Updated Scam Warnings

We recently received another report of a scammer preying on a Koreabridge classified advertiser. These scammers are increasingly tricky and usually start off appearing like a very plausible buyer….until someone lets their guard down.  In hopes of encouraging everyone to keep their 'shields up', here are some of the latest precautions based on recent reports.  If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments, although because of defamation laws, it’s still best not to ‘name names’.

Thanks and be careful out there…

KB manager

Become suspicious if…

  • a buyer tries normal payment methods, but encounters some kind of problem that requires international money transfers.
  • a buyer wants to use Western Union.
  • a buyer plans on meeting you in person but then is unexpectedly unable to do so - often because they have to leave the country.
  • Neither the buyer nor the entity is willing to discuss details over a phone call.
  • Payment is ‘made’ but there’s a delay in bank notification. There is no delay in Paypal payments. Once payment is made, it should appear in your account right away.
  • you receive some kind of transfer confirmation from any entity other than the financial institution you use.
  • The ‘reply to’ address of a financial institution does not match their actual domain.  Scammers often send emails that look authentic, but use email accounts at domains like
      financier.com,    consultant.com,    usa.com, cyberservices.com, europe.com  
  • The entity that processed the payment asks for an additional fee to be paid through a suspicious hyperlink.



  • Do not send items before receiving payment, no matter how convincing the emails appear.
  • Do not reply to the financial institutions. Contact them directly via official websites and phone calls to verify the emails first.  Do not click on hyperlinks contained in supposed confirmation emails.
  • Do not provide any personal information, especially photos of passports. 


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Guys, listen to your gut. If something feels off....it is!!