pay per class-not hour, and more

I wish this site would require job posters to mention the number of classes one must teach instead of just listing hours as this is misleading. There are alwasy public school jobs posted on here starting at 12:40 for 4 hours at 30 per hour but you are actually teaching 5 classes so you are making less than 25 per class. This at a public school in 2010? This is terrible pay. If I saw this I would not even bother sending out a text and so on but... Manager, can you please require people to mention the following info:


The location

The start and finish time

teaching Doctors

35 to teach doctors is a joke. 7 bucks a head? I dont think so. The Korean government pays a certain amount for continuing education so you can be sure this person is making over 100 per hour on you. Just a word to the wise-this is a sucker job. The other post on here where he made 100 per hour is more accurate.

Vote for your favorite blog in South Korea

Hey everyone, I just wanted everyone in this community to know about a voting poll at for the 'Best Blog in South Korea.' Anyone can vote, all you have to do is visit this page.

The title of my blog is ' A Year in Daegu.' Please visit and consider voting for me!

Let me know some largest shop of Black Yak

On February I will visit Korea again to try Chiri-san Mountain and others as many as possible.


But only after I land on pusan , I hope to buy some tools like six-points-eisen overmitton-goretex-glove-cover and else.


On recent trip, I found a quite small shop on Chunondong next to KB-bank , and I bought a 2person's tents with quite cheap price. 55000won, Wow the same one cost tentimes more expensive in Japan. And design of BlackYak tent is superior than Japanese makers' like MontBell.


Accelerated Studies ( Elementary/High School )

Accelerated studies ( home schooling) A.C.E. ( Accelerated Christian School )From elementary to High School for Korean/Filipino kids.Give your kids a chance to be accelerated in school one level up or higher.This means shorter time to study and finish high school earlier.For more info please send email to [email protected] or call Pastor Archie 019-8038628.Save tuition fee money for 1 year or 2 or more!

Report racism and log racist accounts here!

Recently, had a bad experience with a racist. The event made me rethink some of the Cons of living here. I believe, that its time Korea was more supportive of our human rights.I don't want to leave Korea,I want to live- so I want to make a dent on this issue.I expect hostility on this topic, so be it.Some people will here will think its OTT,that's OK.

Dom's ESL Cafe

Welcome to Dom's ESL Cafe, your ESL Information and International ESL Job Site, for Korea and Asia. Here you will find information about living abroad and teaching English as a second language overseas, including a wide array of types of ESL jobs, Korean customs, South Korean culture. This information is drawn from personal experience (teaching ESL abroad since 2001), research and interviews. All information on Dom’s ESL Cafe has been carefully researched and is accurate and up to date. Topics include: Teaching English in Korea, Korean Culture, Art and

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question!! - foreigner product preferences

1. What kind of products do foreign people want that they are hard to get in Korea?


2. What kind of Korean products do foreign people like?


If you have any ideas, please comment!


Thank you!


* Thank you for the comments but not food..........:(

My friend will open a website to sell some products between Korea and America.

So, please comment proper products to be delivered internationaly.

Deodorant and toothpast are good! Anything else?



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