Solidarity Stories

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This blog is a collection of the work of the International Strategy Center’s media chapter. Our goal is to serve as  a nexus of information between Korean social movements, the Korean population and the Korean expat community through field trips, workshops, social media and other educational endeavors. Our hope is to create awareness and encourage dialogue concerning the various struggles  -past and present- on the Korean Peninsula whilst cultivating an understanding of the activist spirit both domestic and foreign. This blog serves as a collection of the team’s experiences as they set out to learn more about social justice issues in Korea. Furthermore, it serves as a resource for students, academics, expats and activists to easily interpret the historical contexts within which our experiences are situated in order to facilitate a richer, more nuanced understanding of the issues at hand.

The International Strategy Center is a group of activists, organizers, translators, academics, students and expats committed to dialogue and concerted action between social justice movements in the Korean Peninsula and those around the world. The ISC publishes, researches, and translates the theories, practice and social experiments happening in the Korean Peninsula and around the world, as well as coordinating and supporting joint concerted actions.


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