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ARKPop Podcast - Birthday Remix


Thank you for supporting us the past two years, we hope to be able to pick things up and continue to deliver quality Kpop discussion with our usual rational flair.

ARKPop Podcast - Episode 62 – We Expect So Much of You

113:32 minutes (73.04 MB)


Probably the last episode to be released in 2012, but will be followed by our Top Singles of 2012 episode and our Top Scandals of 2012 episode, so you have a lot to look forward to. This episode is a bit dated, but we had fun recording so you guys should be able to enjoy it.

Episode 61 - Scandal, Scandal, Burning Bright by Always Rational Kpop Podcast

116:27 minutes (53.31 MB)


Excuse the lateness, please. Both this episode and the next to be released were recorded last month, which accounts for the discussions that are a bit dated. The delays are my fault as my weekends (best available time to edit) suddenly got taken up by softball. Never fear though, I think the discussion here is pretty interesting as we seem to work best when we’re talking about scandal.

ARKPop Podcast - Episode 60~99 Questions

43:36 minutes (41.69 MB)


Gone Mainstream(er)

ARKPop Podcast#59 - -Racism isn't Real Folks

98:34 minutes (63.23 MB)


The kids next door are screaming so loudly it’s like they’re in the room with me. I’m sorry about the extra noise. Noelle is going to pick up a new mic soon so hopefully that will eliminate the fuzzy noise from her end.

Download EPisode 59 – Racism Isn’t Real Folks



ARKPop Podccast#58 - Sexytimes?

63:40 minutes (46.9 MB)


Come back, please

ARKPop Podast - Episode 55 – Reunion Life

72:26 minutes (49.9 MB)


Belated News for Everyone!

Download Episode 55 – Reunion Life

ARKPop Podcast#53 - Return of the Ants

67:17 minutes (61.61 MB)


The format of the show is a little different this week, but we still have quite a bit to talk about.

ARKPop - Episode 52 – Don’t call it a comeback

50:38 minutes (42.52 MB)

This episode is jam-packed with comebacks as well as discussion of member rotations. It’s like everybody’s doing it.

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