[PUBG Nations Cup 2019] Recruit Cheering Squad ( ~7/24)


General Outline

First Global Tournament of 2019: PUBG NATIONS CUP! We invite you to support 16 teams from 5 different continents as Global Cheering Squad with Passion Talent.



Share you life broad / teaching stories on this podcast audio episode

Hey there, I run a podcast and youtube channel and am doing a mini series on living abroad, teaching english any other random travel stories. 

Looking for a number of people to submit short audio clips (2-10 mins) 

You can uplaod an audio clip here (don't have to use your real name if you don't want)


Here is the podcast (called Self Developed Life) other interviews / episdodes, everything rangeing from travel, business, investing, personal developement, book reviews and life stories...

Checkout & Subscribe for more past & future inspiring interviews via 

조인어스코리아 손날개 콘테스트(Heartwings Contest) - 가장 예쁜 손날개를 찾아라!

조인어스코리아에서 제 1회 손날개 콘테스트를 개최합니다!

The 1st JOINUS KOREA 'Heartwings' Contest is now open for everyone !

[Invitation] 2019 Sinchon Water Gun Festival (신촌 물총 축제)

The Summer has just begun !

Academic survey for expatriates!

Hello, I am an American Researcher at James Madison University working on a study of expats.  If you have 15-20 minutes and would like to participate, here is the link to the survey.  All responses are anonymous.  Thanks in advance!


Invitation to Familarilzation Tour to Sokcho_강원도 속초 외국인 유학생 팸투어

We are inviting you to join the fam tour to Sokcho, a beautiful coastal city of Gangwondo Province, with us!


Please pay attention, anyone who would like to travel some other hot places other than Seoul, and take pictures and share them on social network pages!!


If you are lucky to be selected as one of our travel mates, we will make a trip together to the following hot places in Sokcho


1. The site of the K-drame <Encounter> starring Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum

2. Cafe "Chilsung Boatyard Salon"

3. Top-rated crunch Korean fried chicken restaurant in Sokcho Jungang Market

4. Seorak Cultural Center, where you can have a cup of tea enjoying a beautiful view of Seoraksan mountain


-Eligibility: Only international students who attend universities in Korea or foreign exchange stduents are qualified to apply for the fam tour.

-The fam tour will be made on June 21, 2019

I want to play the guitar in a band^^

Hi~ there.

I'm a guitarist who wants to play the guitar in a Band. If there is any rock band which need a guitarist or anyone who wants to make a rock band with me, call me or text me.

my phone number : 010-9683-6900

P.S. I'm Korean. and not a profesional-level guitarist.

       Favorite gere or band is Blues, Nirvana.

ReLEx SMILE summer promotion from BGN Eye Hospital

Dear all!!!

BGN Eye Hospital has a special event for you this summer!

We will help you to enjoy this summer in Busan without any glasses or contact lenses!

Only from the 10th of June to the 31st of August, get 150,000 won discount for ReLEx SMILE surgery!!!

Why ReLEx SMILE surgery is the best choice in summer?

  • Recovery to normal life, work and studying already on the next day!
  • Swimming, water and extreme sport activities are possible after 1 week!
  • No need to use sunglasses or avoid bright sunshine after surgery!

Don`t miss this unique chance this summer! No more glasses! Enjoy active life!

Contact us to book a Free Vision Correction examination and consultation today!



What Do you Think about After School Programs?

What do you think about after school programs in Korea? Do you or your kids enjoy them?


Please take this 1 minute survey:

What Do You Think about Surveillance Cameras in Schools?

What do you think about surveillance cameras at school?



One of my students is doing a survey on surveillance cameras in schools. This survey will take 30 seconds. Thank you for your attention:

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