English Speaking Dermatologist - NEEDED!!! Please Help!

Can anyone recommend a good English speaking dermatologist in Busan? I have had horrible facial skin issues (acne, flush skin, and now scarring) since I arrived in Korea. It has gotten particulary bad over the past couple of months spreading all over my chin and up to my cheeks. I have been to several general doctors and the most they have offered is to drink hot teas and don't get stressed. While I think that not being stressed is really good general life advice, I think I need something a little more concrete than that at this point, like some actual skin ointment, or cream or something.

Seven Stars Classical Music


Sunday, August 23, 2009 - 19:00

Piano : Jung Myeong-hun, Kim Seon-ok, Violin : Lee Yu-ri, Kim Su-yeong, Cello : Yang Seong-weon, Song Myeong-hun Viola : Choi Eun-sik

○ Date & Time : August 23, 2009 7:00 p.m. ~
○ Venue : KBS Busan Hall
○ Tickets : R 100,000 won / S 80,000 won / A 60,000 won / B 40,000 won
○ For more info. : 051-747-1536


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Where can you purchase international return postage?

I am currently in Korea and I am trying to submit documents to the Korean consulate in Atlanta so I can get my E2 visa processed without having to go to Japan for a visa run. The Korean consulate requires, in order to return my passport and documents to me, a self-addressed envelop with prepaid postage. I went to DHL and FedEx and both couriers were unable to offer prepaid return postage. Can anyone recommend a courier that offers this service?

Clothing donations

I'm leaving Korea in a couple weeks and have piles of clothes and shoes that I don't want to take back to America with me....but I don't think anyone would want to pay money for them either...are there clothing donation centers in Busan or close by??  (i.e. Goodwill?)


Beach BBQ Party(8.16 Sun)


Sunday, August 16, 2009 - 12:00

hey there. my name is min outgoing & fun guy. some of my frenz and me will have beach bbq party..its not really beach but its more clean and deep sea near cliff..
we are all 5~6 people...boys & gals..
we'll go swimming and have BBQ party.

if u r interested, just come and join.

- TIME : 8.16(SUN) 12PM

any nationality, any age, any sex will be ok.

u know it, Life is short, Party Hard!


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