The Also Rans (a good name for a punk band?)

I'm currently going through a bit of a drought at the moment. We're on the island of Ko Chang off Thailand's south coast, and street food's been a little thin on the sand. Instead, I've decided to spotlight some of the street food I've had in the last month or so that for various reasons I've left unreported.

A banana fritter outside the entrance to a waterfall near Luang Prabang. These bananas are small and almost potato like in texture. They can well withstand the heat o'the fryer and come out tasting savory sweet 'n snacky.

This vendor had too choices: spicy or non-spicy. Not wanting to look like a lily tongued farang I opted for the spicy and ended up with something misleadingly familiar. The noodles were almost spaghetti like in texture, and the accompanying sauce looked like Bolognaise in cognito. The resemblance ended there - this thing was stone fire, and the rice cake on top did little to put out the flames.

I had some coconut ice cream in Vietnam and I'm really coming round to the idea of it. The coconut taste is subtle, and there seems to be something extra cooling about this ice cream. The half shell and flag were a nice touch, the accompanying glass of coconut water was undrinkable.

Mini-sausages wrapped in bacon. This one is an O'Sullivan Christmas staple, which is why I found this so exciting. Although the bacon was ok, the sausage screamed everything that is wrong about Asia. With the real thing less than two months away, I shouldn't have bothered.