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The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

>Been much ado this week about Ashton Kucher beating CNN in a race for being the first with one million followers on Twitter. Does this mean that Kucher is the biggest twit?>The Bush administration's torture memos were released this week. My favorite entry thus far: "Today while water boarding a suspected terrorist I dropped my new pen into the water tub and accidentally gouged suspect's eye.

Right Wing freaks out over Obama-Chavez handshake

The right-wing punditry has been going ballistic on everything Obama has done since minute one of his presidency. Sometimes their complaints are reasonable --the guy has broken a lot of campaign promises. But now, as they work themselves into a lather over pictures of the president smiling and shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and (gasp!) touching his shoulder, they are sorely missing the point.A

Funky Friday: The Other Bush

Apparently the Brits are a lot less conservative than the Yanks. This commercial from Wilkinson Sword Razors called, "Mow the Lawn," is currently airing in the UK and is all about that other bush.I would love to wax poetic, but I risk coming within a hair's width of shaving off even more of my already lacking conservative republican readership --who are, I might add, avowed Bush fans.The subtle

Because I love it when Sean Hannity is wrong

A thing of beauty: FOX TV's Obama Stalker-Hater, Sean Hannity, being called out by conservative writer, Bernie Goldberg. Hannity is not an idiot, but he sure does his best to act like one.I am sure he booked Goldberg as a guest thinking he would tow the conservative line and go along with Hannity's incessant Obama Bashing --this time on the ludicrous notion that the president is taking credit

China shows who the real boss is at USA Inc.

The nice thing about owning your own business is that you get to call the shots. Want to take the day off? Take the day off. Want to reupholster the office in pink, candy-striped vinyl? Go right ahead and have at it.Along the same lines, I give you China --an ever increasing stake holder and now permanent board member at USA Inc.Over the past few years the Chinese have plowed over $2 trillion

South Korea's latest enemy to overcome: Itself

Boy, I'll tell you. It seems that the Koreans just can't catch a break.You would think centuries of being saddled between China and Japan would have been enough of a price to pay for any people. From Kublai Khan taking over the peninsula and forcing the Koreans to lead two failed attacks on the Japanese mainland; to centuries of Japan's murderous occupations and retaliations against China by way

Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Duplicity in Theatres Everywhere Thursday

Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Directed by: Woody Allen

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem

Release Date: April 16 (in theatres everywhere)

Woody Allen must be one of the most prolific writer/directors in the history of American cinema. Throughout his sprawling career, he consistently churned out a new movie every year. Some were good, some were bad, but most of them were just plain mediocre. If only he spent a bit more time on each project instead of squeezing them out like the queen of an ant colony he might learn the importance of quality over quantity. Yet, even in his old age, he keeps up the relentless pace.

With “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” he adds another run-of-the-mill title to his long list of credits. The story - a sort of love triangle that opens up into a rectangle - plays out like a Rohmer film, but not as fluid or technically adept. Everyone knows an old dog can’t learn new tricks, and Allen’s latest work reflects that. He seems desperate to break away from the formulas that have come to define him as an artist, without really venturing into too unfamiliar territory. The film is neither cliche nor original, but it is unexceptional. And Penelope Cruz’s performance is totally overrated.



Directed by: Tony Gilroy

Starring: Julia Roberts, Clive Owen

Release Date: April 16 (in theatres everywhere)

Tony Gilroy, the screenwriter-turned-director behind  “Michael Clayton” (2007) is back for his follow up - another corporate crime thriller that’s being marketed as its more light-hearted, savvy counterpart about a male-female duo that pulls off a con-job on two rival corporations. Think “Intolerable Cruelty” (2003) meets “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001). If neither of those movies bring back fond memories, just hope the film is better than its advertising campaign.

North Korea to continue producing plutonium? Here is a simple solution

About an hour ago, the North Korean government said that it would restart production of weapons-grade plutonium, while at the same time saying it will pull out of the six-party talks for good.A statement released by the state-run media said: "The DPRK resolutely rejects the unjust action taken by the [United Nations] wantonly infringing upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and seriously hurting the

If only anti-gay activist's parents had been gay

This is a few days old and I wanted to get to it at the end of last week, but the Somali Pirate story was too compelling not to write about. Had there been a gay pirate involved in the kidnapping I might have been able to tie it in, but rarely does such journalist luck occur.Perhaps you have already seen the controversial anti-gay marriage TV ad called, "A Gathering Storm," from a Christian group


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