Do you play any instrument? Making Music Video with Foreign Musicians

Finding foreigner musicians in Busan

Hello, I’m from team “Visible Radio” which is made for making musical video clip with social message.

In this time, we are planning to make Korean traditional song “Arirang” just with foreigner musicians in Busan. The message we are trying to give to people is that foreigner is a part of our country. Even though the number of foreign people who are living together is high enough, people in Korea still doesn’t have enough notion that we are living with you guys. There are many campaigns for that, but in this time, we want to try to show it with music. Arirang is one of Korea’s famous traditional songs, and it has somewhat serious meaning to Koreans as “Our Song”. We guess that this is the best way to show yourself as a part of Korea.

Heavy Metal (all subgenres) in and around Busan

Hey hey, 

New to Busan and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions concerning, well, metal. 

I went to a show last Friday at Club Realize and was pleasantly surprised. There was a good showing of Core styled bands, and the show was headlined by legendary Japanese Noisecore band Sete Star Sept. Are there any other good venues around Busan, or are they all up in Seoul?

Is it folly to think that major bands (as far as metal goes) will tour in Korea? I know As I Lay Dying is coming around soon, as are the Deftones, but do other, perhaps heavier acts make trips over here regularly?

Also, I'd love to know any suggestions as to where I could purchase some used instruments and then anything that has to do with metal, i.e. CDs, vinyl, posters, shirts, etc.

Lastly -- sorry -- how would you describe the metal scene in Korea? I'm thinking modest at best. 

Thanks for your help!


piano lessons!

i am an english teacher in Busan.

I used to play piano but i gave up many years ago, i have completed 5 grades and want to get lessons here in Busan, does anyone know of anywhere? or can anyone give me any information?


pretty please and thanks

Where is OZ concert hall located?

Does anyone know where OZ live concert hall is?  I know it is in Seomyeon somewhere.  I just don't know exactly where.  I think this place used to be Rock House.

There is a metal show on Sat. I want to see, so please help me :)

musicians wanted: guitar, bass, clarinet, violin

I'm a guitarist trying to form an acoustic gypsy jazz group to perform in clubs around Daegu and Busan. Looking for an acoustic guitarist, stand up baas player, violinist and a clarinetist (sax, or other instruments that lend themselves to gypsy jazz ok)

Keyboardist / singer wanted - electronic / (a little rock)/ dance band

Hey all, my friends and I are starting a new band and need some people! Since rock bands are a dime a dozen, we want to do something fun that gets some booties shaking in the bars, something fun that makes people jump up and dance. That's where you come in.

We need a keyboard / synth player! Right now we have bass, drums, and guitar, lacking the key ingredient for dance music.

We also need a singer. Me (the bassist) and the guitarist can both sing backup but have no experience or skill or guts to be a front-man for the band. If someone can play keys and sing, that'd be sweet. If not, then two people will be good too.

Besides that, we're open to the idea of an emcee / rapper to join us. I haven't seen that done much around here, but why the hell not

We like to have fun more than practicing scales, so we aspire to have some crowd hype-people and one of us might wear some pink tights at a gig.

teach you guitar, teach me english(place , instrument are prepared)

hey guys.

i'm a korean guitar player and teach guitar currently for koreans in seomyeon.

if you anyone want to learn it. i can do help you. even my english is not very good there are no problem to let you make it. the place and guitars are prepared... so i mean you don't need to bring your own guitar.


if you are interested it. feel free to contact me

kakaotalk crashpie

highwaystar8 @



Guitar lessons in English


I am trying to learn to play the guitar, so I am looking for lessons in English.  Does anyone know of a good place or teacher?

Musician-Drummer in Daegu



Currently I am in Daegu, I moved from Geyonggido recently. I am looking to join a band. I don't have a kit, that means I pay to play in a fully set studio with kit and percussion. My musical interests are many and varied for example, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Indie, Shoe Gaze, Dream pop, Grunge, Avant-guarde, Punk, Psycho-billy. Not in to commercial rubbish. Certainly not K-Pop. I live in Centtal Daegu. Hit me up if you are looking for an animal drummer.



Lost Guitar in Trunk of Taxi....Info help Please.

I accidentally left my guitar in the back of the trunk of a taxi. Yeah Yeah I know pretty stupid...but If anyone could help me find it and or locate it I would give a 50 dollar reward. 

Details: I took the cab 2:20-2:45 AM Wednesday morning from PNU to Deokcheon to Hwamyeong. Located in the bag is an Acoustic Electric guitar, silver capo, purple guitar pick, Phone charger, and lyrics sheet. I was unable remember which exact taxi it was and did not get a receipt. I don't know what the protocal is for these situations, but any information helps. 

Like I said if you do manage to locate it for me there is a 50 dollar reward upon its return. Thanks so much. 

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