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ARKPop Podcast Episode#28

118:06 minutes (30.56 MB)


A great man (or woman) once said “Age ain’t nothing but a number, you just as old as you feel” and we’re taking that theme and running with it for our free talk, as well as bringing you up to date with all of the happenings this week and (re)introducing you to a Korean HipHop Legend.

ARKPop Podcast#27 – A Girl can Dream

152:19 minutes (34.86 MB)


Episode 27 meets us on a high after finding ourselves linked to for a blog recommendation. YAY! We’re almost famous. Ahem, anyway, this week there was a lot of non-news released, but we power through it all anyway to get to our somewhat surprisingly in depth free talk, a bit more silly and fun than normal.

KBIS w/ Ha-Joon Chang - 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About (Korean) Capitalism

46:51 minutes (21.45 MB)


ARKPop Pocast#26 - It's Over

153:14 minutes (70.15 MB)


And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming, with all three segments operating in full force this week, for better or for worse.

ARKPopPodcast Ep 25 by ARKPop

120:03 minutes (28.7 MB)


Due to Hurricane Irene affecting Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, The Bahamas and later the Northeastern United States, this episode was delayed considerably.  Yes, I don’t live in all of those places, but my Internet was down for 3 days after power returned to my neighborhood.  My family and I are fine, but there are a lot that are suffering in the wake of the first Hurricane this season.


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