Can I buy erectile dysfunction therapy in Korea?

Hello guys

I just have one simple but weird

I am just wondering that can we just go and buy Viagra or other sexual stimulator drugs such as testosterone from a medical store in Korea or they don't sell it like this, it requires prescription as well??  If they do sell, how do we say it in Korean?? Kindly mention some details such as online/retail store, type of drugs etc.

Someone is in desparate need and too shy to ask out directly so I decided to put up here. I hope I will get some quick responses, cheers!


Do you know the above experts? (Gastroenterologist in Seoul)

Hello, Does anyone know of an English speaking gastroenterologist in/near Seoul? Thanks!


Where to find Cialis in Korea??

I do not have health insurance.
if have a doctor who can write please contact.
Kakao= Atlas1111

Gastroenterologist in Busan?

Hi. Does anyone know of an English speaking gastroenterologist in/near Busan? Thanks!

general physician in busan

hi there,

 I am new in busan and I am searching a good General physician  in busan. If anybody visited any english speaking general physician (doctor) then please reply .

English Speaking Dermatologist

Can anyone out there rcommend an English speaking dermatologist in the Busan area? Any info is appreciated.  Thanks. 

Health check include HIV test?



I had my medical in July 2016 for my E2 visa. Wouldit have included a HIV test? I do not have it now on me and I have left Korea but I would like to know if they tested me for HIV

looking for personal Dr,

Hello there friend ,

Have sombody know about How i can finding a personal Dr about Hight blood presure  ? Thank you so much everyone

English Speaking Physical Therapist: Busan!


I have knee pain and back pain that I was working on in the U.S.A and would like to continue here. I live near Gwagalli beach. Any recommendations for where to start? There is a chiropractor near me but I think a physical therapist would be better.

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