Koreabridge Discussions

Talkin' Tech in Korea w/ Stafford, Matthew, & Jeff

45:49 minutes (20.98 MB)

Koreabridge Hangout w/ Artists & Media Producers- July 25, 2011

53:08 minutes (24.33 MB)
Koreabridge Hangout
July 25, 2011
Britt Kee, Chris Backe, Jason Teale, Jeff Lebow, & Steve Miller
The inspiration and economics of producing creative works
(blogs, paintings, photos, videos, websites) in Korea

Busan KOTESOL Brainstorm - Nov. 4, 2010

46:24 minutes (21.25 MB)
Busan KOTESOL Brainstorm
November 4, 2010

Participants:  Bradley Serl,   John Angus MacCaull, Jeff Lebow, & Brian Quirk

Topics: Upcoming locale elections, ways to attract new members, other possibilities
for the upcoming year of Busan Kotesol

KOTESOL Post-show Roundtable Discussion

45:16 minutes (20.72 MB)
Post-show Roundtable KOTESOL Discussion
following the 2010 KOTESOL National Candidates Discussion

October 3, 2010

Participants:  Peadar Callaghan, Robert Capriles, Sara Davila, Matt Doyon, Doug Huffer, Aaron Jolly,  Jeff Lebow, Stafford Lumsden, Bryan Stoakley

Topics Discussed
00:30  - Notification of Conference Session Acceptance or Rejection
06:40 - Website Status & Recording Conference Presentations
10:00  - Role of 1st VP
13:00  Korean Participation & Possibilities of a Korean Language Special Interest Group
22:30 -  Openness, Transparency, Making Organization Information Public
27:10 - More Website Update Details, Mea Culpa, & Prospects for Professional Intervention
37:35 - National Budget
40:00 - Final Words, We KOTESOL

Onsite Voting at the International Conference Oct. 16~17
More information about elections & candidates at: http://kotesol.org/?q=elections

Discussions with 2010 KOTESOL National Candidates

74:10 minutes (33.95 MB)
Discussions with 2010 KOTESOL National Candidates
October 3, 2010

Candidates for KOTESOL National Council (in order of appearance)
00:20  Stafford Lumsden, Conference Co-chair
17:40  Doug Huffer,  Nominations & Elections Chair
37:00 Aaron Jolly, 2nd Vice President
55:45 Peadar Callaghan, 1st Vice President

KOTESOL 2010 Candidates
Online Voting October 4~14
Onsite Voting at the International Conference Oct. 16~17
More informatin about elections & candidates at: http://kotesol.org/?q=elections

Post-show Roundtable Discussion Here

Chat Log

Socrates Cafe - Blinded by culture?

72:32 minutes (33.21 MB)
Koreabridge Discussion - Let's Talk Busan Post-Show
Socrates Cafe Discussion
August 15, 2010

Topic: How does our own culutre blind us to understanding others?
Participants : Greg Dolezal, Jon Hardy, Jeff Lebow, David Kim, Kim Lee, Oh Jae Hee, Park WonSeop, Jason Stubbeman, &   Ashley Summers Stubbeman

Let's Talk Busan Show Recording

Socrates Cafe Facebook Page


LawnChair Philosopher (Kim's blog)

Counseling & Mental Health Issues in Korea

52:30 minutes (24.04 MB)
Koreabridge Discussion
Counseling & Mental Health Issues in Korea
Guest:  Yvon Malenfant (interfaith counselor)
July 13, 2010

LTB post-show with Alex & James - blogging, gender, English media

51:07 minutes (23.41 MB)
Let's Talk Busan guests, James Turnbull of TheGrandNarrative.com and Alexandra Karpen of Alex's Adventures in Asia continue their discussions about gender issues, English language media, & assorted other topics. 

Pets in Korea

44:11 minutes (20.23 MB)
Pets in Korea
July 4, 2010
Leo Mendoza & Pamela McKay stop by for a Let's Talk Busan Post-show discussion about the Busan Abandonded Pet Sanctuary, Korea Pet Sitting Network, and assorted issues related to pet care in Korea

Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary

Korea Pet Sitting Network

Let's Talk Busan Recording 

Kotesol Intro & Upcoming Events

26:43 minutes (12.24 MB)
KotesolKotesol Discussion
w/ Rob Dickey & Brad Serl
May 12, 2010

May 15 Events

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