Free tickets to a Korean traditional music house concert

Nanulak Music Studio is offering foreigners in Busan (travellers or residents) free tickets to a Korean traditional music house concert this Saturday, September 21st at 6 o'clock.

I am so sure that this Saturday program is a great opportunity to experience Korean traditional music close-up.

If you are interested, please contact at Individuals and groups are all welcomed. We have around 30 seats available for now. 


For more information about the concert,


Gluten / Lactose / Dairy free products

Hello all,


I have a friend considering to come to Busan in Narch and he has many diet concerns. He was wondering where he could buy products that are gluten/ lactose and dairy free. Do they have a section in one of the supermarkets that provide these products etc or can he buy them online. 


Thanks in advance



Creative Writing Group Seeks Members

*Busan Scribes and Scribblers seeks creative writers interested in meeting. 

*Meetings will be available weekly... drop in when you can.

*Proposed meeting day is Sunday, but may be changed depending on the schedule of those interested in the group.

*Location will change with each meeting, based on hosting members' suggestion for a meeting point (a fun way to explore Busan via meetings).

*All forms of writing accepted... fiction, poetry, essay, experimental, and so forth.

*Focus on generating new material as well as polishing longer works if applicable.

***If you already write and want to share and talk shop... or if you want to start down the path of the written word... this group is for you.***

Contact: Jesse

What Do You Think About Gifted Students?

Please answer my student survey about gifted students. Should gifted students be taught separately? Will take 2 minutes:)  Thank you!

마얀마어 수업

저는 미얀마에서 온 모죠라고 합니다. 미얀마어 공부하려는 분들께 미얀마말을 가르쳐 드리고 있습니다. 

일대일 수업, 그룹 수업과 온라인 수업이 가능합니다. 

미얀마어 뿐만 아니라 영어도 가르쳐 드립니다. 지금 부산 부경대에서 영어여문 어학 박사 과정이 수료 되고 논문을 쓰고 있습니다. 요즘도 저랑 같이 영어 공부하는 분들이 몇 명 계십니다.

공부하려는 분 연락하십시오.


010 5959 4966

Bible Reading.

It is comforting to read the bible and talk about God in this day and age.

We have the meeting at 3 p.m. on Sat at an English Institute near Sajik Subway stop.

It is 1 minute distance from the subway stop exit 1.

If you are interested, text me or call me at 010-3875-7295

Female Teachers Vs. Male Teachers Survey

Who do you prefer as a teacher, males or females?

Please answer this quick survey!


Thank you

[PUBG Nations Cup 2019] Recruit Cheering Squad ( ~7/24)


General Outline

First Global Tournament of 2019: PUBG NATIONS CUP! We invite you to support 16 teams from 5 different continents as Global Cheering Squad with Passion Talent.



Share you life broad / teaching stories on this podcast audio episode

Hey there, I run a podcast and youtube channel and am doing a mini series on living abroad, teaching english any other random travel stories. 

Looking for a number of people to submit short audio clips (2-10 mins) 

You can uplaod an audio clip here (don't have to use your real name if you don't want)


Here is the podcast (called Self Developed Life) other interviews / episdodes, everything rangeing from travel, business, investing, personal developement, book reviews and life stories...

Checkout & Subscribe for more past & future inspiring interviews via 

조인어스코리아 손날개 콘테스트(Heartwings Contest) - 가장 예쁜 손날개를 찾아라!

조인어스코리아에서 제 1회 손날개 콘테스트를 개최합니다!

The 1st JOINUS KOREA 'Heartwings' Contest is now open for everyone !

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