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  • Hanoi Fallout (3): Moon Jae-In is Now Leading Détente with N Korea – and He Needs Clearer Domestic Political Support for It

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    This is a local re-post of an article I wrote for The National Interest a few weeks ago.

  • How to Say "Really" - 정말, 진짜, 되게, and More | Korean FAQ

    Can you say "really" in Korean? I mean, can you really say it? There are so many ways!

    I used to think 정말 and 진짜 were the only ways to say "really" when I was first starting to learn Korean, but then later discovered that they're both different... and that there are so many other ways. Each way is very different, so I wanted to compile a full overview of the most common words for "really." Of course if we went over other adverbs there would be more as well (very, etc.) but for this video we'll just focus on how to say "really" and what's different between each of them.

  • Busanjin Fabric Market

    I think I mentioned in a couple of my blogs about my passion for sewing. I learned sewing my own dress back in 2011. And from then till moving here in Korea, I used to design and make my own dress. I think the main reason I wanted to learn sewing is that I was too impatient to wait for my tailor to finish the work lol.  But I never really wanted to take sewing as a profession, I never wanted to be a professional designer. All I ever wanted was to be not dependent on someone else for designing or tailoring my dress. My mother knew sewing, she taught me everything by herself. I even made some dresses for my sisters and my only niece. Sadly, after coming here, I couldn’t do much sewing. I didn’t own one, cause we used to live in a studio apartment, and we didn’t want to make our house too messy as we already had too much stuff.

  • Conversational Korean Crash Course | Tutoring My Brother

    My younger brother Alex has been learning Korean for just over an hour, and for our second hour of class we're going to prepare him for his first Korean conversation.

    After two hours of learning Korean (one for the alphabet, one for some grammar and phrases), how did he do? What should we learn about next time?

    My brother has asked me to teach him some Korean for years, even before I started my YouTube channel, so I thought we'd finally start through making this series.

  • Clean Your Gear!!

    Full Disclosure: I am terrible at cleaning my camera. I abuse my camera and I shouldn’t. However, I recently got really sick of removing the dust spots from my images in Lightroom. I also was too lazy to take my camera to the service centre to have it cleaned.

    Like any photographer, I have all the tools that come with any new camera purchase. You know what I am talking about. We all have the cleaning cloths, the blowers, the brushes, the blower-brush combo, the wipes, and the tissues. However, the first major issue what that I never used them unless it was really nasty. The other ws the fact that I can’t use any of these to clean my sensor.

  • How To Say ‘Fun’ In Korean

    How about today we truly put the ‘fun’ in learning Korean by learning how to say ‘fun’ in Korean? How much fun do you think that will be? By the time we’re done you’ll be able to tell all your Korean friends about ‘fun’ things you like to do. Or tell us by letting us know in the comments at the end of this post – in Korean of course!

    Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 90 minutes!

  • Korean Numbers (Sino & Pure) | Live Class Abridged

    This abridged video clocks in at just over 17 minutes - much less than the full live stream which went over 2 hours. We talked about Korean numbers - both Sino-Korean and Pure Korean - as well as counters and how to count things in Korean.

    Maybe in the future I'll do a follow up lesson about more counters, but the ones mentioned in the live stream were some of the most commonly used ones and should be good enough for a first-time learner.

  • Flying a Drone in South Korea

    If you are living or traveling to South Korea, here are some rules and advice that you should know before launching your drone. This advice not only comes from the actual websites but from my own personal experience as well. Often you are going to find sites that have just copied and pasted the general drone rules for Korea and only reflect on part of the experience.

  • Hanoi Fallout (2): Trump is Too Incompetent and Unprepared for these Open-Ended, High Stakes Summits. Time to Stop

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    This is a re-post of an essay I wrote for the Lowy Institute earlier this month.

    Basically, Trump blew Hanoi, because he is lazy and poor negotiator. He has no empathy, so he cannot put himself in another’s shoes. Nor does he read, so he has no idea what the issues really are. He isn’t preparing for these meetings. He is throwing them together as he goes. So he walks into them unprepared with little fallback when he doesn’t get his way. Both Singapore and Hanoi failed along the same lines. Trump is 0-2, because he’s winging it.

  • What is 뽀시래기? | Korean Language Trends Ep. 3

    신조어 ("newly coined words") are recently made words that are gaining popularity. Sometimes they fade away, but other times they get popular enough to stick around for a long time.

    Today's new word is 뽀시래기. What do you think about this word? Have you ever heard it before? When would you want to use it?

    The post What is 뽀시래기? | Korean Language Trends Ep. 3 appeared first on Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.

  • Nothing's Really Real Podcast: (Ep 53) Alcoholic

    I’m joined on this episode my one of my best friends from all time, Michael Laperle. Michael is a recovering alcoholic. He joins me on the podcast to talk about his life, his childhood, some of his lowest lows, his theories on addiction, relapse – and the daily struggle that is sobriety. It is a pretty heavy episode.

  • Spoken Korean vs Written Korean | Korean FAQ

    There are many differences between spoken and written Korean - that is the Korean you'll actually hear Koreans using, and the Korean you might see written somewhere. They're the same language, but there are some fundamental differences that can make the two difficult. In order to master reading, writing, speaking and listening, you'll have to understand these major differences.

    These differences include word order, grammar forms used and conjugations, verb endings, as well as vocabulary, phrases, and more. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments~

  • Text and Cinemagraphs: 2 Options to Make More Creative Content

    Cinemagraphs are great for ads and promotions, but it is always a challenge blending in your text or logo into a cinemagraph. Dues to the way that we currently create cinemagraphs, having test that may bleed over onto the masked out move areas, just didn’t look that good as you would still have to cut away parts. It just doesn’t look good.

    For an idea of the old way, check the video below and excuse the lame joke at the beginning. At any rate, you had really only one option and that was to export the top image and add text away from the moving parts of the cinemagraph and then import into cinemagraph pro.

  • Getting an Apartment in Korea

    While getting an apartment in Korea may not be of much concern to you if you are only planning to travel in Korea, it will be a big deal if you’ll be working here and staying for longer. In that case, you absolutely should familiarize yourself with how the Korean apartment market works. And also, you should conduct research on your needs, what options there are out there, and what requirements there are. To make all that easier for you, we’ve done a lot of the research for you. Read on for our advice about getting an apartment in South Korea!


    Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 90 minutes!


  • Teaching English In Seoul Might Not Be What You Expected

    Want to teach English in Seoul, Korea? Are you looking for a job teaching English in Seoul, Korea? Well, guess what? So is everyone else!

    In this article I am going to cover a few topics not usually covered about teaching English in Seoul. Teaching English in Seoul might be great for you, but like other things in life there are 2 sides to a coin.

    I lived in Korea for 3.5 years and in that time I lived mostly in Busan and in Changwon. So how does Seoul compare to Busan? Well, from my point of view it is only better for one thing.

    What's that?

    It's more cosmopolitan. Maybe you love K-pop, Korean dramas, you want a wide variety of restaurants and foods catered towards foreigners, or English bookstores, shopping experiences, nightlife, to be in a big Asian city or whatever. The bottom line is Seoul is going to have the most options in Korea.

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