Job Wanted

weekend classes available

I am looking for weekend teaching work. I can take as many hours as you can give me. I have an MFA and 20 years experience in teaching English in Korea and Asia. Please feel free to contact me for discussion or any information you may need. 



Private violin lessons

I would like private violin lessons. I have been praticing for 2 years and I would like some lessons.

Experienced teacher Job wanted (Math, English, Korean) or bartender


I am looking for a job start in April.

I can teach math for Korean and Canadian students, English for Korean, and Korean for foreigner.

I have teaching experience for more than 8 years.

I'm really good at conseling with parents, making stuff in computer and organzing things.

And also I have an experience for bartending in Canada for 1 year as well.

(don't want to have a too late shift, only day or evening shift) - have a certification for batending, Smart Serve for Ontario

I'll send you my resume if you're interested in.

Looking forward to working with you, Thanks for your time.


Deutsch Lehrer / german teacher


i´m living with my family in Daegu and search a job.

i made my PhD in economics, unfortunately i´m not fluent in Korean so its hard to find qualified jobs.

Maybe someone is interested in my German skills and i can work as teacher

Any other good idea is welcome

If you contact me i will give you my phone number


Morning pt/ one day afternoon pt

Hi.. I'm available to work every morning until 1pm, and the whole day on Thursdays. I have an F6, and is TESOL certified. My documents are apostilled, medical and criminal checks are ready, and is ready for registration at the MOE. I'm looking for an academy job, an afterschool gig or company classes that would fit the aforementioned schedule. If you're lookin for a responsible and reliable teacher with no worries to handle, email me. My resume and recommendation letters are on hand. Cheers!

Teacher of English, French, + Russian

My name is Katerina and I'm from Russia. Now I'm a Bachelor's degree in progress. I'll be a teacher of English and French, in addition to it I learn Chinese. I had some experience of practice in schools, but it was enough to understand, that I was born for teaching.
At the end of June, I'll graduate BSPU. Also, I can teach Russian. I have seen a lot of announcements such as " Looking for a native English teacher" , but as far as I know, a lot of people close their eyes, if you have or not pedagogical education. 
To my mind, it's necessary to have a pedagogical education and skills for teaching.
I am...

Need Sub for April -- Centum City


April 3rd to 28th

Hi -- Need a sub for the month of April: 2 different positions -- 20,000won per class (Centum City)


Experienced English Teacher wanted


I`ve been teaching for almost eight years now. I worked in different hagwons and had my own


Please dont hesistate to contact me @ 010-7436-0508

or send me an e-mail @

English Teaching job Busan Wanted

My name is Steve, I am looking for an English teaching position in Busan (Late April-May start). I am trying to study Korean as well, so I don't want to work more than eight hours per day. 

I have three years of teaching experience. I taught in Daegu for two years, and I have spent the last year teaching in Taiwan. I have taught all age groups from Kindergarten to adults. 

I am currently finishing my F.B.I background check which should be done my mid April. Because of this I won't be available until late April to early May. 

Looking for babysitter

Wanted: Part time babysitter ASAP Female of any nationality as long as you can speak English With experience is preferred Tuesday to Friday 5:20 pm to 8:50 pm Tuesdays & Fridays (3.5 hours) 5:20 pm to 8:20 pm Wednesdays & Thursdays (3 hours) Perks: Free dinner with the kids If you are interested, just send an email to

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