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Eating My Way Through Jeonju: Food Tour Part 1

Long time no see! Or not see, exactly, but...well...anyways. Sorry I didn't write for so long. I got my first bad cold of the season, and while it tried to knock me down, I got up again because, to quote Chumbawumba, "you're never gonna keep me down." I've been working on a longer post about my teaching style and serious stuff like that, but it's taking too long, so instead I'll take you on a food tour of Jeonju! Because who doesn't love food?

Best of 2014 Photo Fest

Do you have some great photos from the past  year lying  around in your computer memory or camera? Do have pictures that have really good stories behind them?  Koreabridge would love to help you share those images and stories with the world (and maybe help you win some prize money). 

We are sponsoring an online exhibition of the best photos from the past year in Korea and we'd love to see your favorite Korea 2014 images AND hear some of the stories behind them.  This is a contest with real prizes, but also a community 'show and tell'.  All are welcome to share their photos.

Quick Facts


  • Photos:  Any photo taken in 2014 in Korea.
  • Photostories:  Any photo taken in 2014 in Korea that is accompanied by a story 
    All images submitted will be entered in the 'photo' category of the contest.  Only images that are tagged as a 'photostory' will be entered in that category of the contest.

PRIZES:  ₩300,000+  in cash and prizes

Submission Period: Deadline EXTENDED to January 31, 2015

Galleries:   All Photos  *  Photo Stories  *  Slideshow

Healthy in Korea

Korea is known for having low obesity levels, with only an estimated 4% of people being obese, much lower than the 35% of Americans, or 25% of Brits. It’s true that the percentage of overweight Koreans is increasing, but nowhere near as drastically as other Western countries. And I don’t find the trend at all surprising; In fact, I’ve found it a lot easier to maintain a healthy-eating lifestyle since living in Korea.

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Your Korean Language Course


Joseph Gerocs, 6 year resident of Korea and puer tea fan, gives an in-depth overview of some of the Korean language courses available. He is part of an online language-learning site called 90 Day Korean, an online rapid Korean language learning program. But that’s only one way to experience the love for language learning. Check out this write-up and map out your next Korean course mission!

“What’s the best way to learn Korean?”

This question pops up all the time, and there is no easy answer!

It’s not because of a lack of Korean learning material. There is all you could ever want of it available, ready to be studied, practiced, reviewed, and perfected.

Think of the available Korean material like the sun. Everyday, we get to experience it for hours, as much as we want. However, it’s not super useful unless we harness it towards a goal.

Remembering Pat

Busan has lost a good friend. Patrick Cole died on November 6, 2014.   To some, he was a willing listener and level-headed counselor to their drunken ramblings. To others, he was a friendly curmudgeon who could be biting and sweet in the same sentence. To everyone who got to know him, he is someone who touched our lives in a postive way. 

There will be a memorial wake on Saturday, November 15 at Ol’55.  We will post  details here as soon as they are finalized. There are a lot of fond remembrances being shared on his Facebook page and in bars and homes around the city.  Please feel free to share stories and photos here as well.

Patrick, you will be missed - with a few tears, a lot of smiles, and likely, quite a few 500cc lifted in your memory. 

A few comments from Facebook...

My heart is so heavy for the loss of this wonderful man who made Busan such a beautiful home for so many people.
- Bee

Busan has lost one of its best today. You were the king of the quick put down, but always spoke the truth and gave it to me and everyone else straight. Won't be the same without you here. You will be missed.

Patrick was forever an advocate of making bad decisions, in the best way.
- Alex

We could talk each other's ears off or sit for 12 hours in silence. Patrick Cole I know you'd be pissed at me for cryin, so let's just chill in silence. I love you.
- Kate were a wonderful, sweet man, with infinite patience for silly, drunk me on more occasions than I can count.
- April

Thank you for your friendship, your late night pep talks, and your generosity. You are loved and cherished by so many. Rest in peace, my friend.

Pat was a great friend, with a great laugh, a great smile, a great ear, and a great big heart. I can't count the times he listened to me, offered sage advice, and made me giggle with his wry jokes.
- Lindsay

A great guy, a great friend, a lover of music, a teller of tales, an ear for those in need, and a great host for great times in Busan. You will be missed!

 You were a good friend, a great listener, and gave the best hugs in the world. You were a father to many, giving advice and settling disputes from your place behind the bar. Your Busan family will miss you dearly. Many tears will be shed and glasses will be raised in your honour. And I wish I could give you one more hug.

We are going to miss you, Pat. Your generosity, pride, kindness, loyalty, and among many other things... that rapid fire laugh that made us feel like true comedians. I've never lost a friend before and you were one of the greatest. Your family here in Busan is going to miss you dearly. Rest in peace. Love you.


Top 6 Korean Drama



I wasn't surprised when I saw Korean drama on a local channel in South India. I had heard from the giggly girls of my family that dreamy, romantic Korean drama was on their daily menu. I was surprised to see, though, was dream boy Lee Min Ho sweet talk in Tamil :D Few reasons why people get hooked on to K Drama:

The Ridiculous Media Hysteria over Kim Jong Un’s Disappearance



Admit it,  you miss the wild speculation about Kim Jong Un’s disappearance last month. It was lunatic fun, right? Was he dead? Was his sister in charge? WAS HE REPLACED BY ALIENS?!! Run for the hills!


To me, in retrospect, the big story was not KJU’s disappearance, but the wild, almost lunatic conspiracy-theorizing it unleashed in the West.

Kyungsung Halloween 2014 Costume Contest Prizes

Kyungsung Halloween 2014 Contest Prizes
Prizes provided by participating bars
Eva's Ticket,  HQ , Ol'55Eva'sAlmost Famous, and Blue Monkey)
Prize winners, please contact the designated bar to claim your prize. 
Thanks to everyone who participated.
Complete Halloween Gallery
....and without further ado, the prizes go to....

Grand Prize (tie)

Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014
₩ 300,000
 Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014
₩ 300,000


Bar Prizes

Almost Famous

Kyungsung Halloween 2014 Kyungsung Halloween 2014
Kyungsung Halloween 2014 Kyungsung Halloween 2014


Blue Monkey

Kyungsung Halloween 2014



Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014

Eva's Ticket

Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014 


Kyungsung Halloween 2014
bottle of pumpkin rum
Kyungsung Halloween 2014
 bottle of pumpkin rum
Kyungsung Halloween 2014
 2 meals and 2 Galmegi draughts
Kyungsung Halloween 2014
1 meal and
1 Galmegi draught
 Kyungsung Halloween 2014
1 meal and
1 Galmegi draught


Ol' 55

Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014Kyungsung Halloween 2014


Amazing Sunset View in Busan – Hwangnyeong Mountain

One of the things I love about Korea, maybe my favorite thing, is that even after living here for more than 4 years, I can still find amazing places and new adventures in my own backyard. Korean people are very active, and unlike most Americans, they go out almost every weekend to explore their own country. I think this is awesome, and it makes me wish I did more exploring of my own back in the US! There’s still time for that though.

Last time I was in the US, I had to go alone. While I was gone, Evan did a lot of exploring with his new camera, looking for good places to take night pictures of Busan. After some reading online in photography groups, he drove to Hwangnyeongsan (황령산), near Geumyeonsan station in Busan. We’re not avid hikers, so it’s always nice when we find mountains we can drive up to for great views!

Waiting for sunset

Waiting for sunset

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