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A Complaint About People Complaining About People Who Complain

Me getting prepared to complain about the purpose of modern art, I believe.

Lasik/Lesek in Busan

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lesek surgery busan

Getting Eye surgery was something that I was thinking about before I came to Busan, not seriously but I thought about it.

The main thing stopping me before was the price. Even before I started to do my proper research I was halted to know that I would not be able to afford it later on in life.

Revisiting the Blind Fortune Tellers of Mia-ri


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By Iwazaru

Sea of Ire - One Writer's Battle Against North Korea's Most Worrying Mega-Cliche

Damaged houses on Yeonpyoung Island

By Bosmosis


5 Things That I Specifically Hate About Korea

complainingBy Larry Lawrence

“Man alone is born crying, lives complaining, and dies disappointed.” ~Samuel Johnson

NY Times on Spam in Korea: The Glamour of 'Pink Bricks of Pork Shoulder'



For those who have spent an extended time in South Korea, all will know (and likely joke) about the giving of Spam as a present to loved ones on special occasions such as this weekend’s 

Spam in Korea

Lunar New Year celebration —a holiday that has seen 1.6 million Spam gift packs dispersed at homes across the country.

South Korea's Best Themed Cafes

Over the past decade, coffee shops have taken over the streets throughout South Korea; it's impossible to walk around neighborhood without running into a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Tom and Toms. Competition for customers is high so it's not surprising that entrepreneurs have begun to try out creative methods to make their businesses stand out from the rest. So... what to you get when you mix creativity, competition, and coffee? Themed cafes, of course, and finding them has become a favorite hobby of mine since moving to Korea.

I've compiled my favorites into a list below, complete with ratings, comments and a map.  Be sure to bookmark this page, as I will update it as I come across new ones. Please note that businesses close or move quite frequently in Korea; it is best to call beforehand to confirm that the business is open.

People Watching - Some Obvious and Superficial Differences Between the UK and Korea

For the last month, I have been back at home in England.  The differences between my home and Korea is something that has always fascinated me, so it has been interesting to wonder around in my hometown and do all the things I used to do and just people watch, whilst at the same time have a strange feeling that I now have a rather Korean perspective about it all.  Here are some really obvious things I noticed this month:

1.  Happy Dogs Being Walked

The Death of Patch and Why Coming to Korea Was Always a Good Idea

Today I mourn the end of an era. Not in South Korea, although an ending is coming soon (I am coming back for a second year and should write about all that is happening, but that is for another post) when my job in Dadaepo, Busan, finishes and my school puts another nail in its coffin by turning the sole remaining foreign teacher position into a part-time role. This leaves the school with three Korean-English teachers, a PT’er and a new director who may or may not teach, while moving between two branches. Unfortunately, it also leaves me out. 

Thankfully, even a tough English teacher job market in Busan gives me an opportunity to get another one pretty quickly, which I did. I will return in early March, in Gimhae, one city away, but at least I will be close (and, hopefully, on the Busan-Gimhae Lightrail). Also, employed. 

Kimchi Battle Korea

Saturday December  7, over 40 foreigners joined together to attend the Gangnam Kimchi Battles at the Kimchi Cultural Center in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.  Kimchi is Korea's most trademark side dish consisting of spicy fermented cabbage.   The event  celebrate kimchi making and sharing (known as kimjang) being put on UNESCO's cultural  heritage list.

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