Daycares, F-Visa, Play Program, Morning and Afternoon March 2017

Puruni Childcare

Puruni Childcare Center is looking for English childcare workers who can play and interact with children. If you have teaching experiences with young children, please do not hesitate to apply. Be advised we are not looking for an ESL Teacher or specialist, we are looking for a positive and playful Daycare Teachers. This involves caring for and playing with children (singing, dancing, crafts, drama play, helping with lunch, etc.)
Think you might be a great fit for your centers and children? Send an application. If you have questions about the program, please send your application and attach any questions you might have.


Morning Positions
1. Gunsan

Samsung i5 r440 14" laptop

I have a Samsung laptop which I only use to watch movies. All keys are working as well as the camera. No dead pixels. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me. Just bought a new battery. I'll include the old battery if needed. SPECS: Intel core i5 @2.40 Ghz 8gb ram 240gb ssd 64~bit windows 7 Intel video card Selling for 450,000 won. I'll include a laptop bag (samsung) & mouse. Price is a li'l bit negotiable. Give me your offer and we'll talk it through. NO LOWBALLERS PLEASE...thanks...

Part-Time Position: Work Online $16-24 an Hour. Good for those returning home!

Who We Are
VIPKID provides the North American elementary school experience to Chinese children – all from the comfort of their home. Our sophisticated virtual classroom streams native English speaking teachers into Chinese homes, linking the world through education.
What We Believe

We believe that there is a better,

more effective way to teach a foreign language: through curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

Internet Service (SK Broadband , KT , LG )

Internet Service (SK Broadband , KT , LG )
If you are looking for a major internet provider,
Here's the best deal with
internet, Wifi ,TV (IPTV, digital cable)
(SK Broadband , KT , LG Telecom) INTERNET SERVICE.
* Final price : 22,000~32,500 won/month -
(tax and rental modem fee included) - SK,KT or LG
* Final price with TV(cable) : 26,500~38,500won/month -
(tax and rental modem fee included)
* Package
- internet + Wifi
- Internet + TV + Wifi + Internet phone(land line)
- Internet + TV + Wifi + Cellphone
- Internet + TV + Internet phone(land line)
*Extra 1,000~2000won for wifi connection

Used Book: Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in


Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life


▶▷ Chungju/ Early~Middle in May/ 13:00-21:00/ Elementary~Middle/ 2.2~mil◀◁

▶▷ Chungju/ Early~Middle in May/ 13:00-21:00/ Elementary~Middle/ 2.2~mil◀◁


Hello. Nice greeting from Korea

We are helping you to find a position.


Please send us your RESUME & PHOTOS by E-mail:

We will arrange the interview right away.


Please check the following information of positions ↓


#060212-2(b) Chungju Position

*Working days : Monday to Friday

*Working hours : 1:00pm to 9:00pm

*Teaching type : Elementary to Middle school students

*Monthly pay : 2,2~ million won

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

Used Books: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking


" Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is a book about the power of first impressions in your unconscious. Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, author, and speaker who has been writing for the New Yorker since 1996. The book takes you through many different stories all about what goes on behind the locked doors of your unconscious. Gladwell argues that we are thin slicing all the time – when we must judge an unfamiliar situation, meet a new person, interview a potential employee – that we take a small piece of a person or situation and can immediately make amazingly correct split second decisions. I believe that Gladwell very effectively makes this argument using data and examples. "

Guesthouse (Haeundae)- Looking for live-in Volunteer(s) or Part-Timer

Panda Guesthouse in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea are looking for volunteer(s) who can live-in and work in the guesthouse in exchange for accommodations and breakfast. Another option is working part-time 3 days morning a week for hourly pay( Priority even to the live-in volunteer). Our location is 3 minutes away from Haeundae Station and about 4 minutes away from the Beach. If you are interested in volunteering and living in our guesthouse please send me a message and we can discuss more about this. Korean and English speakers please contact me. Thanks!

Serentrip App :How do you travel around in Korea?

Hi, guys :)
I am Chatlotte, a Korean traveler.
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As you know, there are many interesting cities in Korea.
Seoul, Busan, Gangneung, Daegu, Andong, Jecheon etc.
I made an an app for travelers, and it must be relly helpful for you.
Basically my app 'serentrip' is for finding nice trip buddy :)
Basic system of 'Serentrip' is like this :
write your travel plan simply,
app 'Serentrip' matches travelers having similar plan with you.
(already more than a MILLION matching succeeded)
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Teach Motivated Adults in Daegu & Seoul: March ~ May Start Dates

Teach Motivated Adults in Metro Locations: March ~ May Start Dates


YBM Language Institutes is searching for dynamic and professional instructors to join its teams located in Daegu and Seoul. Korea’s #1 language education organization, YBM is Korea’s premier provider of English language content and services. Instructors for the adult EFL programs are offered contracts whose conditions are guaranteed by its corporate office (no franchises) and supported by a company whose reputation is second to none.


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 

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