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Recently Featured Content

Leaf Looking

Even though the weather isn’t really cold yet, fall has finally arrived to Korea.  To celebrate, we we up to Hapcheon this weekend with our hapkido school to see the maples changing color and check out Haeinsa Temple.  It was absolutely gorgeous and a really fun trip!  



Asia shows the way in its Street Food, the West shows the way to a Heart Attack

I am having a bit of a war on Western food (from English speaking countries) at the moment and combined with a recent post of mine over at Asiapundits on enjoying food and food waste, I thought I'd use my own site to highlight some attitudes towards health and our food and what we can learn from Korea specifically, and Asia in general.

I don't know much about the United States, but from what I can gather from the news, my American friends and the internet the people there tend to be a little more overweight than average, my country is not far behind and to be honest it isn't hard to see why.

Pepero Crazy

As Pepero Day approaches, children, teens and young couples go crazy over pepero, chocolate-flavored 

Korean Street Food: A Peninsular Culinary Adventure

Korean cuisine is a cornucopia brimming with hot soups, stringy noodles, barbecued meats, unidentified vegetables and lip melting spices. With every pyeong of Korea’s megalithic cities given over to dining, it’s no wonder so much food has spilt out onto the busy streets. Good thing too, because it’s out here, free from the entrapment of four walls, where the street food connoisseur can chow down some of the best dishes on the peninsula. Here are some of the most popular street food delicacies:


Our Weekend: Glowsticks and roller derby

This weekend was the busy doing nothing kind of weekend. Which was great! I started by giving the blog a much needed, good old Spring clean on Friday night. This was followed by a good Spruce up of my room. (I'm going to share pictures later this week of my a typical apartment in Korea).

After treating myself to some amazing banana, nutella and chopped nut pancakes, I had my Spanish class on Skype, then dashed to roller derby.

Dear Korea #101 - When Will the Biting Stop?


I haven’t been able to sleep during the past few nights, thanks to a couple of extra strength suckers that found their way into my room. I keep searching, but they know just where to hide until it’s time for me to sleep. I will continue to search until vengeance is mine.

Seriously though, it’s getting nice and cold outside. Aren’t mosquitoes supposed to be gone by now? I’m convinced that Korea is full of super mosquitoes that are powered by the same thing that keeps old men drinking into odd hours of the night..

Anyways, yay for a new comic! I made a couple of formatting changes to the strip itself, but everything else should be okay! Feel free to point out any glaring mistakes, as I haven’t slept in quite some time.

Hoods: The Cheongsapo Ghetto

Korea’s cities can be obnoxiously monotonous at times. Everywhere looks pretty much the same: High rise apartment blocks, coffee shops, Home Plus super markets, real estate agents, more coffee shops, tons of cars, six lane highways, noraebangs, another fucking coffee shop, restaurants, sool jips, barber shops, those dodgy coffee shops, pet stores, convenience stores, flower shops, massage places, and yes, yet more fucking coffee fucking shops.

Hoods is a new section of Monkeyboy Goes that aims to show that real urban beauty hides just under the thin veneer of modernity, where development has barely raised it’s grey, monochromatic head.

Why Drunk Ajossis Scare Me

My husband always tells me not to get involved in other people’s business, especially among Koreans.


I once referred to the 7 sins as a way to categories countries, as a bit of a joke.  I used Greed and Gluttony to describe U.SA., Pride and Sloth for Europe, But I used Envy for Korea.

Before I continue, I would like you to read following articles in succession.


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