No.1 Used Cars in Korea.

No.1 Used Cars in Korea.

We provide the best Used Car in Korea and right information to guide you to guarantee service. The biggest used car complex in the country is located in Suwon and We are Located in Suwon Auto Collection.

We can help when foreingner buy and Searching the used car in korea safely. Foreigners can buy a used car in cash otherwise you need korean sponser to loan After paying, you must to sign up insurance to drive immediately.

Required Documents

1. ID Card

2.Driver's License

3.Foreign residence Certificate

We guarantee the best prices / Good condition Korean Used Cars with State-certified vehicle performance checklist. (Carfax Report)

If you want to buy a reliable used car, don't hesitate to contact me at the number anytime, I accept you in English.

Thank you.


Senior Manager

Chris Kim 010-8446-0054

I`m Mr.Lee. I`m selling to used car honestly.

and i`m sell a used car for 7 year ago in Kor.
I think foreigner is so hard that buy a used car.
but i can help about ur plan of buy a used car.
and u can buy a used car from ur 'Cash'.
If u don`t have cash, i can help ur Full installment payment.
and if u want, i can buy to ur car!
I have a variety of used cars.(a Import car, a light car, ets)
If u have any Quastion about used car, call me and ask me anything! and anytime!
My cellphone Number is 010 7665 6670. text me, and call me. bro!

Charlie Kim: Brand new or second hand scooters and motorcycles!

Hello, there.

My name is Charlie. A friend of mine has a motorbike shop in Kwangahnlee, Busan.

He deals with all sorts of motorbikes and scooters, brand new and used ones. You name it!

If you are looking for a motorbike or a scooter, fell free to contact me.

Unfortunately, he doesn't speak much English.

I'm willing to help you communicate each other.

For information, contact me at 010-8280-1279 or

Talk with you guys soon.

Charlie Kim

Any inquiries are welcome. This guy is the best mechanic I've ever seen and absolutely honest to customers. You can count on him.

Used Car Sales in Busan

 My friend is american. He told me this website.

so i thought there are many foreigners who want to buy car.

I know almost car manager don't speak english well. But i do well ^_^

I want to help you. Just call me anytime.,

or message, e-mail anything.



ph-010 6821 3364


Cars for rent (Busan)

Hi, everyone.

If you are staying temporary in Korea and need a vehicle to move around. No need to spend money on buying one, paying for tge registration, taxes, insurance, car price dropping almost every month... you can forget about all of these. Just rent it out for a month or a year

We have three cars to offer for rent. 

Audi A6 2008 (A/T, silver)  1.000.000won / month or 650.000/month  (a year contract),for other periods the rental fee will vary in between

BMW 5series 2007 (A/T, silver) 900.000won/month or 560.000/month ( a year contract), for other periods the rental fee will vary in between

Kia Ray EV (electric) 2013 (A/T,mint) 900.000won/month or 600.000/month (a year contract), for other periods the rental fee will vary in between.


Volkswagen Gangnam Dealership

Hello All! 

My name is Mike Chang from Volkswagen. 

used car for SOFA

Looking for cheap and good condition used car in Korea?
Have any problem to find your car as a foreigner?

Dent Hall - Car Dent Shop

We have a number of highly skilled and specialists technicians that are able to offer a mobile(dent) and paint  service, also english speaker available at our fully equipped dent shop. 

Centres across the busan ,
For more information, just call our friendly helpline for free on 051-626-7003 to locate your nearest (Dent hall )shop specialist.

MPark Motors: Need A Car? We have thousand of used cars

(Covers Engine, Transmission, Differentials)
VISIT Our Website at
We do Auto sales, Auto Insurance and Auto Service. 
We carry a very wide selection, Starting from 
Very economic cars up to very Luxurious cars.

Used cars for foreigners and Koreans (no scams, no rip-offs)

안녕하세요 중고차 딜러입니다 차가 필요하시거나 굼굼하시면 답장주세요 좋운매물 많습니다 (경, 소, 중, 대, rv, suv, 용달, 탑트럭, 외재, 국산 등) 다 있습니다 답장하면 연락쳐주주고 와서 한번 매물 보고가세요 저렴하게 마춰드리겠습니다

Hi, I'm a used car dealer in Incheon. I have a lot of used cars new and old from compact to suv's. If you are looking for a car, I'll get you a good deal on a used car. Come to me and don't get ripped off by those non-English speaking used car dealers. Send me a message and I'll give you my cellphone number and you can come by and take a look at the cars we have. 010-9369-8380 (James) and many more cars.... all you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call, then come and see me

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