The HBC Festival will be happening this Sat. May 29th.

Click the link for more information.

Performances in both Haebangchon and Itaewon Venues.

May Festival 2010 May 29th 12pm

BBQ starter party at HBC Cafe Hign Noon Buckaroo's!!

Phillies Upstairs : SOLO and DUO's

2pm The Two Guitars

3pm Peter James Bluegrass

4pm John Valentine

5pm Backus

6pm T.C. McManus

7pm Ozzy Stu on the Keys

8pm John Wade


Host : Yvon Malenfant

4pm Roger Peacock

5pm Darren Mullins

6pm Duane Voorhees

7pm Yukihiro Hayashi - Yokohama, Japan. Acoustic solo

7:30pm Michael Flanigan

8pm Luke Michielsen

9pm Yvon Malenfant

HBC Café : TRIO's etc

Host : G.T.Arpe

12pm BBQ Party w/Spontaneous Combustion

5pm G.T. Arpe

6pm Matthew Dewey

7pm Mississippi Dave

Information about renting musician rehearsal rooms?



I recently heard that there are places in Busan that have music rehearsal rooms for rent and already have equipment such as amps and drum kits available inside.

However, I have no idea exactly where these places are. I've heard there's at least one in Bujeon-dong, but not sure and don't have specifics.

Does anyone have information on how to find these places? I would really appreciate it.



Guitar lessons?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for private English guitar lessons in the Jangsan area or relatively close by. (Haeundae is fine, maybe KSU in a pinch.) I'd prefer something in the morning ending before 12:30 or 1pm. Do you know of any leads?

Ska or Punk Music venues/shows in Busan??

I'm wondering what the Ska and/or punk music scene is like here in Busan. I'm looking to catch some shows, or play some music with some folks here in town. Any nice jam sessions going on around here? Sure hope so. Any info would be huge.

Bob Dylan and other upcoming concerts in Korea

Was just checking out who is playing in Korea this year and was pleasantly surprised to see Bob Dylan was on March 31.

Other artists include (love them or loathe them!)

Chicago  - Feb 23

Backstreet Boys - Feb 24

Basement Jaxx (DJ Set) - Feb 27

Jeff Beck - March 20

Brian McKnight - April 1

Tom Jones - April 2-3

Kings of Convenience - April 4

Swell Season (couple from movie Once) April 7

Pat Methney - June 2-4

All of the above are in Seoul (of course)

There is also the Jisan Rock festival in July, but unable to find anything out about the lineup yet.

More details here

and tickets usually available here

(it's a foreigner friendly website if you have basic Korean)

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