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PT Babysitter KSU

We will be needing a part time babysitter/nanny starting in March for our 5 month old baby near KSU. No cleaning required, and must be comfortable with (very friendly!) small dogs.

Hours will be confirmed by the end of February, but will generally be: 

3-4 days/week in the mornings (as early as 8am, although likely that early only once/twice per week) until early afternoon (1:30-2:00). Probably anywhere from 12-16 hours per week. Again, the schedule will be confirmed at the end of Feburary.

Must be reliable and have child care experience.

We would like to set up some interviews for this weekend, or possibly into next week in order to be ready for March!

Pay to be negotiated.

Please text or call Cheryl @ 010-3701-1177

A Cappella Anyone? 아카펠라에 관심 있는 사람?


I am an English teacher in Busan and I've been living here for about a year and a half now. But, back in university I was part of an a cappella group, which was an amazing experience. I've been itching to get music back in my life again and was wondering if anyone felt the same?

I Will Write or Edit All of Your Important Documents

I am a professional writer, editor, and teacher, a native English speaker, an American citizen, and I am here to help you.

Do you need professional writing or editing assistance in English? Theses, dissertations, reports, essays, presentations, CVs, I will do them all for you and more!

I am the best at what I do. Surely, you want the best? I will be happy to provide my professional qualifications and international employment references.

I have over 30 years of writing, editing, and teaching experience in Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, and the USA. 

I work meticulously, yet quickly. 

My fees are very fair and payable via Paypal or Western Union.

It is intelligent to ask for help. Please do not wait until it is too late.

Thank you.

Production Company making short film in Busan. Cast needed!

Hi there~
I’m currently working on a production with London based

Be on the radio and talk about your job hunting experience in Busan!

Hi. I am Rachel Suh, a reporter at Busan English Radio Station.

We are looking for a foreigner residing in Busan (or near Busan) who has experience in job-hunting (OTHER THAN TEACHING).

This is for a special live program which will be aired from 7pm to 9pm on 27th, Feb, 2016 and it will be about 'Youth Unemployment in Busan'.

You are going to be discussing whether you have felt that the youth unemployment rate is high here in Busan while searching for jobs with other guests(Koreans) on the show.

You will (most likely) get paid to be on air, but it is not decided 100%.

Please reach me for more information at 010 3942 4558.


Looking for a substitute female, native English teacher ASAP!

Looking for a substitute female, native English teacher ASAP!
PAY: {115,000} per day
LOCATION: Lotte Department Store
SCHOOL:   Kids 
DAYS:     Feb 15 - 29 
TIME:     10am - 7:40pm
PM if interested
or email me here
or text me here: 010 7318 1378

PT Babysitter/Nanny Needed

We will be needing a part time babysitter/nanny starting in March for our 5 month old baby near KSU. No cleaning required, and must be comfortable with (very friendly!) small dogs.

Hours will be confirmed by the end of February, but will generally be: 

3-4 days/week in the mornings (as early as 8am, although likely that early only once/twice per week) until early afternoon (1:30-2:00). Probably anywhere from 12-16 hours per week. Again, the schedule will be confirmed at the end of Feburary.

Must be reliable and have child care experience.

Pay to be negotiated.

Please text Cheryl @ 010-3701-1177

Part-time English Teaching

Interested in teaching English and making money? Join me on NiceTalk and get $10 right away!  Also, they pay $10 an hour. Yes I'm aware that Korea pays more but this is simply Chinese students who call in to video chat. Sometimes it's business workers. Other times it's just random university students desiring to talk and improve their listening and speaking skills. 

Granted, it's not much pay, but over time it adds up. It's great part time work when you are home or in a cafe. Also, you have the freedom to accept the calls or decline them. If you're interested, check it out and register. If not, no worries. Just passing along something I've found helpful for some extra side cash.

English Bible Study and volunteering works


There are English Bible study and a few volunteering works and culture classes for foreigners in Busan.

For example, making cakes, kindness campaign, drama club etc.

If you are intereted,  plz send me text 010-2651-5253 or

plz email me.

Have a nice day!^^

looking for desk

hi im looking for a desk and chair. Nothing fancy or big just a simple desk and chair under 40000. My kakao is clintfern or email me through this. 

