Please list NGOs, foundations or charities in Busan

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Busan and I desire a non-english teaching job on a part time basis (mornings- mid afternoon). Does anyone know any human rights Non-government organizations, or foundations and charities working with either women, refugees,  children or vulnerable people. Please, kindly drop them below

I also studied International Law and have over 5 year research experience especially in International Human Rights Law. I will love to work with foreign companies or research centers in Busan.

I am open even for a 6months internship.

Thank you

Immigration pass allegedly

Right now, there is an "open exit" for people who are here on expired/illegal visas, but immigration is also doing major crackdowns.

If you or yours are not legally on the right visa, understand that for three weeks, Seoul subway line 1, line 4 and line 7 will be stationed with immigration officers from 9am-11am and again from 4pm-7pm. Carry your ARC or military ID, or passport if you are new to Korea and your ARC has not yet been processed, in order to avoid detainment.

Uni jobs becoming rarer!

If you are thinking of getting a long-term University job here, it may be a waste of time. Universities might be losing grant money due to demographics and performances. I know of two at least that might get rid of all their ESL teachers.

Private classes to be legal- Petition to Government to consider that !

 I see no reason why they cannot be done with a good e-petition to the authorities via E people. Obviously, there would need to be some safeguards in place to make it a realistic position to argue. There is a clear and continuing demand for these. I think there should be some freedom to work and make money in your free time without being fined for it. It is currently illegal, but I think that could change with a good e-petition. At least make them think about this. 

The key issues seem to me be:

  • safety
  • collection of taxation
  • quality, monitoring and evaluation of a worker
  • grading the ability
  • pay rates- minute, hour, day, week, month
  • security checks have been done
  • qualifications have been done
  • objection by Hakwan and home- study rooms Hakwan

Any other points for consideration, please comment.

about the deadline for the tax refund of an expat



Can someone tell me until when an expat can claim his/her tax refund from a Korean private school in Korea?


How many years do we have before we claim a tax refund?




Listen up Hakwans an Recruiters- Pay again

Browsing through the ads here, and around, I see the pay is not going up in line with costs.  I think any offer below 2.5 million should not be considered. Two million won is not the 2m of the early 2000s. just look at the increase in prices of beer, ciggies, food and housing.

I think this was the same thing said about five years ago. Hakwans """"seem """"to be struggling these days in the main. If you cannot afford the extra 200 bucks, then you should not be in business. An average- sized Hakwan, decent earner should have at least 60 students. They claim poverty, but I beg to differ.

I would say that a really good one would have 150 kids. I am seeing an average of 50-60. If you do the numbers, the money is okay. In my experience, the Hakwan of yesteryear could afford four teachers and a Waygook. In those days, pre-2007, a Hakwan might have 140 kids.

C++ skilled guy ASAP

Guys, I am looking for someone who are good skilled at C++.

Email me or let me know if you know someone

we will discuss all the details 

Better off elsewhere- China, Vietnam or Laos

Interesting that some places here are paying around 2m a month, for a nine hour work day. I did only five hours for that money years ago. I can not believe that some Agencies and Academies mislead people with Job Ads. My advice for anybody considering taking a job here would be to look elsewhere at this salary. China, Vietnam and Laos are pretty close nowadays. If Hakwans were serious, they would be paying 3m a month. The cost of living is not comparable to 2000. Back then, two million was worth it. It irks me that somebody has to go to work at 11 and not start till 1430. To get about 2m for that is unreal. Go elsewhere, you'll be better off.

Part-Time Position - 25,000 won per hour - a disgrace imo

This offer is a disgrace imo considering what they expect in return. Always ask for at least 50,000won per full hour. I would not take less than 35,000 for a class, whatever the time frame. People offering that low pay make me run a mile the other way. Use your heads!

Does anyone have any info on the recent deportations -fake degrees?

There is a post on another legal site claiming that certain nationalities, races, are being looked into and then deported . Is there any substance to these claims? The claim is that their degrees are perhaps falsified. I had read that quite a few people were picked up and taken to a deportation center allegedly. This is merely a rumour for now. I can not say it is true or factual. I would like to know if it is true though.

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