Saesidae Accounting Corporation (The K-solution)

"The K-solution is a brandname of Foreign Client Service Group(FCSG) at SAESIDAE Accounting Corporation."

SAESIDAE Accounting Corporation was incorporated in 2003 to provide professional tax and accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea. SASIDAE currently employs over 80 professionals with at least 5 year experience at banks, securities companies, major accounting firms, and major multi-national companies. In early 2014, SASIDAE set up the Foreign Client Service Group (The K-solution) to fulfill the increasing needs of many foreign invested business entities in Korea for the affordable and reliable accounting and tax services.

ICS Legal- Immigration lawyers & UK Visas from £250 (OISC Regulated) T

ICS Legal - Migration Service Provider - MSP 

Getting the right Immigration advice when making a visa application is extremely important especially when the Immigration rules are constantly changing.

pocket wifi (egg) KT or SK for a year or less than a year

Looking for pocket wifi (egg) for 1 year or less.


Looking for a job in a very wide range


I just got a masters degree in Chemical Engineering this year and I am looking for a job.

I am open to a large variety of jobs including

- Chemical Engineering related jobs

- Academic or non academic Research, phd

- English tutoring

- French tutoring

- Babysitting

- etc.

Feel free to contact me for more  details if you have an offer.

Thank you.

Credit Phone and Monthly data package for foreigners

Update Linephone Price JD Mobile Busan




iPhone 7 128GB DownPayment 630.000

iPhone 7+ 128GB DownPayment 780.000

Samsung Galaxy S8 DownPayment 530.000

Samsung Galaxy S8+ DownPayment 580.000

Galaxy Note7 FE DownPayment 340.000

iPhone 6 & iphone 6+ DownPayment 50.000



Free Shipping Nation Wide

You only need to pay the down payment to get the phone and paying monthly data plan (38.390/65.890 per month) for at least 6 months

If you interested or have any question, dont hestitate to contact me~ ^^


EPIK Spring 2018 - Apply with the Best

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2018 EPIK Program!

We expect there to be around 700 public elementary, middle and high school positions.

There are 3 starting dates – February 26th, March 26th and April 26th.  All contracts are 365 days.

February 26th is the main in-take and it is when all the metropolitan (Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Daejeon and Gwangju) schools will become available – the provincial schools will also be available at this date.  For this starting date; there will be around 600 schools available.  The late in-take of March 26th and April 26th will have around 100 vacancies.

These schools are with the most prestigious organization here – EPIK – and it can provide you a platform into the teaching profession.  Staff members at the school will have a background in education and it means that you will have a high learning curve.

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

22JOBS,5mil,Afterschool, BizEng, Full,Part,Seoul,Gyeonggi,Jeju,Incheon,Changwon

★★★ 22JOBS, ~5mil, Afterschool, Biz Eng, Full, Part, Ilsan,Changwon, Suwon,Incheon, Osan, Seoul, Sejong, Bungdang, Jeju,Gyeonggido, Big cities!

We make a difference for an Excellent Service!

We provide you with Structured and Progressive Recruiting Service!


We have more than 100 English school clients.

We would be of much help to find good schools that suit you the best.

If qualified & interested in any of these positions, please email at with the following:


 1. Recent Resume (.doc) No PDF

 2. Recent Photo (.jpg) Recent photo

 3. VISA Status in Korea

 4. Nationality

 5. Current Location /area of preference

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

Reliable, Experienced, Anerican, Great with Kids

I am an American with more than ten years of experience in Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. I am currently in Korea. I am on a D10 visa which is basically the same as a transferable E2.
I prefer elementary through middle school.  I am available immediately and am open on location. I would need housing.  I have good references some of which are at the bottom of my resume.

Salary:  Same as everybody else.
I have included my resume and some recent photos.
It occurs to me that if I can't answer a telephone call just text me and I will get back to you.

I am on Skype at Hunt.tom1, I am on Facebook messenger as Tom Hunt, and KakaoTalk as Thomas Hunt.

I am usually available about 1:00 PM.

Tom Hunt

외국계 회사에서 근무하시는 분에게 "실제로 쓸수 있는 사연위주의 영어 emails 첨부 파일 판매

안녕하세요.  저는 프리랜서 외국계 회사에 다니는 직장인을 가르치는 영어 강사 Deborah (데보라) 정현정 이라고 합니다.

외국계 회사 여러부서에서 일하시는 학생들의 실제 사연을 토대로 영어 이멜 모음집 파일을  제작했습니다.  (시중에서는 잘 볼수 없는 실제적이고 실용적인 사연들입니다) 모두 140개의 이멜들입니다.

외국 방문객 pick up요청, 예산보고서 제출 요청, 인사발령통보, 해외 출장 상환서, 뮤지컬 공연 티켓 지원 공지, 연말 정산 요청, 소방 훈련, 도로명 변경알림, 정전 & 단수 공지, 컴퓨터 강습회 개설 공지, 호텔 예약 요청, 단합회 공지, 무역계통 주문 확인/지연  그외 다양한 내용들을 이멜에 실었습니다  

첨부파일 가격: 3만 5천원 (결제 즉시 카톡이나 이멜로 보내드립니다)

내용 & 장점: 이멜 사연 135개, 어휘풀이/설명, 한글이멜을 영어식으로 어순고치기 (공부할때 가장 중요)

  • 책이 아닌 첨부 파일 형식이라 급하게 영어 이멜 쓰실때 스마트 폰에서 켑처하시거나 복사 & 붙이기 해서 쓰실수 있습니다
  • 본인 이멜 사연중 키워드를 한글 프로그램 찾기란에서 검색할수 있습니다 & 그리고 영작때 대입/응용하시면 됩니다 
  • Sample emails을 미리

연락처: katalk ID:   JeongDeborah

English Language On - line classes

Hi Everyone!!!

I am an American native speaker with a PHD in English literature and international studies in a prestigious American university

I teach English language on - line, please view my website for more information. I will be glad to teach  you soon

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