Pet Sitting Network

The Pet Sitting Network is a Facebook group for people to trade pet-sitting services, an economical, comfortable alternative to boarding your pet in a kennel.

We are a Busan-based group, with members throughout Korea. You don't need a pet to participate, and there is no obligation to pet-sit if you join the group. We have occasional dog-walks and social events, too!

Join our group and

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Korean Convenience Store Patio Dining!

That's just lovely. All foreigners should go out and drink soju on the side of the street for all the Korean nationals to see. Why use a cup though? Why don't you just drink straight from the bottle or put a bag around it like a hobo? Let's live up to exactly what they think of us; alcoholic skirt chasing fugatives on the lam from home with criminal records.

Now you have to take us onto the streets? Like foreigners and the bar scene wasn't bad enough.Thanks for puting us back a decade. This is why I rarely hang out with foreigners.

Counseling in Korea Webcast


Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - 20:00
A live webcast discussing counseling and mental health issues in Korea.  If you have experience with counseling here (giving and/or receiving) and would like to participate, please contact us. 

The conversation will be streamed live and listeners can partipate in the text chat room at:


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Lingua4life Inc. Language Training Center

Company Name: Lingua4Life English Language Training Center

Address: Unit B-1 VHT Arcade, F. Cabahug St., Mabolo Cebu City, Philippines.

Contact numbers: (+63) 921-2865090/(+63) 905-2288458/(+63) 032 4129537


We are an English Language Training Center located in Cebu, Philippines. British and Filipino owned academy. We offer English classes to all nationalities for a very affordable price. 

All programs are offered in group classes, 1on1 class and group packages.

From 20 hours course to 160hrs per month. 

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