4 ENGLISH TEACHERS NEED January in Yangsan.



We want four English teachers in Yangsan.


Here is the job offer.


Starting day: A couple and 1 person (January, 2019)


Wage: 2.2 ~ 2.3 Million Won (depending on qualifications and experiences)


Teaching type: Kindergarten ~ Middle school students


Working hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:45am ~ 7:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday 9:45am ~ 5:30pm or 6:15pm


Holiday: 7 days ~ 10 days per year


Accommodation: Single housing, Couple housing.


Bennefits: Air fare, severance pay, health insurance, pension.



Send us your resume and pictures and write #180814-2 Yangsan single and couple Position by email atop2008@naver.com


Thank you.





Part time English Teacher in Yangsan

- Location: Yangsan 

- Start Date: ASAP, August

- Working Hours: Between 9:30~6:30pm M~F

- Students Age: Kinder ~ Elem

- Salary: Hourly wage. TBD based on experience.

- New campus, very comfortable working environment.

Part time job in Yangsan

- Location: Yangsan 
- Start Date: ASAP, August
- Working Hours: Between 9:30~6:30pm M~F
- Students Age: Kinder ~ Elem
- Salary: Hourly wage. TBD based on experience.
- New campus, very comfortable working environment.

One Day English Village/ Kindergarten in Yangsan/ July 21 (Sat.)

     Hello. I'm Kate. We are waiting for two teachers who can do One Day Event, English Village in Korean local Kindergarten with us. We prefer two teachers come together, but it's okay to apply one each. We want teachers who are kind, positive and outgoing for the fun event.

Date: Sat. July 21st, (10:00am-3:00pm)

Location : Yangsan / Namyangsan Station /(Line 2)

We pick up and drop you at exit 1, Namyangsan Subway Station( Line 2)

Payment: 80,000won cash on that day after work

Lunch : We provide food in school, Korean Style 12:00-12:40 

SELLING: Mid-level Gaming PC

My time in Korea is up, so it's time to sell this wonderful gaming PC. I've had this PC for about one year now, and it's been the perfect home gaming system. I fly out on June 17th, so everything will be available for pick-up on the 16th. 

I'm asking for 700,000 KRW, or best offer, for the whole system: PC, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard Speakers, and Mouse Pad. 

This rig runs all top games on high/ultra-high specs with great FPS. You're welcome to come test it out and see for yourself :)

Send me a message if interested!


Comp Specs

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 @ 3.40GHz

GPU: GeForce GTX 770 (4GB)


Storage: SDD SanDisk 128GB and Western Digital 1TB drives

Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z  144hz  24"

Mouse: Razer DeathAdder 2013

Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70

Yangsan Gyupo Position!

Teaching Type: Elementary to Junior High School Students

Teaching time: 1:30-8:30 pm.

Monthly Pay: 2.2~2.5

Housing Allowance: 300~400 Won

If you are interestred this position send me your resume and picture at atop2008@naver.com

Have happy day and thank you for reading.

Manager: Han

Kokiri Farm & Factory Yangsan


Kokiri (which means elephant in Korean) is, in my humble opinion, one of the best bars in Yangsan.

Located in Beomeo, Kokiri has a great selection of locally sourced craft beers and guest ales on tap, as well as a variety of international bottled beers. It’s a great place to unwind on a Friday night or any other night of the week.

Kokiri also serves pretty good pizzas (made fresh on site) and other bar snacks. Spirits and wine are also available if you fancy something different.

A glass of craft beer will set you back between 6000-9000 Won, and, compared to some Korean beers, it’s much more flavourful. Pizzas are priced between 12,000-15000 Won. (All prices correct at time of writing)

More info, opening times and directions, can be found here.

장백산 (Jang Baeg San) Yangsan

lamb장백산, which translates as Changbai Mountain, is a lamb barbecue restaurant located in Beomeo. The owner, who told me that his name was Joey, serves lamb imported from Australia and New Zealand, and it’s really good.

Ten lamb skewers cost W10,000 and for 3 steaks, W25,000. There are other items on the menu too, which is in Chinese and Korean, but Joey speaks English and is always happy to help. This restaurant also serves Chinese beers (Tsingtao and Harbin), as it’s a Chinese restaurant (though Joey tells me that the barbecue is Korean style).

스시야마 (Sushi Yama) Yangsan


Back home I’d eye with suspicion any eating establishment that’s located in a bus station. However, Yangsan Intercity bus terminal is home to both a Starbucks coffee shop and a sushi restaurant. 스시야마 is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, so you sit at the bar and help yourself to whatever you like, then pay by plate at the end. At the time of writing a plate costs W1950 with salad and soup as service. The bar system makes it a good place for solo dining and there are tables too, should there not be enough space at the bar.

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