Illustrious House Buffet - Kyungsung

Has anybody been to the Illustrious House buffet in Kyungsung by any chance? I can't find a write up or a review for it anywhere.

Checking it out tomorrow night anyway but just curious as to whether or not it's bollocks. 25,000 won buffet dinner isn't too bad a price, and buffets tend to rock my socks off regardless of quality (within reason) so i'm sure it'll be fine.

Oh well, let me know if you know anything more about it. Cheers.


wax legs

Hey girls,


I was wondering if anyone may have any idea where someone could wax there legs around Busan. I have been looking everywhere but I can not seem to find anything. If anyone has any tips/advice that would be awesome. Thanks

Speedy Recruiting L.L.C.



Speedy Recruiting L.L.C. is a new kind of recruiting agency that deals specifically with placing qualified teachers in positions in Busan, South Korea. We are run by former business owners, teachers, principals, and hogwan school managers. Together, we are fluent in Korean and English, and understand the needs of English Academies and teachers better than any other. Beyond this, we do an excellent job of integrating foreigners into Korean culture. We give them the information and resources necessary to feel at home in Busan.


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Car Rentals for Moving



Can anyone recommend the best way to move from Busan to Seoul?  I don't have a lot of furniture, but it's too much to take on the KTX.  


I have a few questions:


1.  How much would a midsize car rental cost, including gas and insurance, for 1 weekend?

2.  How long does it take to drive from Busan to Seoul?





Health Insurance Agent / Good English Dentist (2 questions)

I want to buy suplimental health insurance here in Korea.  I have seen on ESL Cafe that several people buy it.  Can anyone recommend an agent that has good English?


I want to get some work done on my teeth.  Any good English speaking dentists.  My buddy thought he found one but ended up getting butchered and 4 new crowns when that is not even what he went in for.


Thanks and thanks again....

Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Korean Classes

Hello all,

So i've wasted my past couple of months here, and I actually want to be productive in my life now... I am looking for good Yoga classes, Tae Kwon Do classes, and beginner Korean Language classes located on or near Yeongdo.  Any information or recommondations about any of these 3 things would be greatly apprecaited!

Eric Rohmer Retrospective - Autumn with ERIC ROHMER


Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 13:00

Eric Rohmer Retrospective

- Autumn with ERIC ROHMER


* Period : 8th(Tue.) ~ 27th(Sun.) September (Closed on Mondays.)
* Place : Cinematheque Pusan


Eric Rohmer Retrospective is held at Cinematheque Pusan. Eric Rohmer is one of the most greatest director in French film, of course in world film history. He leads a French New Wave cinema. Also, he is a great screenwriter and film critic. 19 Rohmer's masterpeices are screened.


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