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Casting Call for One 2 Zero Film


We are looking for talented and hardworking busan actors to perform several scenes from the feature length script 'One 2 Zero'. The scenes are for a special indiegogo pseudo trailer and will be used as a  funding tool as well as a screen test for those interested in committing to acting in a feature length film.


Two female performers

Samantha, a tough, determined investigator with some muscle.

Sadie, a hipster styled engineering nerd.


Male performer

Voche, a young, head strong reactionary with a ton of energy.


Auditions will be held at TOZ in Kyoungsung De (Busan) on saturday the 23rd starting at 2pm. Please reply for addition information and a specific audition time. Let's make a movie!

8/17 Busan Sunday Language Exchange will be held at Gwanghanri HQ

Hi, Sunday Language Exchange will be held at Gwanghanri HQ this week
See how to get there and sign up for this fun meeting 

Korea Bus Tour Adventures Trip #9 - Andong Overnight!! Please join us!

Please join Korea Bus Tour Adventures for our overnight trip to Andong! Andong is the self-proclaimed "Capital City of Korean Spiritual Culture," having maintained aspects of the traditional culture of Korea throughout the past 2,000 years.

This trip includes:

*Round trip bus fare

*Pension accommodation-5 people/per room (with FREE noraebang reserved from 8pm-11pm) http://www.전원일기.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=c1&wr_id=1

*Water activities on Andong Lake- 2 different kinds of boating and rafting 

*Saturday Lunch

*Saturday BBQ Dinner

Counselor Available - patient, non-judgemental, confidential - Itaewon

Are you experiencing problems? Feeling stuck and uncertain about where to go in life? Feeling anxiety or depression and want to learn how to manage life in a better way?
Counseling is about you -- the client - taking responsibility for your life's decisions.

Korea Tourism Photo Contest

Click here to apply:

I. Entry Outline
   Contest Theme
      General Theme: Gi (Energy), Heung (Joy), & Jeong (Affection)

☞ The unique charm that Korea tourism embraces is expressed as “Gi, Heung, Jeong.” “Gi” is the dynamic energy found in Korean nature and society; “Heung” refers to the rhythmic and exciting energy of Korea; and “Jeong” is the warm and sensible energy of the Korean people.

Pat Metheny Unity Group - Live in Seoul

Date: Sunday, October 5th, 2014
Venue: Sejong Grand Theatre
English Inquiries: 02-563-7110

Pat Metheny Unity Group, featuring Chris Potter on sax and bass clarinet, Metheny's longtime collaborator Antonio Sanchez on drums, Ben Williams on bass, and multi-instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi, have announced a tour that includes South Korea this October, featuring music from debut album, Kin (←→), released this past February on Nonesuch Records.

why korean online transactions has so many passwords?

It is really difficult getting anything done online in Korea. First of all you are forced to use Internet Explorer due to the Active-x control Crap. Then you need to install 3-4 different programs.The you need to type in passwords and then certificate password followed by 2 security card passwords..I mean this is totally crazy..So basically to get anything done it takes a whole lot of time and effort..

I wish it was easier..It is similar for business..If you own a limited company you are forced to issue electronic tax invoices passing through a lot of program installs and passwords..I mean for God's Sake why can't they make things simpler and life easier...

Even shopping online is a nightmare with so many different restrctions on card usage and if you shop anything more that 300,000 won you need yet another electronic certificate..Comapre it to buying a domain on godaddy..All you need is your credit card number, expiry and cvc code..



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