I want to play the guitar in a band^^

Hi~ there. I’m a guitarist who wants to play the guitar in a Band. If there is any music band who need a guitarist or anyone who wants to make a rock band with me, call me anytime. My phone number : 010-9683-6900 ps. I’m Korean, and definitely not a professional-level guitarist. Favorite genre or band are Blues, Nirvana, etc.

Korean Language Class \10,000/hr

Come to Seocho Club and learn Korean with us!


Seocho Club is opening a new class for English speakers that will be focused around debate and discussion of articles about current issues, trends, and culture.


Our class will help make difficult topics more accessible by taking pieces from Korean media outlets and boiling them down to daily conversational language.


We will also be covering grammar and pronunciation with instruction offered in English by native Korean speakers with a high level of practical experience in Korean language teaching.


Drop-ins are always welcome. Come join us for the chance to improve your Korean and make new friends!


Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

Cost: 10,000 won per hour

Time: Saturday 10AM-12PM (starting December 8th)

Location: 교대역 4번출구 70m


[20,000won reward] 2018 Survey of Multicultural Family Media Use


K-stat Research is conducting the 2018 Survey of Multicultural Family Media Use for Korea Press Foundation(KPF).

If you’re interested in participating in the survey, please mail us at the following email address. 

(Please make sure you're married to a Korean woman and living in Korea)

We'll send you the questionnaire by email.

Thank you


Title: 2018 Survey of Multicultural Family Media Use

Purpose: Examine the media use of multicultural families in Korea

Target: Foreign husbands in Korea

The Time Required: 20-30 minutes

Return: A 20,000won gift certificate


Deadline: 30th November, 2018


I look forward to your participation.



Dynamic Busan UCC contest "Hashtag #Busan"


Not long time ago at was an announcement of new Dynamic Busan UCC contest!

My friends and I have paid a lot of effort and created a promotional video about Busan. We went through a lot of places and events and collected our best shots.

Hope You will like our peace of art!

Check out this YouTube LINK for the video.

Please, support our team with like on YouTube ˆˆ


Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan (Accomodation provided)

Volunteering at English Cafe of Language and Culture Exchange


Come join us in our language and cultural exchange English cafe in Busan, the best city in Korea! We are looking for volunteers who can help Korean learners improve their English. Our community aims to provide a warm and lively environment where Korean students and foreigners can share their cultures and experiences in English. Korean students can learn about a variety of cultures and practice their target language from volunteers. Volunteers also can learn and experience Korean culture and make new friends at the cafe. Volunteers also learn different cultures and share ideas and informations each other. There are usually from 15 to 20 volunteers from all of the world at our community at the same time.

Volunteers are required to have following characteristics and skills:

- Comfortable speaking English

- Love meeting and interacting with new people


Do you have good investment projects that needs funding or any existing project that need financing.
Contact me  for more details

Casting call

Production title:  Freedom
Union / Non-Union:

looking for a free washing machine or cheap waching machine

any one who to have some space in their or moving their washing machine away then maybe you can help me or someone to sell a cheap washing machine then you can ask me in my number or email 01097470728

A ride from Busan to Bundang-gu


We are looking for a ride from Busan to Bundang-gu anytime this month or November. Jeongja station drop off would be ideal.

My husband can travel only buy car and I need to accompany him.

Happy to split the cost.

looking to buy a slightly used led tv 43" or 49" for sale

looking to buy a slightly used led tv 43" . Contact me, if you have any for sale.

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