스시야마 (Sushi Yama) Yangsan


Back home I’d eye with suspicion any eating establishment that’s located in a bus station. However, Yangsan Intercity bus terminal is home to both a Starbucks coffee shop and a sushi restaurant. 스시야마 is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, so you sit at the bar and help yourself to whatever you like, then pay by plate at the end. At the time of writing a plate costs W1950 with salad and soup as service. The bar system makes it a good place for solo dining and there are tables too, should there not be enough space at the bar.

Gio’s (Yangsan)


There are so many bakeries here that it can be hard to know which ones to try though I would say that Gio’s is one of the good ones in Yangsan. They have a great selection of cakes and pastries and plenty of free samples, so you can try before you buy. Pain au chocolat, great chocolate cake and the carrot cake are just some of the reasons I make the trip to Gio’s in Beomeo.

Directions: This restaurant is located in 범어 (Beomeo), which is a 15-20 minute walk over the bridge from Yangsan E-Mart. A taxi costs around 3000, just say to the driver, “Beomeo Dunkin Donut-uh.” Gio’s is across the road from Dunkin Donuts.

Cafe Tospia

Cafe Tospia

This little cafe in Beomeo has a good selection of toasted sandwiches or “press sandwich.” I prefer the sandwiches here to somewhere like ‘Isaac Toast’ as you there’s no hidden extras like pickles or sauce, for example. Ham and cheese is ham and cheese with no suprises.

CAFE da.gam Yangsan


Fantastic Panini. Would be one reason to visit this excellent coffee shop in Jungbu-Dong though the coffee is pretty good too. Da.Gan is run by sisters (not nuns), one of whom studied culinary arts in Canada (she’s the one who makes the food).

You can get a Panini & coffee set for W8,500 and they do other food too (see menu images below), including a breakfast/brunch that I’ve yet to try. Coffee beans can also be purchased, a blend of Colombian, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans,

The interior is very modern and there’s a relaxing atmosphere, which makes it a great place to relax on an afternoon.

WA BAR Yangsan


WA Bars are a common sight in Korean towns and cities. They sell a selection of world beers, spirits and (maybe overpriced) food. Plus you can play darts on the electronic darts machines.

There are 2 WA Bars in Yangsan, one in Shindoshi and the other in Beomo.

Directions (Beomo): Facing Dunkin Donuts you want to take the street to your left. Walk straight and take the 4th street on your right. The bar is on the left hand side of the street There’s also an entrance on the next street, on the right hand side.

Yangsan Beomo2

Directions (Shindoshi):

Chinese Restaurant (Name Unknown) Yangsan


I’m a fan of Korea style Chinese food and this great little restaurant in Shindoshi never disappoints.

I recommend the 짜장면 (Jajangmyeon) (noodles in black bean sauce), the 군만두 (Goon mandoo) (fried dumplings) or my favorite 탕수윸 (Tangsooyook) (Korean style sweet and sour pork). The menu is in English and Korean and there are plenty of options. It’s reasonably priced and they do take out too.

Directions – From E-Mart cross the road towards Krispy Kremes and walk right. Take the next street on your left, the restaurant is in the next building after the big LG shop, on the right hand side of the road. It’s the one with Chinese writing on it, on the 2nd floor.

PS. I don’t know the name of this restaurant, as the sign is in Chinese.

Chicken Syndrome (Yangsan)


There are so many chicken places in Korea that it can be hard to know which one to choose. However, Chicken Syndrome, located close to Nambu Market is well worth a visit.

As you can see from the image, there is no English menu, but it’s not too hard to figure out. For guidance on ordering chicken in Korea see here http://dasbloggen.com/2013/08/15/a-guide-to-korean-fried-chicken/

Directions: With the giant shoe on your right walk straight until you see Skin Food and CNA on your right. You want to take the street across the road on your left. Cross the road and walk straight, you will pass New Bombay on your left. Take the next street on your right, Chicken Syndrome is on the right hand side.

Alfaiz Uzbekistan Restaurant (Yangsan)


Uzbek cuisine is one of my favorite food discoveries since coming to Korea. I used to travel to Gimhae, a city about 30 minutes from here, to dine at Registon, a really good Uzbek restaurant.

But Yangsan has an Uzbek restaurant of its own, located on a street which is also home to an Indian restaurant, an Indonesian cafe, a Chinese restaurant and several Asia-Marts (very handy shops which sell products imported from elsewhere in Asia).

Some of my favorite dishes include lamb or beef skewers, dumplings and carrot salad, which are all sold here. As well as fresh bread and sour yoghurt. You can wash it all down with tea, beer or Russian vodka, whatever takes your fancy.

개집비어 (Doghouse beer) Yangsan


This trendy chain pub, known as Dog bar, is located in Shindoshi, close to Yangsan subway station and the CGV cinema. I usually go to Dog bar for the cheap pitchers of gin and tonic or vodka and cranberry, which are very reasonably priced They also serve cocktail pitchers and reasonably placed beer. Bar snacks can also be ordered and they have a dart board (an electronic darts machine).

There are now 2 Dog bars in Yangsan, with a new(ish) one now open in Beomo. The only difference being that the new one is a bit bigger.

Directions (Shindoshi): From E-Mart cross the street towards Krispy Kremes and walk left. Take the next street on your right then walk straight. Take the second right, which is an open area home to several bars and restaurants. You will see Dog bar on the right hand side.

밀양수돼지국밥 (Miryang Su Dwaeji gukbap) Yangsan


This great little restaurant in Beomo serves a regional speciality, 돼지국밥 (Dwaeji gukbap), which is a pork soup served with rice. This is a great, cheap, meal (which is okay to eat by yourself). The restaurant is open 24 hours and also serves 순대국 (Sundaeguk) which is similar but with blood sausage instead of sliced pork in it. For more information about 돼지국밥 check out http://blog.korea.net/?p=17410.

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