We are looking for basketball players

We are Bulldogs Basketball Busan.

We have almost 40members including korean and foreiner and we are looking for new members. 

We play every friday night form 6pm to 10pm in Mandeok indoor gym(만덕 백양생활 체육관)

Membership fee : 15,000won for a month and 5,000won for a guest

We started a new league game in this January so plz join us ASAP.


010-5059-2321  Kakao Id : abj0824 

Facebook :

Instagram :

Giving education in English to High school students in Busan

We are looking for volunteers in Busan!

AIESEC in PNU, Project Based On eXchange - Raise Our Voice

Educational Volunteer Works

  • We are looking for a volunteers from foreign countries
  • What to do? Giving education in English to High school students in Busan
  • Subject : Environmental Policies around the world

We are the organization called AIESEC, a global youth organization. And this is the branch of AIESEC in Pusan National University.

Everything of the project will be prepared and conducted in English.

We want someone who have leadership, and responsible enough to join in this project.

Duration : Jan 9 ~ Feb 1

With whom? College students joining this project for educating students

Requirements : English Skills, Presentation Skills

Do you want to play soccer?


Do you want to play soccer in Busan on sunday morning ?

Please send the message to or 010-2033-5684. Thanks.


Iphone 7 for 52 or 57.000 month

The offer is still open.
I am reposting this, since my friend tried to post this but for some reason it doesn't appear on the page.
Iphone 7, 32Gb. Black but since it is still sealed I can change it at the store for any color you want. or 64GB, 128gb or even Iphone 7+. The store said that can arrange this.
I believe I got a good deal for it since most of the shops force you to have some expensive package for at least 3 months(with the phone cost coukd reach 100.000/month) . However here I got a deal with 57.000won/months for all unlimited package (unlimited talks, messages and data) or just 52.000/month for unlimited calls and unlimited messages and some LTE data.
For Iphone 7+ model was 57.000/month for unlimited as I remember.
let me know if you are intersted I will arrange a meeting with the store or visit it with you.

**Learn about Iran and Persian (Farsi)/Arabic Language**

سلام! :)

Salaam! :)

Hello every one!

have you always been interested in Persian or Arabic language and you thought that's like painting (or weird!) and hard to learn it?!

Well, it's time to check it out!! I have been teaching Persian language for more than 3 years to Koreans and other foreigners in Korea and results showed it's not only easy to learn, but also fun! :)

If you want to arrange for classes in private, in groups or for companies, contact me:


*kakao: farnaaz


*Mobile: 010-3052-0311


PS 1. Persian and Arabic have almost same alphabet. But the meanings mostly and the gramer are different.

PS 2. I am a female from Iran, Isfahan! 


Get TESOL Certified Right here in Korea - 160 hours in person

Courses available everywhere including Busan.  If interested contact me via the email form or text me via Kakaotalk, ID: airmiles and we can set up a time to talk.

Get free credit and study Korean!


 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Bible reading + volunteer work.

I'd like to start Bible reading or volunteer work on Sunday afternoon. The gathering place is a small church near Choong ryeol sah 

subway stop(line 4).  I'd like to help single parent's kids. 

We can do Bible reading/ volunteer work every other weekend.

If anyone interested, text me at 010-3875-0611. 

Invite this evening concert 7:30pm near Dongdaesin stn

*Time : 30th Nov. 7:30pm *Place : Donga univ. 국제관(International Building) 다우홀(Dau hall) *How to get ther : From Dongdaesin station exit 8, it takes 10 mins on foot. Also from Toseong station exit number 2, it takes 8 mins. *Entry fee : free ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It has been 71 years after dividing into two countries. Now we are the only country which was divided, however, we know the we couldn't be divided forever. Even though someone could say unity is far away, impossible things, there is a person like the Grandpa who has been playing the violin with praying to be the one sincerely. You could feel and meet the way how it goes with the Grandpa. 올해로 남북분단 71년 이라는 시간이 지났다고 해서 하나의 땅이던 둘로 나뉘어있다고 해서, 본래 둘은 아니었다는 것은 우린 알고 있습니다. 현재는 세계 유일한 분단국가로 잠시 이념과 문화가 나뉘었다 해도 영원히 둘일 수 없다는 것도 우린 알고 있습니다.

Model wanted

Any foreigner living in Busan is welcome if he or she is interested in drawing. 

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