The Little Disposable That Was

I bought some disposable cameras when I was in the world's most disgusting Wal-Mart in Mississippi last year and this is the last round of photos to come from those small gems. I've been asked quite a lot recently about what camera I use/recommend and to be honest I don't know anything about cameras. Seriously. That being said, what do I recommend? Buy a junk load of disposables and bring those around with you. People smile a whole lot wider when they see something ridiculous in front of their face.

Ps. None of these photos had any special treatment.
And now zeeeeeeee photos ................................

I badgered my dad into taking me to Mexico in January.
Sometimes being a stubborn kid pays off.


As always, I was the palest kid on the beach.

Happy Toronto Passover!
This lady is awesome.

Fast forward to the ROK.

Our favourite little jam head.


This is what is in his head.