Socrates Cafe - Blinded by culture?

Koreabridge Discussion - Let's Talk Busan Post-Show
Socrates Cafe Discussion
August 15, 2010

Topic: How does our own culutre blind us to understanding others?
Participants : Greg Dolezal, Jon Hardy, Jeff Lebow, David Kim, Kim Lee, Oh Jae Hee, Park WonSeop, Jason Stubbeman, &   Ashley Summers Stubbeman

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Socrates Cafe Webcast: Blinded by Our Own Culture


Sunday, August 15, 2010 - 20:00
A Let's Talk Busan post show discussion. 
Members of the Socrates Cafe will be joining in to continue a discussion begun during the radio show. 

Topic : How does the culture we carry blind us when exploring another?

Time : 8pm


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