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  • 10 Photographers You Should Follow

    I am sure that you have all  seen that meme about how people will buy shoes from Michael Jordan but not support their friends or family in their new business or side gig. I feel in many ways this is the same for photography. In many ways, we have been programmed to admire celebrities over our friends or family. We trust their “brand” more than our “buddy”  who goes out every weekend to get the most beautiful shots you can imagine.


  • Speaking Korean with Other Korean Learners | A Glass with Billy

    My friend Andy lives in the city of Sejong, which is near Daejeon. I meet him about once a year and he is also very interested in the Korean language and Korean education. He also speaks Korean fluently and has been learning the language for a very long time.

    When I was first learning Korean, and even recently, I've felt shy or nervous to speak Korean around other people who aren't native Korean speakers, in fear of being judged for making any mistakes or because I was worried it would look like I was "showing off" by speaking Korean better than them. When I met with Andy we talked about this, as well as how to deal with those sort of feelings, and what situations it would be completely normal to speak in Korean with other non-native Korean speakers. Andy had some great insight and I'll definitely be meeting with him again next summer.

  • Koreabridge Typhoon Center - Kong-rey Weekend!



  • How To Say ‘Let’s Go’ In Korean

    It’s been a long and boring day at home. Maybe it’s because there’s a heatwave going on outside and you’ve had it, or perhaps it happens to be an exceptionally cold winter day. Whatever the reason, you’ve spent the day browsing around for activities, cafes, restaurants, and sights in Korea that you are now eager to visit in person. All you need is someone to go with! The words ‘let’s go’ are at the tip of your tongue… when all of a sudden you realize you don’t know them correctly in Korean after all!

    In your quest to learn how to say ‘let’s go’ in Korean, you’re lucky to have found us! Today we’ll go over how to say let’s go in Korean as well as some examples to get you using the phrase quicker. Now then, let’s go!


  • Korean FAQ – Long and Short Vowel Sounds (눈: vs 눈)

    A very long time ago the Korean language had tones just like in Chinese (before 한글 became popularized). As those tones went out of the language, some parts of them stuck around - specifically vowel lengths. Some words have different vowel lengths that can change the meaning of a word. But are these important to know? Find out~!

    Also feel free to send me any requests for future "Korean FAQ" episodes.

    The post Korean FAQ – Long and Short Vowel Sounds (눈: vs 눈) appeared first on Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.

  • Korean FAQ – The Difference Between 국, 탕, 찌개, and 전골

    What's the difference between 국, 탕, 찌개, and 전골? They all can translate as "soup" or "stew," but each is unique.

    Feel free to request new topics for future "Korean FAQ" episodes~!

    The post Korean FAQ – The Difference Between 국, 탕, 찌개, and 전골 appeared first on Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.

  • How To Meet Korean Friends Online

    So you’re planning to visit Korea soon and would love to have a local friend showing you around and spending time with you. Or maybe you would like to have some someone you know or a small support network already built up before you move here for your studies or work. Perhaps you are already living in Korea and are interested in making more friends, but at a bit of a loss with where and how to meet them.

    Luckily for all of us, the advancement of technology has given us near limitless options to meet people from all over the world – without ever leaving the comfort of our homes! Whether you’re already in Korea or simply thinking about making connections with people in Korea, we’ve got good news for you: there’s several great ways that you can meet new Korean friends right now, from wherever you are!

  • LTW: Revised FTA with the U.S.

    Pretty hectic two months in Korean peninsula. A few hundred separated families in S.Korea and N.Korea had a three day reunion in August while South Korean president Moon Jae-in took part time job to deliver N.Korean leader Kim Jong-un's love letter to Donald Trump after his car parade with Kim in Pyongyang in mid September. In a meeting with Donald Trump in New York on Sep 24, President Moon also signed a revised Free Trade Agreement in which the U.S. will extend 20 more years to impose 25% tax on Korean trucks until 2041, virtually barring Hyundai's entry into U.S. pick-up truck market, and US car makers can double their sales in Korea from 25K to 50K a year per manufacturer. It was a revision lopsided in favor of the U.S. in general. " The new agreement includes significant improvements to reduce our trade deficit and to expand opportunities to export American products to South Korea," said Donal Trump.

  • Arsenal Review

    Recently, I have been exploring a lot of new ways to take and edit photos using AI or artificial intelligence. The first piece of gear that I bought was Arsenal: The Intelligent Camera Assistant. I bought this off of Kickstarter and was eager to test it out. I wanted to see if the images it produced with its “smart capture” feature could really lived up to what the campaign said that it could do. So far, I have been impressed, but I think a few more updates would make Arsenal a lot better.

  • Asking Koreans the Best Thing About Living in Korea

    I asked Koreans, "What do you think is the biggest advantage of living in Korea?” (한국에서 살 때 가장 큰 장점이 뭐라고 생각하세요?)

    For me, I love the transportation whenever I'm there and the overall ease of traveling to anywhere I want in a reasonable amount of time. I also appreciate the availability of hospitals in every area. And finally I like being able to get Korean food for a fair price.

    What's your opinion? If you've ever lived in Korea, what did you like best about being there?

  • Yongjusa Temple – 용주사 (Changnyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do)

  • Some Late Thoughts on John McCain

    Image result for john mccain

    I was on vacation there for awhile, and while I wrote the following after the senator’s death, I did not post it here back then. I know everyone is talking about Kavanaugh and Trump’s ‘very, very large brain’ right now, but I wanted to put this up before it fades.

  • How To Say ‘United States’ In Korean

    If you are from the United States and visiting or living in South Korea, one of the first things that would be useful to learn is how to tell locals where you’re from. You may be able to do this in English as well, but they would certainly be impressed if you belted out some Korean with your introduction! That’s why, first and foremost, you should learn how to say the United States in Korean.

    However, even if you are not from the United States, but just intend to stay in South Korea for a period of time, learning how to say United States in Korean will be beneficial to you.


    *Ready to learn Korean yet? Click here to learn about our 90 Day Korean learning program!


  • Day 1 at Colorful Daegu: National Museum, Apsan Park & Suseong Lake

    Hello everyone! Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and people living in South Korea, hope you had a great Chuseok vacation! This year during Chuseok, my husband and I decided to go to Daegu, a city that is really close to Busan. We stayed there for two days and one night. For today I will write about day 1, and I promise day 2 is coming soon!

    So in day 1, we went to Daegu National Museum first. It is a brick built two storied building. According to wikipedia it was first opened in 1994. There are different halls in the museum, however it has three main halls, the ancient culture hall, the medieval culture hall & clothing culture hall. The museum is quite big so make sure you have enough time in your hand.

  • K-Drama Words and Phrases: Signal

    At 90 Day Korean, it’s no surprise that we love all things Korean and Korean dramas are no exception! We’re big fans of studying Korean but also doing it in a fun and interesting way. Whether it’s studying with television, music, or movies, learning through a medium you enjoy is a surefire way to learn Korean fast! So for that reason, we’re going to start an article series of some of our favorite dramas and words you can look for to supplement your Korean studies while you watch.

    So heat up your popcorn and grab a pencil because we’re reviewing the 2015 hit drama 시그널 (Shigeuneol) or in English, “Signal“. Let’s get started!



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