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Hiking: Go-Dang Bang

The hike up to Go-Dang Bang yields a really great view of the area around Beomosa Temple and is a great way to spend an afternoon.  We’ve been twice in the last couple of months, and if we lived closer to Beomosa, it would probably become a regular part of our hiking workout routine.

ImageUnlike a lot of Korean mountainside hikes, this one is pretty well-marked and easy to navigate with clearly delineated trails.  Start at Beomosa Temple and, instead of going into the temple proper, turn right.  There’s a sign marking the Go-Dang Bang hiking trail.

The 2014 Asian Games


We’ve all heard about the Olympics, but not all of us know about the Asian Games, this is the largest sporting event in Asia and next year it will take place in Incheon, South Korea from September 19th – October 14th, with 437 events in 36 sports.

Korean Cityscapes

sunset over Ulsan South Korea with clouds and bright colours.

A while ago I posted about rooftops around Ulsan and found that people found them useful. However, I want to expand on the topic of shooting from the tops of these buildings. I find people think that once they get to the tops, the battle is over. Unless you forgot your camera, then your battle is just beginning.

Robert E. Kelly's Intro to North Korea’ Essay for Al Jazeera Center for Studies


The pic is me and my NK guide in front of one of the many ubiquitous statues of Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang.

Media’s perspective of foreigners can be better

The Land of Distraction - Smart Phone Zombies

According to CNN's "10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else", over 78% of people in Korea have a smart phone and this rises to an incredible 97.7% in 18 to 24 year olds.  As a result of this I have even noticed a change in the language used in my English classes, the word "cell" as a part of "cell phone" never makes an appearance anymore, it is now an almost extinct term having been completely replaced by "smart phone."

As time goes by, South Korean people seem to be becoming more and more reliant on these things, not only is it a fascinating curiosity to see literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people a day with their heads buried in them, but it is also starting to become an annoyance for me.

On Tolerance


It was one of the most physically taxing things I’ve done in a while – a mountain hike up one of Daegu’s beautiful peaks, Mt. Apsan. It was also something that I only could have done with the help, encouragement and understanding of my fellow hikers, most of whom barely knew any English.

Seondosa Temple/King Jinheung Tomb – 선도사/진흥왕릉 (Gyeongju)


 The triad of statues that you can find at Seondosa Temple in western Gyeongju.

Hello Again Everyone!!

This weekend, I decided to head back to Mt. Seondosan to visit Seondosa Temple. Originally, it had been part of the plan the day I toured around Gyeongju with David Mason; but it was late in the day, so it was scrapped for another day. Well, that other day turned out to be this past weekend.

Mt. Seondosan, which is on the western part of Gyeongju, was regarded as the Pure Land in Korean Buddhism by the Silla people. This was especially true of the peak area of the mountain, which is where Seondosa Temple is located.

On Dadhood: The Earliest Notions

I am sitting typing at the computer now while intermittently sucking and grimacing on an ice cold Hite Dry Finish. I have just put +1 to bed after battling with an increasing fever throughout day, alone I should add, because Herself had gone to Seoul and I was filling in as Herself was exhausted, not for the first time, and just had to get away for the day.

Any young or new parent will recognise this necessity. I’m fortunate enough to be home a lot due to my working hours, but Herself is home all the time, here, up on the twentieth floor. Opportunities for escape, to remember what it was like before all this parenting took control of us, are rare.

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