Kotesol National Conference in Daegu


Saturday, May 15, 2010 - 10:00


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The KOTESOL / UCC 2010 National Conference

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn: Lessons From the Classroom 

May 15, 2010, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center (EXCO)
(New Venue!)

Plenary Speakers

Aleda Krause - Simple Activities for Super Classes

Steven Cornwell - Five Things I’ve Learned From My Students

The National Conference is provided as a counter-balance to theInternational Conference held every October in Seoul. It provides a ‘big’ conference for the first half of the year and gives conference-goers an opportunity to see a quality conference outside Seoul.

When you come to the conference, what will you be able to see?

Conferences provide many opportunities for KOTESOL members, including the opportunity to see world-class speakers as well as local talent speaking on topics that concern us all. Then there is the networking: seeing people you have not seen in a while. You can also find out about upcoming job opportunities and teacher training courses while perusing the latest publisher offerings and enjoying the discounted rates on the latest releases. Whatever your reasons for coming, we hope you enjoy the conference, and we look forward to seeing you and your friends and colleagues there.

Aleda Krause

Aleda Krause

Simple Activities for Super Classes - The best classes are almost always the simplest ones. Teachers are not stressed, students are confident and involved, and everyone knows what's happening and what they’re supposed to do. In order to accomplish these simple lessons, teachers need a core of tried-and-true activities that they can adapt to different classes. The best solution is to put together a set of these activities that can be used at any time, with all kinds of materials, in classes of many levels. They should also require little or no preparation time, which is often hard to find for busy teachers. I will introduce six to ten of my favorite “any time” activities, with suggestions about how to adapt them to different levels. 

Aleda Krause is a teacher and teacher trainer based in Japan, who has worked with more than 250 groups of teachers all over the world for more than 30 years. She teaches students of all ages, from preschool to senior citizens, including university students learning to be teachers of children. She is the author of SuperKids, a 6-level EFL series for elementary school children;SuperTots, a 3-level EFL series for kindergarteners; and the Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary. She is founding coordinator of JALT’s Teaching Children SIG and the author of numerous articles on teaching, teacher training, and teaching methodologies. 


Steve Cornwell

Steve Cornwell 

Five things I’ve Learned From My Students - As teachers, it is normal for us to focus on teaching.  It is what we do—manage classes, create lesson plans, assign homework, assess students, etc. But what can we learn by focusing on learning? After all learning and teaching are the flip sides of the same coin.  You can’t have one without the other; they are inseparable. Focusing on learning can help us better understand what we do and what we need to do. In this presentation, I will talk about what I have learned from some learning experts--my students (while also throwing in a few insights gleaned as a language learner.) My goal is to help us reflect upon what we do from a different perspective. 

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 9:30 Registration and Book Fairs Open

10:10 Opening Activities

10:30 Plenary Speaker: Steven Cornwell

11:30 Presentations and workshops (6 concurrent sessions)

12:20 Lunch  and Book Displays

1:00 Presentations and workshops (6 concurrent sessions)

2:00 Presentations and workshops (6 concurrent sessions)

3:00 Presentations and workshops (6 concurrent sessions)

4:00 Presentations and workshops (6 concurrent sessions)

5:00 Plenary Speaker: Aleda Krause