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Sex in Asia, Japan protects islands, Suicide and more. QiRanger Podcast

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This week on the QiRanger Podcast:
Sex in Asia means rape, suicide, plus tips on how to fund long-term travel and thoughts on the Japan YouTube Gathering.
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Fly to Seoul with Eva Air X Hello Kitty Airplanes~ LAX airport launch!


This week I had the amazing opportunity to attend a VIP event to unveil the newest Hello Kitty themed jet ( Boeing 777-300ER)  by Taiwanese airline Eva Air at the Los Angeles LAX airport! Yes, You can fly the Hello Kitty airplane out of the USA now!!   Eva Air has worked with Sanrio in the past on several different Hello Kitty-tastic plane designs, the newest one titled “Hand in Hand” features 19 characters in the Sanrio family and is by far the cutest one yet!

Eva Air launched its very first Hello Kitty jet in 2005~ and as of 2013  they have 5 shorter-range planes (Airbus A330s) that fly to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Guam. ”Hand in Hand”  is the first long-range aircraft (Boeing 777) and will be flying 3 times a week out of LAX!

Korea Burn 2013: A Wet Party, But Not an Enlightening Event.



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Remembering Joseph....

I was saddened to read a couple days ago that Joseph Steinberg had died.  Joseph was a prolific writer and had been a frequent contributor to Pusanweb/Koreabridge in our early days. You can read a fuller self-description below, but I think the tagline for his blog captures what Joseph was about - "Skepticism with a Heart'.  His writing sometimes had an acerbic edge, but it was always well researched, attempted to be fair, and came from a place of caring about something.   One of the sites he turned me onto (and the link in his final tweet) was  Like Joseph, the site is devoted to intelligent conversation and tried to provide a space "where thoughtful disagreement is expressed in civil terms".

I spent several hours yesterday looking through old email exchanges with Joseph. A couple things struck me

My Korean Wedding Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I had what I thought would never happen, an actual wedding in Korea.  Now, just in case you are confused, I have already been married for over three years, but as I explained in a previous post, this was a British Consulate job.  The reason for it was I was in love and desperate to be with my now wife, despite the fact I was leaving Korea and going home to England.  At the time, I was having such a terrible time in Korea that I thought I may not return, but I could not bear the thou

Korean Inspired: Devil's Tongue Stir Fry

Today it hit me...

Only about FIVE months until we leave Korea!! FIVE!
Wow- it's all going by so fast! We have spent most of our marriage here together, and soon we will leave.

Although we have been here 4.5 years, sometimes it still isn't easy. Korea is still, after all, a foreign culture. Language is different, logic is different, expectations are different and FOOD is DIFFERENT!

I have had a love/hate/love/hate relationship with Korean food in my past 4.5 years here. When I arrived in Korea I was SUCH a picky eater! Not such a good thing when almost every Korean dinner out looks like this-

Korean Food and Why it is so Great - Part 2

Sorry for the delay in this post, but I have had a busy few weeks with a wedding, parents coming to Korea, my wife leaving for Australia to study, and being given a white Jindo puppy from my father in-law to look after.  Because of this, however, there will be some interesting posts coming up in the next few weeks.  I thought I had better finish off my love affair with Korean food first, though.

Following on from last week, I think an interesting part of any country's cuisine is the trying of foods that make you squirm a little, the delicacies that you can amaze your friends and family by saying you've tried when you get back home, so this is where we will start part 2.

And Now for Something Completely Different

EZ Shop Korea - Costco Delivery Haul!

See video is a website that will deliver Costco items (and more!) to your home in South Korea! We're not affiliated with these people at all, we just use their website all the time. FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Shot on a Sony NEX-5R with 16-50mm lens.
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This Weekend, PNU Rocks

Zero Festival gets down this weekend in PNU with all types of sonic goodness.

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