tongdosa temple

BoardGameGeeks, Attention Please! :)

Hello! The Haven is a boardgame & Foreign Teachers community cafe in Yangsan; which is in northern Busan area, Shindoshi right across from Emart. It has approximately 80 board games and there is an awesome deal of monthly memberships for unlimited time and games like a monthly membership is 40,000 won + Membership discount 10% on all purchases. If you’re such a huge fan of board games like me, why don’t you stop by and check them out. As well as, if you're looking for a private party room with your friends; like a potluck party, a bday party and farewell party with plenty of board games and roomy place, The Haven will be the best place for that with a good deal. Thank you!

cup cake

cup cake

Naewonsa temple vicinity

Looking for Filipino Kali Training Partners

Looking for friends who like training. I started Hapkido a while ago and the gym is open to training for us and friends. I would like some training partners to have fun training with. It would be a mix of Filipino Kali/JKD/Muay Thai/BJJ. Fun with friends and sticks and stuff. Thank you for your interest.



2000 Matiz 120,000km 1.6 (+GPS) Yangsan (N. Busan, Line 2)

2000 Matiz Sports Edition (dark blue) Low 120,000 miles. I bought her with 116,000km/76,500mi. Below average body wear. Used basically as a motorized shopping cart. Can go 360km/225mi. (northern Busan to southern Seoul) on a tank of gas. Changed the tires (Feb ‘12). Had the starter and battery changed (May ‘12) and recently recharged the A/C. Recently passed a two-year inspection (Aug. ’12). Yearly taxes equal 40,000 won or possibly could be bi-annual. Insurance is super-cheap. A new driver without experience would pay around 7-800,000 per year. There are very professional Chevy GM/Daewoo service centers all around Korea which give good, reliable service and is reasonably priced. 3-D navigation included in price. 1.6million or best offer. I'm currently in east Asia (2-hour flight) and plan to return at the end of Nov. - Dec. to sell this car and other items. Suggested price is comparable to cars of similar age so, please, no low-ball offers.

My cat has been stranded by her vet.

Hi.  My husband and I are responsible pet owners.  Planning well in advance, we booked a spot for our cat at a vet, who advertises on here, two months ago.  Well, today, a week before Chuseok, when we were to go away, she sent an email cancelling the booking.  This is inconsiderate and unprofessional.  We can't cancel our flights or hotel now and hope to get a refund back.  So we are stuck.

we decided to shorten our trip and leave our cat at home.  Lack of response and the consideration that it is too much to ask someone on short notice to look after our cat.

Thanks for your response. We did use this vet for several years. We trusted her. But now we will be looking for alternatives for the future.

HELP! My school is trying to take my severance/flight money!


Long story short I was threated to be fired in May (4 months ago). But they didn't fire me and I kept working until now (august). Now I'm tryin to get my airfare and my severance and my boss said that I was officially fired in May so I can't get my airfare or my severance. 


I need to figure out who to call adn what to do. I''m tryign to call the labor board tomorrow and I've heard I should also call immigration. But can anyone give me any other tips or help or ideas? I can't have really been fired in May as I was never told that, I kept working, and I imagine it would be illegal for them to have fired me and kept me on staff anyways? Is it possible I can lose this battle?


Anyways any tips/info/insight is dearly appreciated I'm supposed to finish my contract in 8 days!

Songwon Kindergarten in Yangsan--near Namyangsan Station


Avoid at all costs...

I've got an F2 visa and I've worked all over Busan, Yangsan, and Daegu, but this is one of the worst places I've worked. The teaching is fairly normal for the first hour or so of their program--run around, teach short classes, sing songs, etc...--but the last two hours you're locked in with 15-20 kids (all under 7, Korean age) with next to nothing to do. Therefore, you're left with all the duties of their regular teacher: wiping butts, drying tears, ending fights... Now, I'm a logic prone individual, and I didn't have much of a problem babysitting and whatnot, but it was extremely trying and mostly miserable. So, there's a good reason to not work there. 


Running partner needed in Yangsan or Nopo-dong or general Busan area

I am starting to train for a half -marathon this week.Would anyone like to join me for runs in the Yangsan area in the evening or early morning midweek? Also anyone want to go running in a good area to run anywhere in the Busan area on the weekend?

Let me know!


Yangsan Tower reflection from a flooded running track

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