

A selection of this week’s expat-related stories

Whatever gets you through the night…

How to Get a University Job in Korea Video Series

University Jobs in Korea

On my blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University by far the most common questions I get from my readers are related to getting a university job in Korea. While I love answering questions and helping people by giving them solid, reliable information, I found myself answering the same questions over, and over, and over again which is why I decided to write a book.

While you can get most of the information found in the book in various places around the Internet, I wanted to make a single resource which would make the job search easier and simpler for my fellow teachers. I'm all about saving time and I think most people are as well.

I hope the book (and the video series as well) is helpful and if you have any questions related to teaching in Korean universities, ESL in Korea or getting a university job I'm more than happy to help. You can find my email address in the top of the sidebar at the blog listed above.

Good luck in your job search!


Satoori: How to Speak Korean Like a Local

All Korean text books teach students how to speak standard Korean, which is the dialect found in Seoul. However, Korea is a mountainous country that until very recently was difficult to travel around. As a result, each region has strong regional dialects, called ‘satoori’ in Korean. The best way to learn satoori is from a native of that province as satoori is generally spoken rather than written. This can make it hard to learn from written sources as it will be written phonetically whilst regular Korean (despite what many people think) is not written perfectly phonetically. This makes it more difficult to make the connections between sounds in satoori and regular Korean through reading alone.

This Week Out There – April 19th-25th

Ah! The Luxury of Moving House

Moving house is never fun, and moving as an expat can carry added difficulties. Being mobile requires one to frequently let go of many things, so the process of deciding what to leave behind can be especially fraught.

Missionary Imposition

1910107_506533641047_2726_nThe first Koreans I met were in Xi’an, China.

Date a Man Who Travels

Date a Man who travels

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