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Looking for Bunkbed

I'm looking for a bunk bed please send me message when you have any that you wanted to sell or dispose thanks.


I am looking for a car with trunk (preferably 1.6 L) starting from 2009 and below run 110 K KM. It should be mint condition and clean inside/out without major accident. Price is negotiable. My preferred models include, Avente HD, Kia Lotze, Cuize, Honda Civic etc.,    

used/cheap laptop

Looking for a laptop on which I can learn to code. Needs to be in good working order, obviously, but no other bells nor whistles required. I will come to you for pickup.

Looking for a chest of drawers/bureau

Hi all. I am looking for a chest of drawyers to put my clothes in. I think they call it a bureau. If you have anything like this (obviously not this nice as this) that you want to get rid of please contact me.  


Monitor or TV with HDMI input

Looking for an inexpensive monitor or TV with HDMI input.  I will travel to pick this up. If anyone has any suggestions for stores I could use for discount or clearance price monitors or TV's that would also be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!





I've been looking for blender or mixer for smoothies and such but never able to find one.

Anybody who is planning to sell them please contact my email.

Thank you

Iphone 6


I'm looking for iPhone 6 either hardly used, secondhanded or a bit cracked but not noticable one.

I'd be thankful enough if we could reach a deal to make installment payments.

Please email me at devita.desteny@hotmail.com

I will reply you asap.


Samsung note 3

If you have a defected note 3 that is just sitting at the corner of your room..I am willing to buy it. Send me email 

Looking for iphone6s in busan

Please let me know the price. Steve

Looking for Wireless Internet Router

I don't want to hire one as I know they are cheap to buy.
Will pay up to 15,000 for a good one.

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