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HICS in Yangsan Looking For Full-Time Christian Native Teacher

Hello, Hanbit International Christian School is looking for one Christian native English teacher. Our school has very family-like environment, and the school's biggest stregnth is that our students are very well-behaved unlike public school or hagwon students. We have relatively smaller classes than public or hagwon as well, so classes are easier to manage. We have an indoor gym, so if you like sports, you will love this place. We are definitely looking for someone who can work with us for a long time.

Holi Hai 2019 Looking For Event Staff.

Looking for 1 Experienced Emcee (10 A.M~3P.M) // 50 Volunteer (9a.m~3p.m) // one Experienced DJ (10A.M~3P.M) .

Please send your resume -


Looking for writers

Busan Beat, a quarterly magazine published by the BFIC, is looking for residents of Busan to write articles about subjects that relate to expat life.

Easy Home Recording! (15,000won for 5 minutes of recording)

Hi everyone.

Please check this announcement below and apply. 


Makeup Artist available near PNU


I am a self taught makeup artist and I love playing with makeup! Ladies who live near PNU, if you ever need a MUA for any occassion you can contact me. Here's my Instagram: , if you want to check my work. Regular fee is 30,000 won per session, but I don't have base makeup for all varieties of skintone yet. If I had to use your products, I will charge you 25,000 won.

Ps: I will only be available during weekends or in holidays. 

Ps 2: Unfortunately I don't do hairstyles, only makeup.

Have a nice day!

Looking to buy slightly used electric scooter.

Looking to buy a slightly used electric scooter. If you have any for sell, please  call  or text me on 01031068430.

Counselor Available

Do you want BETTER LIVING and less stress, BETTER DECISIONS and less doubt, BETTER RELATIONSHIPS and less conflict? Many people try to deal with conflict on their own. But you don't have to suffer alone. Contact Yvon Malenfant today for your FREE no obligation 30 min.
Skype Video consultation: harpoinseoul1
Wechat: vaughaninvan
Counselling interview (I was very tired.)
Are you wanting help overcoming your struggles with depression? Are you wanting strategies that will help you in managing your feelings of anxiety? I have worked with clients for over 24 years in both Canada and South Korea to see effective change take place in their lives. Am here to journey with you~ whether it is grieving loss, dealing with an insane boss, communicating with a lover, whatever the issue.

Gyeongju City Tour

See the magnificent sights of the centre of Korean tourism - Gyeongju City - with us! Let us guide you through the very breathtaking and thousand years old Shilla alongside Bulguksa Temple, Donggung Palace, Cheomseongdae Observatory, Anapji Pond, Seokguram, and much more! Book your Gyeongju City Tour package with us now and enjoy a hassle-free and pleasant trip to Korea! For more details, you can contact us directly via phone or browse our website!

why korean online transactions has so many passwords?

It is really difficult getting anything done online in Korea. First of all you are forced to use Internet Explorer due to the Active-x control Crap. Then you need to install 3-4 different programs.The you need to type in passwords and then certificate password followed by 2 security card passwords..I mean this is totally crazy..So basically to get anything done it takes a whole lot of time and effort..

I wish it was easier..It is similar for business..If you own a limited company you are forced to issue electronic tax invoices passing through a lot of program installs and passwords..I mean for God's Sake why can't they make things simpler and life easier...

Even shopping online is a nightmare with so many different restrctions on card usage and if you shop anything more that 300,000 won you need yet another electronic certificate..Comapre it to buying a domain on godaddy..All you need is your credit card number, expiry and cvc code..



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