Recruitment Announcement for BeFM Freelance Radio Host

BeFM(Busan English Broadcasting) is currently looking for a freelance Radio Host

● How to apply :

- please send your resume to

- Applications must be received by February 10th

* Applicants will be contacted individually

* Applicants should be available

   -  to work from 6pm to 8pm  (Mon ~ Fri ) for an English Show

    - to work from 8pm to 9pm(Mon ~ Fri) for an Chinese Show

* Tel : 051)663-0036

We encourage you to make your dreams reality here at BeFM.



HOLA FREE VPN too good to be true??

So a buddy of mine has been using the popular free VPN Hola and got arrested for something he didn't do. Long story short google "Hola VPN risks". Apparently he's accused of internet gambling which I know he doesn't do. During the investigation it's pretty clear due to the police seizing his laptop that he is innocent but here's the screwed up part. Police here abuse power and do whatever they want and companies like Kakao, phone co, and banks fork over records immediately when asked without any warrants or due process. Within a day they had his korean bank account and all his texts from his cell co and Kakao. So he'll probably be cleared of the gambling charges but they have him for all the private tutoring lessons and payments receieved and is still sitting in jail. Point of all this, nothing in life from companies are free. Free VPN just sounds to good to be true...

Translator (no experience necessary) needed for small project

Hi, I am looking for a native Korean speaker who is able to translate during interview sessions for articles I am writing for an online magazine. Preferably you will also be passionate about Korean culture. The articles are about Korean life and culture.

No experience is necessary! It will be pretty casual but you must be comfortable talking to strangers on the street. I am not making any money off of the articles I will be writing, it is more of a personal project with the goal of learning more about Korean culture and hopefully educating others too. If you are interested, send me a message and I can tell you more about the projects I have planned and we can go from there.




Looking for a drawing partner.

Hey everyone.


So I recently picked up drawing/sketching as a hobby and have been studing throug youtube and just trying out stuff but need someone to either just draw with or someone who can help/teach me.

I am a total beginner. Unfortanitly weekends are the best time for me or perhaps if you stay in Gimhae it will be posible to meet in the week.

I'm busy with graphite drawing and colored pencil.I know this is a long shot but well you never know!




Looking for a couple in Busan for a short film I'm making

I'm making is making a series of online content films about the power of technology and how it keeps us connected in the busiest places in the world.

For one of our films we’re planning on filming in Busan in 2nd week of February 2016 and for this we’re looking for an English speaking Korean girl (age 18 – 35) and her boyfriend to feature in the film.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be an actress just someone who speaks basic English and would be happy to be filmed walking around Busan.

 If this interests you or anyone you know then please email with a photo and some details about yourself.  

 Many Thanks



Come and Join us for friendly tournament every Friday & Sunday

Hi Poker players in Jeju & Pusan!

If you like to play friendly SNG or MTT every friday and Sunday,

please join us at Paradise Grand Casino Jeju Pokerkingclub.

Any inquiry please contact : 010 9647 8866

See you all at the felt!

PT Adults,Gyungnam Geochang,3 days of a week,2 hours a day(negotiable

█PT█ Adults, Gyungnam Guchang, Three days of a week, 2 hours per day

Time: Three days of a week, 2 hours per day(negotiable)

Location: Gyungnam Guchang

Pay: 20K/Hour

Students: Adults

240,000 for 9hrs

looking for a MWF 3-6pm native English teacher to cover 4 classes for the foreseeable future. This is a good gig located close to Dongnae subway station in the heart of the city. Friendly, young, English speaking coworkers. I've been the native teacher here for 3+ years so, please, no hacks. Reliability, responsibility, and professionalism are the essential character traits. As long as you can be counted on to come all the time, the position length is indefinite. about 80,000 for the 4 classes 3-6pm. Could become full time in August if interested.


Email or message (don't call as Im in class)"


Busan English Radio Looking for a multicultural family for interview


I'm Rachel, a reporter, at Busan English Radio Station.

We are looking for a happy multicultural family for an interview for our 6pm news.

(It doesn't have to be an entire family. Preferrably, a mother and one or two children!)

If you know any families around you with a few members who are not Korean or didn't use to be, or if you happen to be in a multicultural family yourself, please get itntouch with me! 

You can call me at 010 3942 4558 :)))

The aim is to tell our listeners that there ARE multicultural families who live happily just like Koreans do and to question whether it is even right for the media to try to only focus on showing problems regarding them.

Hence, we are looking for a rather happy family and would like to listen to their stories and opinions.

