hiphop dance lesson in seoul!

Improve your dance skill! Classes for all levels and experiences

Are you curious about dance, or are you a dancer who wants to improve your level? I am offering dance lessons, regardless of level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, as long as you want to improve your dance my lesson is going to help you.


My name is Robin and I have been dancing for 11 years. I travelled the world and visited 20 countries to learn from different dancers and improve myself. Now I am passionate about sharing my talent and knowledge, and this is the reason I started teaching. I speak English and Korean.


The classes I am offering are 2 hours lessons,you are also welcome to invite your friend if you want to learn together. I will be teaching at a dance studio, and the studio will be used by us privately.


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Weekend farm

We have a weekend farm near the Big Buddha just north of Busan. The area is very scenic near a lake with many hiking and biking trails and restaurants. The only problem is with our busy city life it is hard to find the time needed to maintain the farm. If anyone is interested in cultivating a small plot for fruits or vegetables this year please let me know. We only ask for a small rental fee as insurance for the property and to secure commitment. Or if you are interested in just spending a Sunday getting your hands dirty contact me. Cheers

Voice Talent with Geo-Political Leanings Wanted

First, please note that this is NOT a paid job listing. Now, read on...

I am looking for one or more individual(s) who want to work on their vocal abilities. This is for a weekly podcast on global politics and other issues, with a comedic and occasional skit thrown in for good measure. 

I have much experience in audio production, as well as a fair amount of vocal experience. I want to find others who want to join me in making something. My model is collaborative, more than dictatorial. And if you want to know a vibe, think No Agenda podcast, Robin Quivers on Stern reading the news, and/or old school (70's and 80's) SNL News, HBO's Not Necessarily the News, or golden era of radio serials as possible guide posts.

If interested, contact me. Which is stupid to write, as it goes without saying... uh, yeah...

teaching Goejung, busan

looking for part-time pesonal teaching who can speak English to Korean.


location: 1line subway stop at Goejung station

Whom: 7year old boy

Time:1 hous / 2times a week(flexible)

Pay: 20,000won/h

Contact here: 010 7253 6772 or Text me.



Color Festival : Holi Hai Busan 2017

Welcome to the happiest festival in Busan City! Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Colors, celebrates the coming of spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all. All nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to participate! Make sure to wear white because this party gets colorful. The colored powders used in Holi represent happiness, love, and the freedom to live vibrantly. Take the opportunity to cover yourself and your friends in colorful powders and dance your heart out.

Looking for illustrator for storybook/스토리 북 일러스트 레이터

I am writing a children's story that takes place in Busan, and am looking for a Korean illustrator.  Number of pages/illustrations: 32.  I would prefer to have a university student (amateur illustrator, as opposed to a professional) helping since this is a new project that I am undertaking.  Pay and other terms to be discussed.  Thank you! 


나는 부산에서 열리는 어린이 이야기를 쓰고 있는데, 한국의 일러스트 레이터를 찾고있다. 페이지 수 / 그림 수 : 32. 나는 내가 착수하고있는 새로운 프로젝트이기 때문에 대학생 (아마추어 일러스트 레이터, 전문가가 아닌)을 돕는 것을 선호한다. 지불 할 기타 조건. 고맙습니다!

"International Choir"

Anyone interested in joining an international Choir, mainly just to bring people of different races and places together to sing. In regards to the "Reportoire", we will be covering some well known pop songs, some Gospel both Korean and English songs, also some Korean folk songs. Those that are interested, please just send me a message on kakao talk ID: sisco7 or call me at 01087451333. Thank you 

Guesthouse (Haeundae)- Looking for live-in Volunteer(s) or Part-Timer

Panda Guesthouse in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea are looking for volunteer(s) who can live-in and work in the guesthouse in exchange for accommodations and breakfast. Another option is working part-time 3 days morning a week for hourly pay( Priority even to the live-in volunteer). Our location is 3 minutes away from Haeundae Station and about 4 minutes away from the Beach. If you are interested in volunteering and living in our guesthouse please send me a message and we can discuss more about this. Korean and English speakers please contact me. Thanks!

Fishing trip in Busan.

Hello guys, I am 35 years old korean guy. 

Are there anyone interested in fishing in Busan. 

Several years ago, I did fising with several guys who I met here. 

I wanna make regular fishing club for anyone interested in fishing in Busan. 

We are looking for basketball players

We are Bulldogs Basketball Busan.

We have almost 40members including korean and foreiner and we are looking for new members. 

We play every friday night form 6pm to 10pm in Mandeok indoor gym(만덕 백양생활 체육관)

Membership fee : 15,000won for a month and 5,000won for a guest

We started a new league game in this January so plz join us ASAP.


010-5059-2321  Kakao Id : abj0824 

Facebook :

Instagram :

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