BGN Eye Hospital Chuseok Promotion

Chuseok holidays are coming soon and BGN Eye Hospital prepared a Special Promotion for you!

-FREE comprehensive eye examination and consultation!

-100,000 KRW discount for ALL types of surgeries! 200,000 KRW for BGN Golden Surgeries!

-FREE post-surgery eye drops!

Worried about long recovery and precautions after surgery? Then #ReLExSMILE is the best choice for you! No flap, fast recovery, and the possibility to get back to work and normal life right on the next day!

Enjoy this Fall in the brightest colors and fall in love with your new vision!

BGN Chuseok Promotion is valid from the 28th of September to the 10th of October 2020!

Difficult to find time to visit hospital? We have some great news for you! We are opened on the 30th of September! Hurry up to book an appointment on the Chuseok holidays! Number of available spots is limited!

For booking an appointment and free Lasik consultation please refer to the following details:

Looking for a few good travelers

Looking for anyone possessing a valid passport who speak excellent English to deliver medical supplies, laboratory samples or critical industrial auto parts by air of various sizes from Incheon International Airport. Easy job but you have to do 2 week quarantine upon return.  Your passport has to be valid for more than 6 months after return.   Candidates for the position has to have excellent attention to details in paperwork, positive attitude and strong communication skills in English when dealing with difficult people,  and willingness to travel by air. 

 PM me quickly if interested and serious and explain why you are able to do this.    You can contact me also in Kakao ProfessGPark1 or Whatsapp +821075586027 or send email and mention this.

Fightfit Classes and Private Training in Seomyeon

Group Fightfit classes instructed in English (we have a nice mix of expats and locals attending), and Private 1:1 or small group slots also available. Group classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm. Cost of group classes 80 000Won per month (contact for private training rates). The classes are taught in Jiu Jitsu Land, 5 minutes walk from Seomyeon Station exit 7. Only equipment needed is your own training gloves (available for sale at the gym).

Be Careful Applying For Part Time Positions In Busan

I want to alert foreigners about recruiters/schools advertising on Koreabridge looking for a person's age. Actually, it is illegal for employers to ask your age, a picture and discriminate upon such.

Online weekdays and weekend class

F6 visa holder with teaching licenses and 15yrs of teaching experience is looking for students to study online, thru zoom, after 5pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends. I can teach elementary, middle schoolers and high schoolers, university students and employees for a one on one or group online classes. Pay varies depending on the days and time. Feel free to email me for further inquiries. Cheers and stay safe!

Are you flying to Canada soon? Help needed, compensation offered.


If your answer to the question in the title of this post is "yes" then great. I'm hoping that you can help. There isn't a lot of effort involved, and we are offering compensation.

I am in the process of adopting a young dog from a shelter in South Korea. The woman at the shelter and I know each other well, going back 15 yrs
. The dog is now eight months old, has been spayed, and has a clean bill of health from a veterinarian.

At Home English Tuition 집에서 영어 수업

Dear All 
My name is Sean and I am English Lecturer and Tutour at EBS Tosel English academy. 
I also lecture at EDUBOX After school Academy and I am a Korean resident. 
Due to the prolonged CoronaVirus situation I am offering Home English tuition, or English Tuition at a place of your choice. 

why korean online transactions has so many passwords?

It is really difficult getting anything done online in Korea. First of all you are forced to use Internet Explorer due to the Active-x control Crap. Then you need to install 3-4 different programs.The you need to type in passwords and then certificate password followed by 2 security card passwords..I mean this is totally crazy..So basically to get anything done it takes a whole lot of time and effort..

I wish it was easier..It is similar for business..If you own a limited company you are forced to issue electronic tax invoices passing through a lot of program installs and passwords..I mean for God's Sake why can't they make things simpler and life easier...

Even shopping online is a nightmare with so many different restrctions on card usage and if you shop anything more that 300,000 won you need yet another electronic certificate..Comapre it to buying a domain on godaddy..All you need is your credit card number, expiry and cvc code..



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