Job Wanted

Conversation Tutor!

Hi, I'd love to be your conversation tutor if you are looking to practice your  conversational English. I'd like to meet up in cafes and guide you with structured conversation. I have a lot of experience teaching English, and my degree is in Speech-language Pathology.

Please email me if you are interested!

Experienced Teacher Full Time

I am an American with more than ten years of experience in Kore­a. I am on an E2 visa.  Here is my resume and some recent photos.
I prefer elementary through middle scho­ol.  I am available in August.
Salary:  Same as everybody el­se.

I am usually availab­le about 1:00 PM But if I can't answer just leave a text message.
Tom Hunt

저렴한 영어 과외 - 부산 / (Busan)

안녕하세요. 저는 TEFL/TESOL 자격증을 취득하였고, 부산에서 영어과외를 하고 있는 호주인 재즈민입니다.

가격은 시간당 35,000원 입니다.

spanish speaker available

Spanish speaker is available for private lesson for a reasonable rate.

feel free to contact him.. the lessons are given in english or korean no problem.

for more info call o message here: 01075252097.


Experienced teacher in Seoul seeking positions

I have four years teaching experience in Korea, with an additional two years in my home country. I am seeking a favorable position teaching elementary and / or middle-school students. I come highly recommended by my current director, and my students.    
I am currently living in the Junggye area of Nowon in Seoul.

Math, physics and english lesson



Lessons 1-by-1:


  • Physics - High school and university
  • Mathematics - High school and university
  • English - Kids, teenagers, and conversation
  • Spanish


Price: 15.000 won per hour or 300.000 per month (2x times per week)


Contact: kakaotalk ID brunnatom or


I seek to volunteer for an NGO in Busan

Hello, my name is Fouad. I am a master's student in Busan, my major is related to education development and cooperation. I seek to volunteer during my summer vacation for an international oganisation or NGO related to my major. I am fluent in Arabic, French, and English. If you need need a volunteer feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Korean Lesson

Hello everybody,  
My name is Daniel. I'm a native Korean student. I'm about to go to Germany in October for my post-secondary education. Meanwhile, I thought maybe I could teach Korean to those who are interested. I don't have a set price, any amount would be appreciated as I’m trying to gain both experience and stipend. You can pay me how much you think I deserve based on my teaching. I have been teaching Korean to friends at my school as well as people at my church when I lived in the states. Please call me at 010-9392-7565 or email me at if you are interested.  
P.s. I reside in Seoul, but I can commute to Camp Humphreys. 

I can do hard and heavy work

i am in korea for two months.
I worked here in hard work.(farm, fish,gardening)
they tricked me and did not pay my wages.
I have friends who are in the same situation as me.
I do not speak Korean.
I can speak a little English.
I'm looking for a job.
maybe you can help.
Thank you so much.
Kakao; Atlas111

I am looking for a job as a teacher. I can speak English and Russian


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