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KBC Interview - Hank Ahn - Korea Is a Great Destination for Foreign Direct Investment

34:23 minutes (15.74 MB)


ARKPop Episode 31 - Career Suicide

98:55 minutes (25.81 MB)


With an awesome turnaround of just three days, we have returned to record this week’s actual episode. This one is focused on the big news of the week, G-Dragon, leader of Big Bang admitting to partaking of marijuana while partying in Japan, but before we get to that, there was somehow more news.

ARKPop Episode 29 - How Dare Those People?

206:20 minutes (49.15 MB)


That sound you hear is that of thousands of new Brown Eyed Girls fans being born, also if you listen closely at the end of this episode, we bring you a new voice, a special one that you’ll likely come to love.


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