Gastroenterologist in Busan?

Hi. Does anyone know of an English speaking gastroenterologist in/near Busan? Thanks!

general physician in busan

hi there,

 I am new in busan and I am searching a good General physician  in busan. If anybody visited any english speaking general physician (doctor) then please reply .

English Speaking Dermatologist

Can anyone out there rcommend an English speaking dermatologist in the Busan area? Any info is appreciated.  Thanks. 

Health check include HIV test?



I had my medical in July 2016 for my E2 visa. Wouldit have included a HIV test? I do not have it now on me and I have left Korea but I would like to know if they tested me for HIV

looking for personal Dr,

Hello there friend ,

Have sombody know about How i can finding a personal Dr about Hight blood presure  ? Thank you so much everyone

English Speaking Physical Therapist: Busan!


I have knee pain and back pain that I was working on in the U.S.A and would like to continue here. I live near Gwagalli beach. Any recommendations for where to start? There is a chiropractor near me but I think a physical therapist would be better.

Reputable Massage Businesses in Busan?

Could anyone recommend reputable massage businesses that are reasonably priced in Busan?

Treating Depression

Anyone in Busan have a doctor they see or place they go to treat depression?

Board of Education medical requirement for F5 visa- part- time

I have an F visa and took my medical in September this year. I registered with Local Board of Education in October with a Hakwan. I am now trying to register with two other potential employers, but they are saying I must use a medical that is less than a month old. Is this applicable to F visas. Board of Education is insisting I take it again only 2 months later. I will only be part-time.

Laboratory/blood test clinic

Hi, I would like to ask of your help as to where can I have a blood test like CBC(Complete Blood Count) around Hadan or Saha area? Any suggestions for a clinic or hospital who does the process and can understand English? And if possible, I'd like to know their clinic hours as well. 


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