Be the SNS ambassador for K-beauty. And get free gifts!


1. Be the REKO Friends

 - Become the 1st brand ambassador of REKO!
 - Planning a beauty campaign & Executing a promotion!
 - Regularly posting reviews on your SNS & REKO blog after getting a premium beauty services by using REKO!
 - Participating in REKO Beauty seminars & Beauty class!

2. Benefits & Advantages

 - REKO Cosmetic gift package (KRW200,000)

 - REKO Premium K-beauty service free vouchers will be provided.

 - Invitaion to K-beauty class, seminar and events.

 - REKO Premium K-beauty service coupon book and cretificate of the completion.


3. Requirements

 - Who loves Korea & Korean trendy beauty culture and highly interested in Korean celebs.

Need Someone for a model

Hi, My name is Joe Q, working at Seoul GS Homeshopping.(As known as GS SHOP,


We want to take a photo like as bellows.


And we need someone who wants to be a model.
* Taking a Photo at the Day : 2017/3/21 (Tuesday)
* Taking a Photo at the Time: 10:00 am - 11:00pm (It won't take too long.)
* What should i wear : Suit
* Are you Russian, Turkish people, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese
  Please call me. (Office: 02-2007-4167 / Phone: 010-4346-2818)

Lemongrass exporter / importer / distributor wanted

We are a small startup farming company is looking for exporter/importer/distributor for contract basis partnership. The following are the details of our intended project.

Country: Malaysia

Crop Type: Lemongrass

Capacity: 7 metric tonne/month (minimum)

Operation Date: 1st June 2017

Fluent English Teacher

Are you looking for someone to correct your grammar?

Are you looking for someone to teach you how to sound like a native speaker?

or simply looking for someone to practice your English communication skills?

worry no more because I can help you with all of that!

I'm a fluent English speaker with several experiences tutoring English to kids and adults!

Kindly call me at 010-4737-8593 or pm me on kakaotalk at harold9385



TriPriend launched Korean-Foreign visitor matching service!!

Hi, this is TriPriend team.
We launched the matching service.
You can hang out with Korean friends when you register as
TriPriend on the website,
We will give you 3 free service tickets,
so why don't you visit our website?
You can check more info on and
Thank you :)
Have fun with natives,

2017년 제1기 세계문화교실 참가자 모집안내 World Cultural Classes at BFIC

Those who want to learn about India and Hindi language please join this course which is almost free. It can be a good way to practice your English as well ;)

2017년 제1기 세계문화교실 참가자 모집안내

부산국제교류재단은 알지 못했기에 낯설었고, 낯설기에 함께 하지 못했던 이웃나라 문화에 대해

보다 알기 쉽고 재미있게 다가설 수 있도록 마련된 프로그램인 “세계문화교실” 1기 참가자를 아래와 같이 모집하오니 여러분들의 많은 참여 바랍니다. (*8주간 성실히 강의에 참석할 수 있는 분만 신청해주십시오)


□ 운영개요

 ○ 개설반수 : 총 11개반 (*단, 10명 이하 신청반은 폐강)

 ○ 운영기간 : 3. 13(월) ~ 5. 5(금), 8주간(1회/주, 120분/회) ※체험수업 포함

 ○ 운영내용 : 해당국의 다양한 문화소개 및 기초언어 학습

 ○ 수업장소 : 부산국제교류재단 내 제2강의실

 ○ 수 강 료 : 10,000원(수업 첫날 납부)

For more detail please check the following link


TriPriend will launch Korean-Foreigner matching service on March 2nd

Hi, this is TriPriend team.

hiphop dance lesson in seoul!

Improve your dance skill! Classes for all levels and experiences

Are you curious about dance, or are you a dancer who wants to improve your level? I am offering dance lessons, regardless of level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, as long as you want to improve your dance my lesson is going to help you.


My name is Robin and I have been dancing for 11 years. I travelled the world and visited 20 countries to learn from different dancers and improve myself. Now I am passionate about sharing my talent and knowledge, and this is the reason I started teaching. I speak English and Korean.


The classes I am offering are 2 hours lessons,you are also welcome to invite your friend if you want to learn together. I will be teaching at a dance studio, and the studio will be used by us privately.


Recommended to:

Weekend farm

We have a weekend farm near the Big Buddha just north of Busan. The area is very scenic near a lake with many hiking and biking trails and restaurants. The only problem is with our busy city life it is hard to find the time needed to maintain the farm. If anyone is interested in cultivating a small plot for fruits or vegetables this year please let me know. We only ask for a small rental fee as insurance for the property and to secure commitment. Or if you are interested in just spending a Sunday getting your hands dirty contact me. Cheers

Voice Talent with Geo-Political Leanings Wanted

First, please note that this is NOT a paid job listing. Now, read on...

I am looking for one or more individual(s) who want to work on their vocal abilities. This is for a weekly podcast on global politics and other issues, with a comedic and occasional skit thrown in for good measure. 

I have much experience in audio production, as well as a fair amount of vocal experience. I want to find others who want to join me in making something. My model is collaborative, more than dictatorial. And if you want to know a vibe, think No Agenda podcast, Robin Quivers on Stern reading the news, and/or old school (70's and 80's) SNL News, HBO's Not Necessarily the News, or golden era of radio serials as possible guide posts.

If interested, contact me. Which is stupid to write, as it goes without saying... uh, yeah...

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