English Language Tutor Yangsan Only

Are you interested in learning English but not in a classroom? Maybe in a coffee shop, maybe a bar or in your home, what you get is one on one learning and that is perhaps the best way to learn and a lot more fun too.

Many people have spent so much money learning English and then almost never use it in everyday life situations, if you want to learn because of business, helping other people like family, students or to help you get that promotion that you deserve then I can help you.

Contact me today and start tommorow!


Take over Internet contract

I'm looking to take someone whose leaving internet contract. If you are leaving and need to transfer Internet please email me or use kakao. Thanks kakao is clintfern

Looking to take over Internet contract

I'm looking to take someone whose leaving internet contract. If you are leaving and need to transfer Internet please email me. Thanks 

Release of the teaser trailer for Spacedude 2420, an original web seri for pics and Behind the Scenes

사진 과 무대 뒤에서

Dave, a slacker seeking his fortune in space is forced to haul cargo across the galaxy in a broken down ship with only a socially challenged computer for company.

He deals with the same everyday challenges that we all have to face – unappreciative(ungrateful) bosses, boring work assignments and vicious, blood sucking space weasels.

데이브 는 , 공간에 자신의 재산을 추구하는게으름 뱅이 는 회사 만이 사회적 도전을 컴퓨터 로세분화 배 에서 은하계 를 통해 화물을 운반 하도록 강요 한다. 은혜를 모르는 상사 , 지루한 작업 할당 및 악순환 , 혈액 빠는 공간 족제비 : 그는 우리 모두가 직면해야 같은 일상적인 과제를 다룬다.

Dizzy Cow Studios & Sleepy Goat Studios presents an original web series Space dude 2420.

Space dude 2420 is an outer space science fiction action comedy premiering in 2016.

디지 암소 스튜디오 & 슬리피 염소 스튜디오는원래의 웹 시리즈 공간 친구 2420 를 제공합니다. 우주 친구 2420 2016 년 초연우주 과학 소설 액션 코미디 이다.

Extended deadline for MA Degree in Korean Studies



This is an update regarding the Masters Degree programme that is due to open this coming March in Silla university.

The deadline for applications has been extended until December 24th, 5pm.

Since this is a new course we are trying to recruit as many students as possible. It is also a great opportunity to take an MA programme in Korean studies outside of Seoul. Those who enter in the first semester will have the added bonus of smaller class sizes in the first semester.

Since class sizes will be smaller then scheduling may also be more flexible, for those worried about class times.

Fess are very reasonable at 1.8m Won per semester.

The application is fairly simple. You need a few documents but otherwise there are no prerequisites, other than having a BA degree.

If you want to speak with me in person please email me with your phone number and I will get in touch asap.

Reminder! Applications for Post-grad Degree at Korean Dpt. Silla Uni n


This is a reminder to everyone thinking about applying for the Masters Degree course at Silla University’s Korean Studies Department .

The applications are currently open and applications can be submitted by next Wednesday, 16th.

If you need any help with the application form or have any questions, you can contact the Head Professor, Austin, on 010-6314-5728, or visit the university and the faculty directly. You can also email me at I can email dircetly the application forms to anyone interested.

Just to remind anyone interested that this is really a unique opportunity to take a Korean studies MA outside of Seoul!

Art and Language Exchange Club Sign-ups for January

Make good use of your time!!

Learn to draw, paint and speak Korean or English in a small, multi-cultural environment of like-minded people. All welcome! We will be meeting for 4 weeks beginning January 11 in two sessions: either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 PM to 3:30 PM at a convenient location near Haeundae Beach.

Make good use of your afternoons, new friends and grow! Please email for more information. Space allows a limited number of participants.



why korean online transactions has so many passwords?

It is really difficult getting anything done online in Korea. First of all you are forced to use Internet Explorer due to the Active-x control Crap. Then you need to install 3-4 different programs.The you need to type in passwords and then certificate password followed by 2 security card passwords..I mean this is totally crazy..So basically to get anything done it takes a whole lot of time and effort..

I wish it was easier..It is similar for business..If you own a limited company you are forced to issue electronic tax invoices passing through a lot of program installs and passwords..I mean for God's Sake why can't they make things simpler and life easier...

Even shopping online is a nightmare with so many different restrctions on card usage and if you shop anything more that 300,000 won you need yet another electronic certificate..Comapre it to buying a domain on godaddy..All you need is your credit card number, expiry and cvc code..



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