Fellow musicians

Hello, my name is Ben. I'll be moving out to Busan in January to start teaching for a year. I should be bringing my computer/recording equipment with me and I was wondering if there were any musicans in the area. I've been looking around the forums here and there isn't really many posts having to do with music or instruments. I play guitar myself and would just like to look for any other musicians that would like to get together and mutually enjoy making/playing some music together at some point down the road. Send me a PM or add me on skype.

Skype: mechajabo


Guitar lessons in Busan?


Anyone know where I can get guitar lessons. My Korean is very poor so i'd need a teacher who can communicate well in English and preferably somewhere near North Busan as I live in PNU though I would be prepared to travel a little.

Hope you can help


Yo, I am in Busan right now I am looking to get my hands on a decent saxophone for a group I want to play with.

I have two "Axes" at home, but I don't want to have to ship them, unless necessary...

Does anyone have a sax that they do not want and more? Or will lend me? or will rent out to me?? Or maybe even sell to me?

Or does anyone know a place I can rent good musical instruments here in Busan for a good price?

And suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, peace out!



Where To Buy USB Headphones


I want to buy USB Headphones (for DJing) but I don't know where to go. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, the closer to Haeundae/Centum City area, the better. (I should add - of course, higher quality/lower price = preferred)



Christmas / Classical Music Preformance?

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a place that has live Christmas music or classical music on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Anybody know where there might be some? I am ok to travel outside Busan to Daegu or Changwon. Anywhere? Concert or a nice local venue would be great.

If not, then do you know of anywhere that has classical music on January 4th? Same deal, just different day, and I am sure that  Christmas music will be over with.

Thanks much!

Where to find music (including LPs) in Busan?

I've been in Korea for over a decade (long enough to remember when Tower Records was here) but I'm fairly new to Busan. I'm an avid music collector and am always looking for stores with a decent collection of CDs as well as LPs, SACDs, DVD-As, etc. I Love Music in Nampo-dong has a decent selection of CDs, at least by today's iPod standards. Found an SACD or two hiden amongst the stock. The Hot Trax in Shinsegye has a small amount of vinyl (new, audiophile titles). A Synnara Records in Seomyeong has a nice-sized selection of LPs, mostly used but some new. Anything else here I should be looking at? I'm particularly interested in vinyl, new or old but I'd like to hear about any store that isn't limited to today's hits. Thanks!

Class on Making Guitars: Anyone Know of One?


Here's a strectch, but anyone know of a school that teaches guitar making, example, acoustic guitars?


Bujeon Music Market

Ok, so a google search told me a giant warehouse in Bujeon is the best place to buy a guitar, and or equipment.  I went today to browse and a security guard shooed me out.  Apparently its something else now.  I couldn't get in to make sure. Does anyone have any current info on the place?

Wanted: Vocalist And/Or Musician(s)

Hey Busan,

I just moved to Korea about two weeks ago. I produce music and I'm looking for a singer, English or Korean speaking both OK. Even if you're not the best singer in the world, it's ok, I'm a good enough producer that I can make you sound quite nice!

Also, if you're a musician and looking for a project, another creative voice would be excellent! Any and all instruments welcome.

Or, if any band is looking for a drummer or keyboard player, let me know. (I should add, since I'm into the production side of things, I can sound like a better version of any instrument when I'm on the keyboard, really, so if you're looking for brass/bass/anything, I'm down)

This is getting long-winded. Look, the point is, I want play some music.

Shoot me an e-mail at



Specialist DJ/Sound equipment in Busan

Hi, I'm new to Busan and Korea.  Could anyone please point me in the right direction as to where I could pick up a good USB soundcard for DJ-ing (with 2 channels, preferably Native Instruments or M-Audio) and some decent DJ headphones (Sony, Sennheiser or Technics).  I need to pick up some gear...

Any other amateur DJs living/playing in Busan?


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