We are looking for a Drummer

[Im a Korean.] Hi. Our Rock Band is looking for a drum player who is active in Seoul ~ Incheon. We do 80's Rock genres such as Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Glam Rock, LA Metal and so on. Our band currently consists of four members: Vocal(22), Guitar(20), Guitar(22), Bass(25). And we want a drum player. (Age 21 ~ 31) We are a freshly-formed band. We write songs and do few covers as well. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Katalk ID : fallinmetal Phone : 01080079406 Thank you.

New Music Production Company in Busan! Gift Card Giveaway!

I am excited to announce that Underground Tracks is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We offer recording, mixing, and mastering services locally and online for a reasonable price. Message for an official quote today!  To celebrate our launch we are giving away a $100.00 gift card to iTunes/App Store. To be entered in the draw, all you have to do is LIKE OUR PAGE on Facebook before October 14th! An additional ballot can be submitted for each person who likes AND shares the contest photo. Thank you for celebrating with us, and best of luck!



Drummer looking to play

Experienced drummer looking to join a band or play with some musicians in the Busan area. Will audition and have online samples as well.



HiFi shop in Busan

Just moved to Busan. Wondering if there are good HiFi stores, most of the stores are located in Seoul. Would appreciate any help. Looking for B&W, Arcam, Roksan,Martin Roland stuff....thks

Voice Recording Studio

I'm a voiceover artist who may have some work opportunities overseas, however I'm living in Ulsan. I'm curious if there's a studio in Busan that I can rent out for a few hours or a day to record?

If there's a tech to go with it, that would be more than appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice on that. 

Would like to offer guitar lessons

I'm in Daegu downtown area now.  I'd like to offer guitar private lessons for anyone interested.  Please shoot email at

Looking for someone to play music with

I live in Daegu downtown and play guitar.  Trying to form a band eventually.  But right now I am looking for someone to play music with.  Anyone interested?

Anybody who produces, performs, or loves Rap/Hip-Hop?

Hello everybody,

I am a California native vacationing out here in Busan, Korea. I love composing, performing listening to Rap/Hip-Hop music in English and Korean. I am wondering if there are anybody in the Busan area who share similar interests as me. I want to create a group or a meet where we can exchange or create music or just simply hang out. Feel free to reply here and contact me. Thanks!

Talant Exchange( Private Guitar lesson for Free)

Hi guys

I'm SangWoo. Basically I have been playing guitar over a dacade and I have been teaching guitar for 2 more years. Also i have some teaching experiences for non-Korean here who's morther tunge is English. although I can not speak Englsih like a native but i'm sure that there are no communication problem.

however, I am currently looking for someone who want to learn playing guitar as a beginner. so what i want to through this talant exchange is to check my wriiten english. I want to say that Learning English is kind of my hobby and  i don't mind either way that you help me through the email or after guitar lesson.

I can use the guitar lesson institute(you don't need bring your own guitar, some placed) anytime for this exchange in weekdays or weekend at Seomyoen.

If you are interested in doing this , Just mail me. 



Would you like to play any instruments on the stage ?

Eric's Bar has a stage where you are welcome to show off any of your musical talents to your friends. Every Friday we have a Jam day and anybody can join. Bar is located at Bundang, near Miguem Station. On the stage, Rivers-9 Drum set, Fender Blues Jr tube amplifier and Ampeq bass guitar amplifier are prepared. 

Bring the guitars and join us.

See the Business Listings menu to get more information about this bar. 

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