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Spanish and English tutor

Hola! Hello!

Spanish? English?...
If you want to learn or practice these languages for business, leisure trips or just for fun contact me, I can teach and/or tutor you.

My name is Carlos Mejía from Dominican Republic, currently studying at KMOU.
I am a certified English instructor from the Canadian Armed Forces Language School under the STANAG 6001 (NATO Standardization Agreement).

I am located in Yeongdo-gu at the Korea Maritime and Ocean University.
Classes will take place at the same university, very comfortable classroom. Water, tea and coffee included

Contact me at and we can arrange the schedule and prices. Price per class will be cheap (Very). 
Available from Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 06:00 pm.
Saturday limited.

Free office space in Gangnam

Office for designer or artist in any medium or any office work, for business people also university/college student are welcome to apply for the space


Please contact me for more details by email with a little description of your self and why you need the office space.

Holi Hai 2015, Color throwing festival at Haeundae Busan 22-Mar-15

Welcome to the happiest festival in Busan City! Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Colors, celebrates the coming of spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all. All nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to participate! Make sure to wear white because this party gets colorful. The colored powders used in Holi represent happiness, love, and the freedom to live vibrantly. Take the opportunity to cover yourself and your friends in colorful powders and dance your heart out.

infant swimming instructors

I want my baby (9months) to learn swimming. I read a lot of articles saying that it's natural for babies to learn swimming so i better get that chance for her. Anyone here knows where can I find someone who could teach babies how to swim? Please post the fee too if available. Thanks

Korean Interpreter needed!

We are two freelance journalists (writer and photographer) looking for someone to help us speak to residents of a delapidated apartment complex. Our Korean is very limited so we would need someone who can act as a translator. We will offer free English tutoring in exchange! 

Let us know if you're interested by email! 

Live near Nampo? You must visit Three Nations Next week Friday...why??

Okay, where do I start...

All foods are imported, we're taking the finest ingredients

shipped into the country, at low cost and mixed with the finest collection of Italian dressings.

To create the most mouth watering pizza's I have tasted thus far

From Meats to vegetarian pallettes the variety is unceasingly good.

So here's the GOOD NEWS

Next week we have a one-off event,

You're invited..I would love to introduce you
on Friday the 13th of February 8 till late...
 'The 3 Nations' restaurant in Nampo on Valentines Day.

A place I love to call 'The best Italian restaurant in Busan'

The Best Italian Restaurant in Busan??
I hear you say..
Well..Don't take my word for it ....
Come see for yourself!!

let's play beatles

Anyone interested playing beatles songs?

American Peewee Football League

American football fans. Are your children interested in participating in and learning about a new youth sport in Korea? I am a coach to a peewee football team in Haeundae, Busan. We hold our practices at the Aripina Sports Center in the Marine City/Bexco area. Boys and girls from the ages of 10-13(international age) are welcome. Upon registering, your child will receive full football gear and a uniform. 

We meet once a week every Thurday from 7-8:30pm for practice. Although we provide protective gear our league is non-contact. If this seems like something your child may be interested in please join us for a Thursday practice or feel free to contact me by email or by phone at 010.6861.1626.



The Real reason relationships Break up on Valentines Day

Are you currently in a relationship....(Y/N)

Then where will you be on Friday the 13th of February?

- Same place as usual (ie, Thursday Party)
- At home with a takeout
- On Skype speaking to your beloved

If your response is any of the above ignore the rest of this message..

Valentine Days is only once..why not make a lil effort
and come to our once a year event...

If you need references for living convenience including language...


I am a Univ. staff who have a good networks in the neighborhood of Busan and Korea.

If you need help for travelling around, living inconvenience, language problem, etc.etc.,

try me.

I am a Korean man: have a phD in Finance, studied in the Boston, US., etc.

Let's see how it goes...

Please reply to me with your brief introduction, kakao id(and/or phone number).

Valentine Helpers

Hi guys we have a huge event taking place on Friday th 13th of February

We are in need of a number of volunteers

who are able to help us to organise, carry and promote our event,

My event is called Lenka's Grand Valentines Day Showcase

On the night we should have around 50 - 60 people maximum capacity

A number of musicans will be playing throughout the evening from 8pm to Late

from a few guitarists, drummers to popular DJ's in Busan

If you can help.... email me here

or just send me a an FB message

Thank you so much,


Musical talents needed NOW

Guys we need your musical talents...

On Friday the 13th of February literally two weeks away

we have the biggest musical event at the Best Italian restaurant in Busan in Nampo called

3 Nations,

On the night we're aiming to have an amazing selection of prime cuts of Italian food,

enough to satisy both the meat-eater and the vegan,

combined with a great atmosphere and a gorgeous line-up of musicians....

But with one major PROBLEM..

We have NO musicians, yes thats right, we have absolutely no MUSIC!!

This is why I'm in need of your help..xx

I don't care if you only play ukelele in private when no ones watching

or you can play anthems with a sax behind your back


If you play the Guitar ~ violin ~ trumpet ~ flute ~ Vinyl ~ Drums... you name it

Whatever, I need you on the night......

If your interested send me over a message asap,

Looking for a Tattoo in Busan?

Hi everyone,

I am a tattoo artist in Busan with the Fat Buddha Tattoo Studio in Centum City and I am offering my servies at a discounted rate for the winter time! My area of expertise is the Japanese Irezumi style; however, our studio can do any style. If you would like to make an appointment or get some more info feel free to email me at or message me at 010-9075-1880. 

Laochra Busan GAA open training session: All Welcome!

The long winter is over and Laochra Busan GAA is finally back. 
For the uninitiated Laochra Busan GAA is a gaelic athletic association  based in Busan and we want to invite all potential players to join us for our first training session. Whether you have played since you could walk or don't even know what gaelic football is we want to see you.

moving company available to help you move at cheap price

If u need help with moving or trasportation to airport or anywhere else with luggages, there is a guy with a van who can help you~ His name is Mr. Kim and he charges less than others, 30k to 50k but most of time 30k~ he does not speak english so you may need someone who speaks korean to give locations and make a deal~ His direct contact number is 010.8078.1200~ DO NOT EMAIL OR LEAVE ANY MESSAGES HERE~

moving company available to help you move (at reasonable price)

If u need help with moving or trasportation to airport or anywhere else with luggages, there is a guy with a van who can help you~ His name is Mr. Kim and he charges less than others, 30k to 50k but most of time 30k~ he does not speak english so you may need someone who speaks korean to give locations and make a deal~ His direct contact number is 010.8078.1200~ DO NOT EMAIL OR LEAVE ANY MESSAGES HERE~

Are You Looking for An English Tutor?

Hi, my name is Jay. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. 

English has become such an important tool for developing a competitive advantage in the academic and corporate worlds of South Korea.

why korean online transactions has so many passwords?

It is really difficult getting anything done online in Korea. First of all you are forced to use Internet Explorer due to the Active-x control Crap. Then you need to install 3-4 different programs.The you need to type in passwords and then certificate password followed by 2 security card passwords..I mean this is totally crazy..So basically to get anything done it takes a whole lot of time and effort..

I wish it was easier..It is similar for business..If you own a limited company you are forced to issue electronic tax invoices passing through a lot of program installs and passwords..I mean for God's Sake why can't they make things simpler and life easier...

Even shopping online is a nightmare with so many different restrctions on card usage and if you shop anything more that 300,000 won you need yet another electronic certificate..Comapre it to buying a domain on godaddy..All you need is your credit card number, expiry and cvc code..



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