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1) #20190523 Cheongju

*Start date: ASAP

*Working days: Mon-Fri

*Working hours: 2:00 ~9:00 PM       

*Teaching target: Elementary~Middle school

*Monthly pay: 2,2~2,4 mil

*Housing: Studio 

*Number of Foreign Teachers: 2

*Vacation: 5 days in summer, 5 days in winter

*Benefits: Airfare, Health insurance, Severance pay 


2) #20190527-1 Gyeonggi-do Gwangju 

*Start date: July 1st

*Working days : Mon~Fri

*Working hours: 2 ~10 pm (Sometimes finish at 8:30, 9:30)

*Teaching target: Elementary-middle

*Monthly pay: 2.1~2.2

*Housing: Studio or allowance 300.000

*Number of Foreign Teachers: 2

*Vacation: 10 days

*Benefits: Severance pay, health insurance, pension, airfare


3) #20190603-1 Myongji, Busan


*Start date: July 1st

*Working days : Mon-Fri

*Working hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 1:30~9:20 pm

                  Tue, Thurs 1:30~8:30  pm     

*Teaching target: Elementary~Middle

*Monthly pay: 2,2~2.4

*Housing: Studio

*Number of Foreign Teachers:1

*Vacation: 10 days

*Benefits:  Airfare (round), Severance pay, Health insurance, Pension


4) #20190604-1 Haeundae, Busan 


*Start date: End of June

*Working days: Mon~Thurs

*Working hours :  2~8  pm

*Teaching target: Elementary to Middle school

*Monthly pay: 1.4~2.0 mil

*Housing: Studio

*Number of Foreign Teachers: Shift can be split between two teachers

*Vacation: approx 6 days per year


5) #20190605-1 Ulsan ASAP


*Working days : Monday to Friday

*Working hours: 1:00~8:00PM

*Students : Elementary school to middle school

*Housing: Studio

*Monthly pay : 2,1~2,3 million won

*Starting date : ASAP

*Vacation : 10 days

*Benefits : Air ticket, severance pay, national health insurance


6) #20190607 Pohang, July 10


Type of students / Kinder-Elementary

Working days / Mon-Fri

Working hours / 09:30-18:45.

Pay: 2.3 mil

Severance pay, round way ticket, pension, health insurance

Type of housing: Studio, 15 minute walk distance

Vacation: 5+5 days


7) #20190607-1 Jinju


*Start date: July 16th

*Working days: Monday~Friday

*Working hours: 10:15 am ~ 1:40 pm, 3 ~ 6 pm

one or two times a week 6:45 ~7:25pm

*Students: Kindergarten~Elementary

*Monthly pay: 2.1~2.2 mil

*Housing: 83 m2 apartment to share with another foreign teacher

*Number of Foreign Teachers : 2

*Vacation: 10 days per year

*Benefits: Airfare, Severance pay, Health insurance, Pension


8) #20190611 Yeosu ASAP 


*Start date: ASAP

*Working days: Monday~Friday

*Working hours: 9am~6pm        

*Teaching target: Kindergarten kids~ Elementary school students

*Monthly pay: 2.1~2.3

*Housing: Studio

*Vacation: 10 days

*National Pension & Insurance, Severance pay, Airfare


9) #20190613-1 Gwangju ASAP


Location: Bongseon-dong, Gwangju

Start date: ASAP

Working hours: Mon, Wed, Fri - 2:00~8:30 pm

                      Tue, Thu - 3:00~9:10 pm

Salary: 2.1~2.4 million

Housing: Studio

Vacation: 7 days per year

Benefits: Airfare, Severance pay, Health insurance, Pension


Please send your resume and photo along with the numbers that you are interested in to atop2008@naver.com 

Please pay attention to the start date.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon^^




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