Looking for a vocalist to join my band or I can join your band

Hi all

I am a Korean Australian living in Yang Pyeong Gyeonggi province

and currently looking for a vocalist to join my band


looking for a band for me to join

I've been playing guitar for over 2 decades and can play almost any genre in any level

I guarantee that you won't be dissapointed :)

The kind of music that I'm particularly interested in playing is mostly contemporay rock from the 90's and onwards


These are some of the songs I love to play

Rascal Flatts - Life is a highway

Silvertide - Ain't coming home

Black Crowes - Hard to handle


ofcourse these are subject to changes at any time

I'd also love to hear from you, if you play guitar, bass, drums or keys

pls feel free to txt me any time or I'm available on the phone usually after 7

look forward to hearing from you soon

010 4452 8436 Ed

Looking for vocalist who love metal music.



This is "J" from "Redcline".

"Redcline" find a singer who love metal music that we make from Busan.

If you want to sing and can sing our music, send a mobile message promptly.

Reference music and show at online, Please find "Redcline" on Youtube and Soundcloud.


010-3794-0861 "J"

Create Music

Hi. I'm actually looking for someone who are interested in making music. email me at

Looking to Jam

I'm on the hunt for some guys or gals to jam with. (Ideally a drummer would be great, but I'll take what I can get.) I'm hoping that we can whip up some ripping songs and drop them on unsuspecting audiences all over Korea.


Anyhow, if you're keen to make something new (with a loosely defined hardcore punk rock slant) instead of sounding like something that already exists (because let's face it, there is already enough bands that sound exactly like someone else already) then feel free to hit me up...

looking for a drummer who play fast and crazy stuff.

I play guitar in Seoul. I listen metal and punk. like Converge, Black Dahlia Murder and so on.

please send a text.  o1o 62o8 9381

thank you. 

Sorry this post is blacked.

Recording Studio in Busan

If your a musician, producer, songwriter, podcaster, or even a film director, check out Underground Tracks studio in Busan for recording, mixing, and mastering.

Check out for more information.  We'd love to hear about your project!

Open Mic nights for Music

I'm starting an open mic night for music in Songtan at the O'Lounge Comedy CLub the first and third Thursdays of the month.  We want people to come out and hear some good music! I will have a guitar there so you don't have to bring one! Starting Thursday 21 Jan at 830pm! 

Female Metal Vocal Needed (Busan)

Looking for female vocalist who is willing to staty in this country for long-long time.


Hi, I'm JJ, I play guitar in this Band "RedCline".

We are sort of Metal band based in Busan, have many demo songs.

Please visit Soundcloud page as below,

Influence : Metallica, Muse, Limp Bizkit, RATM, Evanescence, Helloween, Dream Theater, Seo Taiji, etc.


This isn't gonna pay you, just for fun for now.

We are planning to release album next year, not with professional studio though.


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in

Kakaotalk id : diy3457 (Bass) or nameupsir (Guitar)


* do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers.



Looking for violin teacher (offering language exchange)


I'm a master student living in Busan, and I'm looking for a violin teacher (doesn't need to be professional).

I had lessons before in my country for about 3 years, so I'm not absolute beginner and have my own violin!

I can offer in exchange English, Portuguese or French lessons.

Thank you,




kakao ID: patty033

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