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Hello~^^ I am currently looking for anyone who wants to study English conversation via kakaotalk. If you or anyone you know is interested please let me know by message here. I am also pretty good at Korean so I can help you express your thoughts by translating your Korean. 건강하세요^^

Yangsan, Full time, ESL Native teacher

We are looking for a passionate full time native teacher in English Academy

Country: preferably US/UK/Canada/Austailia/South Africa

Vacancy : full time

Location :Yangsan

Working Hours :  Mon-Fri  1:00pm-7:30pm

Salary : Negotiable

Visa : F6

Teaching Experiences : more than a year in Korea

Pension / Health Insurance : Negotiable

Please send your resume through  beyondacademy@hanmail.net

Any further inquiries please contact us through the e-mail stated above.




Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 

Looking for a part time teacher in Yangsan and a full time teacher in Busan

Hello,I am looking for a part time teacher in Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnamdo.

The working hour is 3-6 p.m.

Monday to Friday.

The pay is 1.8 million.

The working day will begin in March or in April.

The another option is to work for a full time teacher in Busan.

270,Myeongjigukje 8-ro,Gangseo-gu.Busan.

Monday to Friday. 1-9 p.m.

The pay is between 2.3-2.5 million.

If the housing is not provided,2.7 - 2.9 million.

The other is to work in Tongyeong-si,Gyeongsangnamdo.


10a.m.-6 p.m.

The pay is between 2.3-2.5.

Housing is provided.

Please email your resume and ask any questions through my email address.

Mine is sdyng21@hamanil.net


Looking for a teacher in Yangsan/ 2.7mil of minimum pay/ maximum of 6 classes

Hi, everyone. Here is an offered job from Queen's English Studio for native English teachers in Korea. We are currently working with an amazing teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. Unfortunately, the teacher is about to leave the country and therefore we need to find another one who has a lot of experience. The most important thing for us is the experience the applicants have. We need a passionated teacher with positive attitude who can teach properly and love students. We can offer better salary and working hours than other places without any deduction for unfair reasons. We respect diversity of each teacher we have and respect their own ways of teaching. Here are some information of the place and working condition and salary. 1. about 300 square meters of small and cozy sized hagwon located on the 6th floor of 7-story-building. 2. We are located in Yangsan, which is right next to Busan. There is a direct bus to Haeundae and Nopo subway station.

i am lookign for a new teacher

Hii am kelly . i am looking for a new teacher.

1. (i have 6 groups) mainly elementary and middle school i hope you should work here for at least 2 or 3 years

2. 10~15 minute walking distance to Namyangsan Subway Station

3. classes (50~60 minutes each class) Thursday: from 6:00~8:00 (2 classes), Friday: from 4:00~8:00(4 classes), if you want, working day and date are changable

4. 40,000 KRW/hr/each class(negotiable, you can get paid weekly) 5. F visa holders / Passport holders from the USA, Canada, South America, Newzealand, Australia fairy098@hanmail.net

 phone :010 6470 3932(text me please)

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

Oneday/Sat.Sep 21/ English Village/Yangsan

Hello. This is Kate. We are looking for someone who can join for English Village Event in local Kindergarten. We set rooms such as Immigration, Game Zone, PhotoStudio, Restaurant, Puppet Show room, and Nail salon. Students practiced their script. The work for that day is asking and answering questions based on the script.(We will give you the script on that day.) There are Korean teachers who care students. 

We want someone who likes young kids who is energetic and fun.

This is the event that parents join together. You can be taken pictures and you use mike.


We are looking for three teachers.

Location: Yangsan (Namyansan Station /Busan Subway line 2)

We pick up and drop you teachers at the subway.

Date & Time : Sat. Sep.21 (9:40am~3:00pm)   

Lunch Time 12:00-12:40 We provide Korean food.

Pay: 80,000 won /Cash  

Jobs available in South Korea? ( in busan )

Actually, I posses a diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and also a CCNA qualified. I'm planning on enrolling on a Korean Language Institute next year. But, I would also wish to 김해출장안마 have a stable job. I'm thinking of getting CELTA if I wouldn't be able to have a job in the networking side. That's why, I was posting here to know if it's better to get CELTA to increase my chances of getting a job or would I be okay with my current qualifications.
Thank you for reading my article.

Kokiri Farm & Factory Yangsan


Kokiri (which means elephant in Korean) is, in my humble opinion, one of the best bars in Yangsan.

Located in Beomeo, Kokiri has a great selection of locally sourced craft beers and guest ales on tap, as well as a variety of international bottled beers. It’s a great place to unwind on a Friday night or any other night of the week.

Kokiri also serves pretty good pizzas (made fresh on site) and other bar snacks. Spirits and wine are also available if you fancy something different.

A glass of craft beer will set you back between 6000-9000 Won, and, compared to some Korean beers, it’s much more flavourful. Pizzas are priced between 12,000-15000 Won. (All prices correct at time of writing)

More info, opening times and directions, can be found here.

장백산 (Jang Baeg San) Yangsan

lamb장백산, which translates as Changbai Mountain, is a lamb barbecue restaurant located in Beomeo. The owner, who told me that his name was Joey, serves lamb imported from Australia and New Zealand, and it’s really good.

Ten lamb skewers cost W10,000 and for 3 steaks, W25,000. There are other items on the menu too, which is in Chinese and Korean, but Joey speaks English and is always happy to help. This restaurant also serves Chinese beers (Tsingtao and Harbin), as it’s a Chinese restaurant (though Joey tells me that the barbecue is Korean style).

스시야마 (Sushi Yama) Yangsan


Back home I’d eye with suspicion any eating establishment that’s located in a bus station. However, Yangsan Intercity bus terminal is home to both a Starbucks coffee shop and a sushi restaurant. 스시야마 is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, so you sit at the bar and help yourself to whatever you like, then pay by plate at the end. At the time of writing a plate costs W1950 with salad and soup as service. The bar system makes it a good place for solo dining and there are tables too, should there not be enough space at the bar.

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