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Watching baseball game together!
 This is from BFIA(Busan Foundation for International Activities). We are gonna watch Baseball game on 16th May(Fri) with 15 Busan citizens(Koreans) and 15 foreigners. I want you to join us. We already booked tickets so you have to pay only 10,000won for snacks. If you are interested in, Apply for it by URL i posted. 
If you have any questions, Contact me
010-2605-1849 or
Thank you.

Fishing tour around Ulsan

Fishing tour club in Ulsan


Anyone who are interested in going fishing around Ulsan or Busan. Please contact me. My e-mail is 

You might sick of going to Pub and drinking, here in Korea, there are lots of grate place to look around and going fishing. I am also not a Pro. when it comes to fishing but wanna do together if you are in to. 

Flag football team looking for a player

Our flag football team is looking for one more player to join our roster (note: season in progress). Previous football experience, or being an all-star player isn't necessary - however, you should...

1) Be athletic / competitive

2) Be somewhat familiar with basic football rules 

3) available Saturday afternoons 

4) Team player

Contact me for more information!

Learning swimming

Is there anyone who knows about any place in busan , where i can learn swimming?

Looking for a Spanish/English tutor job

Hello, I'm looking for a part-ime job as a spanish/english tutor in Daegu. I am from Ecuador, but I have lived in California, USA. I'm also half-korean (Korean father). I can teach either spanish or english. Also for foreigners that want to learn basic/helpful Korean, I'm open for that as well. 

Please feel free to contact me via kakaotalk (KakaoID:  esyeon)

or email me 

Let's learn English, Spanish or Korean ^^. 


Birthday host

I am looking for a host to entertain my son's birthday...just to entertain the making face painting,play a story telling ,do some magic,or anything that will entertain kids. Send me a message on my email for the price option...or any question. 

Console game trading in Busan - PS3/PS4/Xbox etc

Hi Busan gamers!

If you are interested in swapping/buying/selling PS3/PS4/Xbox games (or any other types of games/consoles/handhelds etc), give this group a try. Post a list of your games, see what other people have, and organize a swap for a week or a month or whatever you like!

So far it has been very successful, and we have over 260 members!

Looking for a singer

Looking for a singer who is inteseted in starting an orignals projet.  I've got songs. I play guitar, bass, drums and keys (haven't played either drums or keys in a while, but is wouldn't take long in a practice space to get back to an acceptable place.)

(the last band i played in was a folk-band, before that a, i'm not sure what catagory we're under ( and here's my "audition reel" for a space-rock band in SF that was looking for a multi-ins. person: 

I play pretty all the about noted instruments on at least one of the tracks 

sorry, none of the new songs are up there.  they're rather arty and lyricly more stream of concious based.  

why korean online transactions has so many passwords?

It is really difficult getting anything done online in Korea. First of all you are forced to use Internet Explorer due to the Active-x control Crap. Then you need to install 3-4 different programs.The you need to type in passwords and then certificate password followed by 2 security card passwords..I mean this is totally crazy..So basically to get anything done it takes a whole lot of time and effort..

I wish it was easier..It is similar for business..If you own a limited company you are forced to issue electronic tax invoices passing through a lot of program installs and passwords..I mean for God's Sake why can't they make things simpler and life easier...

Even shopping online is a nightmare with so many different restrctions on card usage and if you shop anything more that 300,000 won you need yet another electronic certificate..Comapre it to buying a domain on godaddy..All you need is your credit card number, expiry and cvc code..



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